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  • So, my health is lame.

    In my last, incredibly brief post I said I’m tired of being sick, and declared a hearty: No More. I mean that. This week I went to the doctor. Why? To get a sense of where the heck I stand. I’m 42 years old, 360 pounds, and often don’t feel so hot. So, what does…

  • The Frankie Method for measuring leanness
    Measuring weight loss with a belt

    I don’t have a scale handy that is capable of giving my weight, but I’m skeptical about whether that number is meaningful anyway. What is meaningful is the amount of belt I could be using. It looks like about 6 inches (a little more than 15 cm) of loss on my waist in the past…

  • “Before”

    This here is a picture from 90 pounds ago. My roommate passed this to me. I still have lots of work to do though. At the moment I don’t have a good “after” picture. I should take a new photo with me in the same outfit. Those shorts had been tight, but now when I…