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Got a bunch of little notes during and after the radio show last night. Let’s attempt to address them, shall we?

Matt Haughey thought it was pretty cool, a high compliment considering he’s the Philosopher King of Metafilter (and a nice guy too).

And about the question of whether I am the real me in this journal, my friend MissEwon says: i think your online persona is pretty much the real you, maybe a tad more serious and a little less goofy. — which is a nice thing to say, I think.

Someone named Maya asks:
I’m wondering if you’d like to share with us what happened between you and Jenny or if that is one subject you’re not planning on exposing on the web?
Which is a fair question. I will answer this way: I think the specifics are things that I’ve alluded to. We are in joint counseling, and working at understanding how our 6 year relationship got into a space where it took a separation to keep us alive and remind us we are alive. I had always known that relationships are work. I was told this many times. I never felt it until my wife left me. But the question of how much or how little to talk about in this public place is an interesting one. And yes, I do struggle with it.

My sister had very nice things to say, and also made this observation: Life is so surreal, strange, and funny sometimes. I definitely agree 100% with that assessment.

My sister’s boyfriend Daniel also sent me some pictures of my parents listening to me via a little iMac with Windows Media Player. Fun to see them in the midst of listening. I don’t think I’m going to post the pictures. But they are awesome. And my parents are awesome. They drove several hours to hear that on Daniel+Kelly’s broadband connection. And also to see the special edition of Cinema Paradiso.

I received a few other notes, but I’ll be replying via email to them.

When I got home, I had two messages on my answering machine. One was my Grandmother & Grandfather, and the other was my Mom. They were very complimentary. It was very sweet of them to call. I guess I didn’t blow it. Not that the show was mine to blow, really. Hm. I think I often take more responsibilities for things than I should.

Some new inbound links, and web mentions: Joan mentioned me, and my appearance on the radio yesterday. She also added me as a sidebar link on her site. Her permalinks are not working right now, or I would point directly at what she had to say. She seems pretty cool altogether. I’m sure I’ll meet her eventually at a San Diego Blog Meetup. And Mitch has added me as a sidebar link, which is a great compliment. Lester also mentioned me in his blog yesterday.

Impressions of The Radio
All in all it went well. The studio was intimate. The conversation before during, and after the show was good. Smart people talking is always interesting. They gave me a water bottle but I didn’t drink it. I was very focused on being on the blog, and trying to keep track of the conversation. I don’t think it’s possible to be blogging and listening at the same time. Unless you’re transcribing a conversation, I guess. I had met both Mitch and Lester before, so that was not new. All the people at the KPBS studio were really nice. The place is kind of a fortress – the hallways are very much like those in the open credits of the (old) TV show Get Smart. I think I would go on the radio again, it was a nice feeling. Definitely an ego boost, and a chance to plug myself, but also a chance to share what I think I’ve learned. I do that here on this site, on the Mailing List, and in many venues online. And even personally, I’m always trying to share useful information with people. It’s how I’m wired.

Today I’ll be taking a trip. Not sure if there will be updates from the trip. Time will tell.

And as my mantra goes: Onward.

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