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Monday 01 Jan 2007
Happy New Year!
It’s a Whole New World
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Tuesday 02 Jan 2007
Is it because I bought less than 10 CDs last year?
Retail Receipt and Bag Checks
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Wednesday 03 Jan 2007
I love that commercial!
Twenty Years: University of San Diego High School
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Thursday 04 Jan 2007
How would I lay me down to sleep?
for lp
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Friday 05 Jan 2007
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Sunday 07 Jan 2007
LinkedIn Answers
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Five Things You Don’t Know About Me
Monday 08 Jan 2007
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Thursday 11 Jan 2007
San Diego Blog Facelift
Leah, Happy Birthday!
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Friday 12 Jan 2007
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Sunday 14 Jan 2007
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Monday 15 Jan 2007
Send Me A Private Comment?
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Tuesday 16 Jan 2007
Good Day Y’all
Lyrics: The Killer Inside Me, by MC 900 Foot Jesus
Peter Nicholls’ Definition Of Science Fiction As Quoted By Bruce Sterling
Time, Attention, and Alan Watts
The Diamond Age: Mini-Series for TV
[CakePHP:PHP] : [CakeInfo():phpinfo()]
“Joe, don’t read this one”
Geni: Online Tool For Geneology
Wednesday 17 Jan 2007
A Little Bit Of Rain
Incredible: Girl Down The Well
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Thursday 18 Jan 2007
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Monday 22 Jan 2007
Thought of the Day: Awe
Afoot and Afield
Goatee Update
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WordPress 2.1 Ate My Blog
Tuesday 23 Jan 2007
Display a Brace in Smarty Code
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Post Number Two Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty-Two
Wednesday 24 Jan 2007
Trailing commas in an array OK in PHP
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Thursday 25 Jan 2007
Goatee taken over
Saturday 27 Jan 2007
Loading TinyMCE on the fly
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Sunday 28 Jan 2007
Paint.NET 3.0 Final is out
New Feed: FeedBurner
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Monday 29 Jan 2007
Dental Work
Human Blunders
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Tuesday 30 Jan 2007
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Wednesday 31 Jan 2007
Another Day, Another Root Canal
Molly Ivins
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Thursday 01 Feb 2007
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Friday 02 Feb 2007
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Saturday 03 Feb 2007
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Sunday 04 Feb 2007
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Monday 05 Feb 2007
Mr. Terse Speaks
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Tuesday 06 Feb 2007
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Wednesday 07 Feb 2007
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Thursday 08 Feb 2007
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Friday 09 Feb 2007
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Guru Meditation
Saturday 10 Feb 2007
Guidelines for Recruiters
Monday 12 Feb 2007
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Tuesday 13 Feb 2007
When Suggestion Systems Fail: Wrong William Gibson
Google Analytics Map of lab.artlung.com Visits
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Wednesday 14 Feb 2007
Happy Valentine’s Day MMVII
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Thursday 15 Feb 2007
Turn off Magic Quotes in PHP via .htaccess
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Friday 16 Feb 2007
San Diego Uni High Class of ’87 Reunion
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Saturday 17 Feb 2007
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Sunday 18 Feb 2007
leahpeah.com/blog/ theme validates!
Anna Nicole The Musical seeking Young Writers / Composers / Lyricists
Count Zero
Monday 19 Feb 2007
It Was Six Years Ago Today I Started Blogging
Tuesday 20 Feb 2007
new design more-or-less complete
Goodbye, Dedicated Homepage
Wednesday 21 Feb 2007
Commute from Simi Valley to Brentwood
Destructured Assignment in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript
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Thursday 22 Feb 2007
Getting Lost at Mardis Gras
I sing a song of shoes
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Friday 23 Feb 2007
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Saturday 24 Feb 2007
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Sunday 25 Feb 2007
LA Blogger Shindig Tuesday after Next
Monday 26 Feb 2007
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Tuesday 27 Feb 2007
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Thursday 01 Mar 2007
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Saturday 03 Mar 2007
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Sunday 04 Mar 2007
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Monday 05 Mar 2007
Browser Wars II
Bruce Sterling OpEd in the Washington Post
Experience in Web Master
HA! HA! I get my news from Fark.com
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Tuesday 06 Mar 2007
Record Receivables Outstanding… Now where are they?
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Wednesday 07 Mar 2007
meh dee ah bee straw
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Thursday 08 Mar 2007
New Theory of Technology Work
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Friday 09 Mar 2007
Redesign of JoeCrawford.com
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Saturday 10 Mar 2007
craigslist changes url for web jobs and rss feeds thereto
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Sunday 11 Mar 2007
Reconstituted Headers
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Monday 12 Mar 2007
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Monday 19 Mar 2007
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I’m 37.
Tuesday 20 Mar 2007
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Wednesday 21 Mar 2007
Larry “Bud” R.I.P.
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Saturday 24 Mar 2007
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Sunday 25 Mar 2007
Freedom is Road Seldom Traveled by the Multitude
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Tuesday 27 Mar 2007
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Wednesday 28 Mar 2007
Wreck Right In Front of Me
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Thursday 29 Mar 2007
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Monday 02 Apr 2007
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Tuesday 03 Apr 2007
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Wednesday 04 Apr 2007
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Friday 06 Apr 2007
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Saturday 07 Apr 2007
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Sunday 08 Apr 2007
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Monday 09 Apr 2007
Stray Data
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Tuesday 10 Apr 2007
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Wednesday 11 Apr 2007
I miss the Head Lemur
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Friday 13 Apr 2007
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Monday 16 Apr 2007
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Tuesday 17 Apr 2007
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Wednesday 18 Apr 2007
Kia Rio Rawketh.
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Friday 20 Apr 2007
Passing Strange – Discounted
Nostalgic Kids
Mii for Me
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Sunday 22 Apr 2007
Iran: “I ask you, is he irrational?”
Zappa on Miami Vice
Accelerated Decrepitude: Reading Glasses
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Monday 23 Apr 2007
Tuesday 24 Apr 2007
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Wednesday 25 Apr 2007
For Devon
I love Roger Ebert
Fred Fish, R.I.P.
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Thursday 26 Apr 2007
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Friday 27 Apr 2007
Moving to Moorpark
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Saturday 28 Apr 2007
For Auction on eBay: WebSanDiego.org Banner
Monday 30 Apr 2007
Gimme some truth, Joe
On-The-Scene Agents Report
Tuesday 01 May 2007
Non In Situ / In Sutu
Wednesday 02 May 2007
New Commute Times
Friday 04 May 2007
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Monday 07 May 2007
Village Voice on Passing Strange
Good Morning Monday
Hi [First Name]
Wednesday 09 May 2007
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Thursday 10 May 2007
Black Men Ski
Monday 14 May 2007
Huge Launch
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Tuesday 15 May 2007
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Tuesday 22 May 2007
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Wednesday 23 May 2007
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Thursday 24 May 2007
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Wednesday 30 May 2007
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Thursday 31 May 2007
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Friday 01 Jun 2007
The Choice Is Simple
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Saturday 02 Jun 2007
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Friday 08 Jun 2007
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Sunday 10 Jun 2007
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Tuesday 12 Jun 2007
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Wednesday 13 Jun 2007
Update on My Mom
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Thursday 14 Jun 2007
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Friday 15 Jun 2007
Ocean View
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Sunday 17 Jun 2007
Green Onions
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Monday 18 Jun 2007
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Tuesday 19 Jun 2007
Freedom trails economic freedom
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Tuesday 26 Jun 2007
As of yesterday: Mice
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Thursday 28 Jun 2007
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Friday 29 Jun 2007
LA Bloggers Live
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Saturday 30 Jun 2007
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Sunday 01 Jul 2007
Livid (regarding a Mouse)
Monday 02 Jul 2007
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Thursday 05 Jul 2007
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Friday 06 Jul 2007
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Wednesday 11 Jul 2007
From Durgesh to Sheetul
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Thursday 12 Jul 2007
Recruiter Name Roll Call Addendum
Mr. Mind
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Friday 13 Jul 2007
Dice Accelerates Recruiter Roll Call
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Saturday 14 Jul 2007
In Roanoke to see my Mom
Sunday 15 Jul 2007
It Is So Green Here / Laptop Bummerville
Lazy Sunday at the Crawford’s
I’m So Cute
Monday 16 Jul 2007
And have I mentioned the green?
Tuesday 17 Jul 2007
All Things Grow With Love
Wednesday 18 Jul 2007
Next Up
Friday 27 Jul 2007
Joe Trains
Monday 30 Jul 2007
She’s Back
Wednesday 01 Aug 2007
This is what I look like after a ride
Lyrics of the Night
Saturday 04 Aug 2007
Joe/Santa Monica Apple Store/Photo
t0ny, photo-boother
Sunday 05 Aug 2007
California Decertifies Diebold
Santa Monica Joe
I am here, and you are my sofa.
Monday 06 Aug 2007
The Current Office Set-Up
William Gibson Book Tour (Updated)
Philip K. Dick Gave Me Twenty Bucks
They Call Me The Seeker
Richard Gate: Zzyzx Road
Tuesday 07 Aug 2007
I’m in the Persai Feed Corpus
“talk about a blog with a singular purpose”
Wednesday 08 Aug 2007
Google Maps Street View
Yesterday and Today in Facial Hair
BookTour.com catches up with William Gibson
LP Cover Lover says “Hey, Joe”
Joseph Christian Leyendecker
Thursday 09 Aug 2007
Quakey Wakey: Moorpark
Mom and the Cancer
Friday 10 Aug 2007
Not a thought in my head
Sunday 12 Aug 2007
On the todo list: Acres of Books
Monday 13 Aug 2007
Monday 27 Aug 2007
RealMental.org Launch
Welcome to Joe’s Cafe
Tuesday 28 Aug 2007
Obscura On YouTube
Interactive Table @ Art Center
Santa Barbara Buddha, $135
Good night, moon.
Wednesday 29 Aug 2007
Bas in the Puzzle Box
Thursday 30 Aug 2007
My Internal Musical State
Email Disasters: SXSW Podcast
Read Cat and Girl, you!
Sunday 02 Sep 2007
Leah at the scrimmage
Wednesday 05 Sep 2007
Work Transit Diptych
Friday 07 Sep 2007
You have left the group websandiego.
Saturday 08 Sep 2007
Hello World
Monday 10 Sep 2007
Cln shvn
Friday 14 Sep 2007
Stolen Commute Moment
Sunday 16 Sep 2007
War of the Worlds
Tuesday 18 Sep 2007
Five Years Ago I Met Leah
Thursday 20 Sep 2007
Pair.com System Notices for Just One Server
Friday 21 Sep 2007
Slow Commute
Saturday 22 Sep 2007
Belinda Carlisle
Tree Wave Love
Moorpark Packers Photos Page Needs Work
Supercharming: Google explains iGoogle to Japan
Sunday 23 Sep 2007
1971 Zappa Documentary
robots.txt Crawling and Stats
In Search of Steve Ditko
Monday 24 Sep 2007
Tried and True
Consistent with Reality
Tuesday 25 Sep 2007
Blog Upgraded to WordPress 2.3
My Mom’s Cancer (Update)
my resume sucks, what to do about it
Wednesday 26 Sep 2007
Time Warner, Cabletards
Thursday 27 Sep 2007
American Innovation: Sushi
ATTN Web Designers: Ashley Qualls Beats You At Internet
Friday 28 Sep 2007
communication usually fails, except by accident
Saturday 29 Sep 2007
Site Maintenance; Leah 2002
Sunday 30 Sep 2007
Zappa Morning
Jon Lech Johansen on iPhone Bricking
Soyrizo & Eggs
Dead PHP3 Code
Monday 01 Oct 2007
Maxed Out
The Information Age: longer than you thought.
Friday 05 Oct 2007
Seriously, Ryze?
Monday 08 Oct 2007
Tuesday 09 Oct 2007
Mom’s Magazine Article
Wednesday 10 Oct 2007
Morning’s Miscellany
Please Compare and Contrast
Leah made me look really good
Yahoo Kool-Aid: Y! Mash and MyBlogLog
Thursday 11 Oct 2007
Morning is the time for Miscellany
Friday 12 Oct 2007
Just me and the pygmy pony
Saturday 13 Oct 2007
My name is Misc, How do you do?
Required Viewing for the Music Business
Sunday 14 Oct 2007
Flowchart of the Day
Monday 15 Oct 2007
.NET, Miguel de Icaza
Good Weekend
Reader Subscription Stats are Complicated
Tuesday 16 Oct 2007
Play Misc-y for Me
Mom’s Cancer News
Wednesday 17 Oct 2007
Misc and Max
Thursday 18 Oct 2007
I’m sure it’s for a good cause
My Commute Can Be Pretty
Friday 19 Oct 2007
Misc is out of Style
Saturday 20 Oct 2007
All The Misc That’s Fit to Misc
Monday 22 Oct 2007
Terrorism is an inverted lottery
Smokey Sky above Moorpark
Tuesday 23 Oct 2007
Moorpark Air is Bad Today
Wednesday 24 Oct 2007
Lyrics of the Day: Endicott
Thursday 25 Oct 2007
Where There’s a Misc There’s a Way
Friday 26 Oct 2007
Slate: Crashed Hard
Monday 29 Oct 2007
Misc, Misc, everywhere… and not a drop to drink
Wednesday 31 Oct 2007
Misc-y Halloween!
Saturday 03 Nov 2007
I don’t want to set the Misc on fire.
JDarkroom and focus.
Monday 05 Nov 2007
Bar Camp LA 4 was Cool
Wednesday 07 Nov 2007
Expatriate Baby Part 2
Thursday 08 Nov 2007
In lieu of blogging today, I offer instead this adorable photo.
Tuesday 13 Nov 2007
Pleasantness Overall, And Why
Wednesday 14 Nov 2007
Misc Cavalcade!
Friday 16 Nov 2007
Bad Recruiter Email of the Day: Posted in the Google
Monday 19 Nov 2007
Playing with jQuery
Tuesday 20 Nov 2007
William Gibson, Gravy, and a Video
Wednesday 21 Nov 2007
Rock Band
Thursday 22 Nov 2007
Happy Thanksgiving
Saturday 24 Nov 2007
My Remarkable Mom
Wednesday 28 Nov 2007
Sheepies in the Vast Gray Field
Leah in Fray
Sixty Out of Ninety-One
Friday 30 Nov 2007
Misc Never Knows
Uh oh, I am unwell
Wednesday 05 Dec 2007
Rub Our Noses In It (Steven King on the Media)
Thursday 06 Dec 2007
Joe2 bowls 137; Oblivious
Oblivious / Roddy Frame
Monday 10 Dec 2007
I have no Xbox
Tuesday 11 Dec 2007
Quote of the Day
Thursday 13 Dec 2007
Leah and Joe, a Bit Tired
Movable Type Open Source
Youth Pastor Joe
Friday 14 Dec 2007
Flickr Pro Stats Showed Me Uses of My Images
Saturday 15 Dec 2007
Robot Meets Girl
Sunday 16 Dec 2007
Downtown Los Angeles from Griffith Park
Tuesday 18 Dec 2007
St. James Infirmary
Jelly Belly
Thursday 20 Dec 2007
Valentine’s Day Display in December (?!?)
Friday 21 Dec 2007
Happy Anniversary, Leahpeah
Tuesday 25 Dec 2007
Back From San Diego
Friday 28 Dec 2007
No Thanks, Hopelessness
Happy Holidays!
Video Killed The Radio Star
Rain, can’t drive in.
Sunday 30 Dec 2007
Ronald McDonald
Healing Moral Fissures at DoD
Lovely Animation: Chinese Translation
Quiet Faith in Man
Monday 31 Dec 2007
Presidential Hopefuls Can’t Help Lying
From April
Happy New Year!