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  • Mother Mary Comforts Me

    So here’s a photo from the room I’m staying in at Grandma’s house: And here’s a photo, maybe a year or so old, of my Grandmother: On Friday I opened an account for her on Facebook. She used to be an avid emailer. In fact, her email addresses was one of the first I used,…

  • Sinfest Comic from 28 Dec 2008

    I really liked this Sinfest comic, turning Buddha into the little drummer boy, drumming a Japanese style Taiko drum. I keep re-reading it and figured I should post a link:

  • LDS and Proposition 8

    Some various responses to Proposition 8 of note. I’m sad at the rhetoric, I was sad about the proposition, and I feel The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have done themselves a disservice in this matter. Mormons Resigning Despite Strong Heritage, Citing ‘Hatred’ by LDS Church Mormons Stole Our Rights danah boyd has…

  • Stating Where It’s At

    Note: I wrote this in a text editor around October 2nd, nearly three weeks ago. I’m posting with only minor edits to what was in the text file. My latest contract is going very well technically, I’m enjoying using SilverStripe as well as jQuery day in and day out. It’s a pleasure to write OO PHP….

  • Whatsoever You Do

    I was thinking of these lyrics the other day and wanted to find our more about them, they’re based on this passage from the New Testament’s Matthew 25:31-46. I have to say this is a pretty clear call to do good works on this planet. It’s a favorite song growing up Catholic. Whatsoever you do…

  • All The Misc That’s Fit to Misc

    Don’t use oxygen and smoke, please. Thomas PM Barnett, a great Powerpointer, mentions that Al Gore has his Nobel Prize because of his PPTs (actually Keynote, but same difference, presentation software). Read/Write Web has good thoughts on Microsoft’s playing catch-up with Google on a number of web tools. I like competitor for Google. It means…

  • American Innovation: Sushi

    I have mentioned before how much I esteem Thomas P.M. Barnett. In a recent blog post he points out a USA Today story about a new term in American Islam: Sushi The quote from the USA Today story: He calls himself “Sushi,” the popular term for a combination of Sunni and Shiite. Once the glib…

  • Fat Tuesday, Gird Loins, Wabi-sabi

    Yo. So Mass today was good. The homily was about Grace. Grace as in that “hand of God,” possibly last seen inspiring Jules Winfield in Pulp Fiction. Or maybe dropping down and bopping me on the head to go to Mass on the morning after Leah announced that we should be separated. I was comforted….