Married,moved,and getting it together.


If you’re interested in seeing the drawings and art pieces I’ve been scanning lately, with the goal of one a day, you can see them on the drawings page (well, 3 pages, it’s paginated!).

If you want my some introspection, you can read that on the memories page.

I have a love/hate relationship with categories. You see, I have 4 years worth of posts. Thousands of them. Am I really going to go back and categorize them? And what are good categories anyway? It’s a little frustrating.

But categories help me locate posts better, and I definitely appreciate that. Going forward I’m using them, fo’ sho’.

I recently read the article Don’t Bore Me With Your Blog, by Susan Solomon. She claims blogs should not contain musings or personal thoughts or the like. She says:

What’s wrong with most blogs? They’re too chatty, like my first paragraph. You probably didn’t need to hear about my teen, but I thought it was clever. So I bulked up my writing with inconsequential meanderings. That’s bad blog form.

If you’re going to blog, become an expert on something. This is especially important for blogging in the business world.

I’m confused. She points out “blogging in the business world” as a distinct thing, and yet she objects to chattiness across the board for any blog?

Well, I’m being chatty, and I’m blogging. I’m all for it. Some of my favorite bloggers are chatty.

Did I mention: “be yourself” the other day?

Be yourself.

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