Married,moved,and getting it together.

Wedding Luau Advice, Utah

(From Leah’s side of the family, December, 2004).

Paraphrased because I couldn’t keep up with the goodness and silliness.

  • Always say your prayers
  • Take moonlight strolls and talk about the innermost things.
  • You’re so good to me.
  • Read your scriptures.
  • Let her put the toaster wherever she wants.
  • Talk to each other like all the time.
  • Buy low, sell high.
  • He makes me laugh harder than anyone in my entire life.
  • Give each other toys for Christmas if you like them.
  • Do your checkbook together.
  • Smile alot.
  • Don’t let him do the music.
  • Just remember, she’s always right.
  • Be yourself.
  • Have lots of play-doh and coloring books.
  • Go places with each other.
  • Consult your wife.
  • Never smoke crackers in bed.
  • No matter how thin you slice boloney, you can always smash a window with a brick.
  • Just have fun with it.
  • Give your kids whatever they want.
  • Consult with each other before you do anything.
  • Don’t tell each other exactly where you put everything so you get in a fight.
  • Play with your friends.
  • Make decisions together.
  • Have you seen her smile? It encompasses her joy and her beauty.
  • Do things each other love.
  • Say your personal prayers.
  • Have family traditions.
  • Do as many things as you can with each other.
  • Go on a weekly date.

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[…] At one point, everyone sat around in a circle and played Hot Potato with a coconut. If you were left holding the coconut when the music stopped, you had to give a piece of advice to the newly weds. Joe has a list of their advice posted here. My favorite: “Do as many things as you can with each other.” which we certainly have this year. You really can’t get more together than we are I don’t think. We wake up with each other, work with each other, eat, do errands and sleep with each other. […]

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