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Comic Con, 1988


On my lunch hour I just uploaded all my old Amiga pictures to my flickr account. See the set here.

I think there was a contest that year to design a badge for San Diego Comic Con. This was the start of something like that. DeluxePaint II (aka DPaint) was a darn good program.

I’m not going to Con this year unless something radical happens to change my mind or fatten my pocketbook.

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(Wednesday July 13th 2005 at 1:11pm)

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LOL… I still have my Amiga 500…

I havn’t booted it in close to 10 years, but I just can’t let it go…


There are some nice games I bet are still pretty fun!

I wonder how many Amiga fans there *are* here in Simi? I hereby proclaim you and I the Amiga Nostalgia Club of Greater Simi Valley.

Other links about me and my Amiga: and my crossplatform rant.

As for my old Amiga 1000, I gave it up back in about 1999.


We’re in the middle of re-org’ing our house (so I get an office inside, instead of “the room built in the garage office from hell”), once that’s done I’ll have to dig it out and fire it up.

I bet my son would dig it (if I can pry him away from WoW to look check it out 😉 .

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