my resume sucks, what to do about it

I really like that Steve Yegge fellow. He’s funny and smart and he builds stuff with computers. That’s my kind of people.

Stevey’s Blog Rants: Ten Tips for a (Slightly) Less Awful Resume

Face it: all the traditional advice about trying to convince the hiring manager that you’re a plucky, scrappy young individual from a farm in Alabama who’s destined for greatness on account of your Uncle Ted having given you that pep talk after you fell off your horse when you were a kid — that advice may as well have come from the back end of your horse, because the hiring manager just wants to profile your current skill set. Mr. Plucky goes into the Round File.

Don’t get all depressed about this tip. People will start caring more about you as a person in later phases of the recruiting process, particularly if you’re one of those candidates who doesn’t really like showering.

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