Freaky Geek Ball

The Freaky Geek Ball was an event — a Halloween Dance Party — put on by various defunct San Diego tech groups in October of 2000.

I was running the WebSanDiego listserv at the time and played a big part.

It of course had a domain, and a website.

Here in 2023 I have started to get spam related to this website.

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Based on my records it looks like I had let the domain lapse and stopped hosting the site in 2006.

Data does not die, it is retained and resold and and hangs around and it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Of course it greets me as “Hi Crawford” so at some point in the saving, selling, reselling, repackaging the data my first name was lost maybe.

Zombie Data like this will keep going on like this. It’s appalling.

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