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  • John Perry Barlow, Rest in Peace

    I went to Jason Calacanis’ conference Digital Coast 2000 way back when. I didn’t write about it, but it was inspiring. I found Calacanis inspiring, he’s a raconteur and a troublemaker and I have enjoyed his podcasts over the years. The other standouts from that conference were Mark Cuban who I quoted long ago The…

  • Another quote from DC2000

    Another quote from DC2000: “The user is the content. There is is a total transformation of the user by the interface.“

  • Quote from Mark Cuban @ DC2000

    Quote from Mark Cuban @ DC2000: The minute you think you’re smart — you’re toast.

  • Quote from a Digital Coast 2000 panel on Venture Funding

    Quote from a Digital Coast 2000 panel on Venture Funding: “Have more than a powerpoint and some people — have an executive summary and a business plan”