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  • On Foursquare, nobody knows if you’re in the North Pole.

    (title of this post modeled on “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”) Puzzle & Processing maven Jim Bumgardner had quite a week! In his post Mayor of the North Pole today he detailed the shenanigans he got into playing with Foursquare, The Foursquare API, and curl. I saw him speak at BarCampLA 7…

  • Liz Prince

    Today’s comic from Liz Prince is adorable. No, really, ADORABLE. Have you clicked through yet? Because it’s really adorable. Seriously, click.

  • posts recovered.

    Last night I was giddy with happiness to find my missing posts (all 8 of them) on I had all but given up on ever finding these old files. If I recall, the features of Audioblogger were provided free to users of Blogger. I am quite sentimental about the posts from December 2004,…