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  • A Curious Character

    So it seems Caleb John Clark., sometime San Diegan and all-around-interesting guy, is still out in the world. He’s an east-coaster now — but I forgive him. Caleb’s one of the few people I have met a few times in person to talk about running communities. Others include Dennis Wilen and Matt Haughey, as well…

  • Radio Followup — Email | Phone | Web

    Got a bunch of little notes during and after the radio show last night. Let’s attempt to address them, shall we? Matt Haughey thought it was pretty cool, a high compliment considering he’s the Philosopher King of Metafilter (and a nice guy too). And about the question of whether I am the real me in…

  • Folks of the moment:

    Folks of the moment: misunderstood genius Kynn Bartlett, voice of a blog generation Matt Haughey (who also has a weak stomach), recalcitrant debater Todd Brizendine, cranky pundits Dori Smith + Tom Negrino, and Doc “always with something interesting to say” Searls.