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Lyrics of the Day

Lyrics to Considering a Move To Memphis by the Colorblind James Experience…
Memphis is the kind of town
That won’t feel like a trap
Besides I kind of like the way
It sits there on the map

I’m considering a move to Memphis
That’s Memphis, Tennessee
It worked for Elvis Presley
Why can’t it work for me?

The people in the restaurants there
Will all use forks and knives
They won’t take decongestants though
For fear of getting hives

Ba ba ba-ba ba ba
Ba ba ba-ba ba ba
Ba ba ba-ba ba ba

I’m considering
I’m considering
A move to Memphis
A move to Memphis
I’m considering
I’m considering

posted this 21 years ago.
What else did he post in August 2002?

(Wednesday August 28th 2002 at 9:57am)

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