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  • communication usually fails, except by accident
    Wiio’s laws are humoristically formulated serious observations about how human communication usually fails except by accident. This document comments on the applicability and consequences of the laws, especially as regards to communication on the Internet. Communication usually fails, except by accident. If communication can fail, it will If communication cannot fail, it still most usually…
  • my resume sucks, what to do about it
    I really like that Steve Yegge fellow. He’s funny and smart and he builds stuff with computers. That’s my kind of people. Stevey’s Blog Rants: Ten Tips for a (Slightly) Less Awful Resume Face it: all the traditional advice about trying to convince the hiring manager that you’re a plucky, scrappy young individual from a…
  • Awesome Diversion!
    The hilariously funny (and, please, also not for kids or sensitive adults) The Story About The Baby has been updated with a new series of columns: The Story About the Toddler. The true adventures of a father who looks at things cynically, wittily, and foulmouthedly.
  • Web Programming as Cop Shows
    As my pal Matt Lee (Sassy) says: We are dorks. Read it
  • From The My-Readers-Make-Me-Laugh-Too! Department
    Tom Bickle writes: If you thought the handcuff exchange was funny, you’d love a similar back ‘n forth, early on in the movie “Ransom.”     Perp: “Oww! These cuffs are too tight!”     Cop (in a heavy Noo Yawk accent): “Oh yeah, dat’s because they’re new –         give ’em time, they’ll stretch.”

  • the best blog on earth
    yes, artlung: the best blog on earth, here’s the proof! (click that link while you can, because I probably won’t be able to keep that top google spot for long).

  • Read it. Learn it. Live it.
    My employer (AVENCOM) had a little incident, which has prompted me to post this new workplace policy.
  • Is it good, or bad to be the number 3 most highly rated link for a search of batman fetish on google?
    Is it good, or bad to be the number 3 most highly rated link for a search of batman fetish on google?