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  • Lyrics of the Day

    Lyrics to Considering a Move To Memphis by the Colorblind James Experience… Memphis is the kind of town That won’t feel like a trap Besides I kind of like the way It sits there on the map I’m considering a move to Memphis That’s Memphis, Tennessee It worked for Elvis Presley Why can’t it work…

  • Joe’s Playlist Today

    Joe’s Playlist Today (this is the day of lists) Dirty Work: Steely Dan Loddy Doddy: Slick Rick Oh No: Mothers of Invention Sing Your Life: Morrissey Unsent: Alanis Morissette It Wasn’t Me: Shaggy Stink: John Lurie Screenwriters’s Blues: Soul Coughing Considering a Move To Memphis: Colorblind James Experience Angels: David Byrne I challenge you to…