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  • Seems legit.

    Attn: beneficiary. This is to inform you that United Nation gave me instruction to contact you regarding your Compensation of ATM Visa Card. After an extensive close door meeting between the Board of Directors of the UNITED NATIONS, THE WORLD BANK-GROUP AND INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND), it was resolved and agreed upon that this body “world…

  • Scam from 805-723-2700

    Latest scam phone call: Please try again. Hello. This is not a sales call. But a response to your request for information regarding a medical-grade brace to help you with chronic pain. Through new standards, you are now entitled to receive a medical-grade brace at no charge. For more information on how to receive your…

  • Bizarre fraudulent phone message from 904-945-9929.

    Here’s a weird message from someone impersonating agents of the federal government: So, it has been considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by United States Government. You may call our department number 904-945-9929. I repeat 904-945-9929. Thank you. Though the “9929” sounds like “nine ninety-nine” when this…

  • Deleted

    Actual comment spam content left on one of the blogs I manage: Please, do not delete the given message. Money obtained from spam will go to the help hungry to children ugand+ Won’t anyone please think of the children?