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  • Comic Con, 1988

    On my lunch hour I just uploaded all my old Amiga pictures to my flickr account. See the set here. I think there was a contest that year to design a badge for San Diego Comic Con. This was the start of something like that. DeluxePaint II (aka DPaint) was a darn good program. I’m…

  • Recapping

    If you’re interested in seeing the drawings and art pieces I’ve been scanning lately, with the goal of one a day, you can see them on the drawings page (well, 3 pages, it’s paginated!). If you want my some introspection, you can read that on the memories page. I have a love/hate relationship with categories….

  • PMR Bag and Resuscitation Bag, 1992

    _I will write more about these drawings. But not right now._

  • almost ready to be pushed out of the nest is still not ready under the hood, but it’s less primitive than it was before. Do you have a job posting for a Respiratory Therapist? You’ll be able to post it there. Just contact me.