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Expatriate Francophile American Babies! 2005 Jun 09

I awoke so sleepy this morning. Busy day yesterday.

What do I get in this morning’s email? A wonderful note of _naissance_: the birth of Julien Joseph, to Laura et Joe, two friends and former employers. Where? In France man. France. What was I just saying? It’s a whole French thing happening lately.

Here’s a pic of the little garçon:


Man, that kid is cute. Check also the special appearance of Ceasar, Joe and Laura’s other kid in the photos. 😉

_Muchos felicidades to Joe, Laura, and Julien!_

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Wasn’t it awesome to get that mail? I’m so happy for them! I just wish Paul, Amira & I could hop on jet plane and welcome little Julien in person! 🙂

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