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  • Leah by Candlelight

    She’s lovely.

  • Wedding Luau Advice, Utah

    (From Leah’s side of the family, December, 2004). Paraphrased because I couldn’t keep up with the goodness and silliness. Always say your prayers Take moonlight strolls and talk about the innermost things. You’re so good to me. Read your scriptures. Let her put the toaster wherever she wants. Talk to each other like all the…

  • San Diego Bloggers Unite!

    Coming in January to a bar (more or less) near you. There’s more information at San Diego Blog: San Diego Blogger Party!

  • Bruce Sterling Got Married

    There’s not much on the internets about the marriage of my hero, Bruce Sterling, author, blogger, design instructor, and speaker to one Jasmina Tesanovic. This is a peculiar bit of news I first heard word of on boingboing and confirmed the next day on his own blog. I read his blog, and his Viridian list,…

  • Stew Song Portraits

    Song Portraits by Stew are available, maybe even by the holidays. I love the idea of these things, though I don’t think they’re in the cards for those I love. Mayhaps next year.

  • This Post Has Tags

    I’ve actually wanted to add tagging to my posts here for a while. Here’s the first test to see if there’s any chance of this working.