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  • Warren Ellis Notices Massive Sqwertz

    Well this is cool: Warren Ellis noticed Brett’s article “How to sell your book or comic for the iPad & iPhone without Appleā€™s help.” Warren Ellis is pretty awesome. You may remember Massive Sqwertz as the site I did the theme for. I also read and enjoy it. You can follow Massive Sqwertz too: @massivesqwertz.

  • Mile High

    Back at Thanksgiving, I got a chance to carry around my Mom’s iPod Touch while travelling. During that time I experimented with Foursquare (which I had some time back) and Gowalla. One of the things I did was mention I was on a plane in a tweet, and I got many twitter replies from random…

  • Apple 3.3.1 iPhone changes cause uproar

    I have been watching iPhone development for a while. I’ve played in it and with it and been fascinated by it. The latest changes, where Apple is proposing to disallow alternate languages and runtimes to make iPhone apps. What it says is: 3.3.1 — Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by…