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You can follow the discussion on Blooper is a terrific band and since it’s my only /other/ vinyl record it is my second submission for @brandudesrecordvault #SMARCHVINYLCHALLENGE — Adriano sings and plays guitar in Blooper. I met @theboycalledcrow in web design and creativity circles many years ago. Blooper has a terrific sound. Dick Dale or the Ventures in a more contemplative vein, maybe? You gotta listen. I enjoy a Southern California surf guitar vibe very much. @theboycalledcrow is now back in Italy I believe, matching the #worldtraveler prompt for today. I haven’t seen new music from Blooper in a bit—Adriano now makes beautiful pedals under the @veritonepedals which match the craft and care of his photography and music! This lovely limited edition vinyl 45 is very special. Thanks for letting me share @brandudeworms! #marchvinylchallenge without having to leave a comment. Cool, huh? Just enter your email address in the form here below and you’re all set.