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  • Happy New Year!

    Word up!

  • It’s a Whole New World

    Of calf pain. And other things. Bike is on order. Stay tuned for more lower extremity pain this year. It’s not a resolution, the funniest of which is here. But a promise. There are physical changes afoot. The above photo was taken in Kanab after I did almost all of a hike the rest of…

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    How to Think Like a Computer Scientist / Java (tags: books computer school programming) Digital Colony – Ideas in Web Development MAS’s tech site. I look forward to seeing new (and legacy) stuff that comes up. (tags: programming howto tutorial asp sqlserver) My New Year’s Resolutions ( alternative take on resolutions. (tags: funny)

  • Is it because I bought less than 10 CDs last year?

    Ouch. The Long Tail: 2006: The worst year for hit albums since 1983: What does it say about the music industry that the soundtrack to what was originally a Disney afterschool TV special was the bestselling album in the country last year? Related with a vengeance: Tower Records declared bankruptcy last year.

  • Retail Receipt and Bag Checks

    It’s fascinating what you find reading threads on where to buy electronics parts in the Bay Area — here’s a sub-thread about the door checks conducted in places like Fry’s or Best Buy — you know the ones, where you show your bag and they run a pink highlighter over your receipt. I had never…

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    Open the Future: An Eschatological Taxonomy How will the world end? (((I don’t see “Fire” or Ice”))) (tags: via:rc3 futurism future scifi) Dreaming in Code (tags: programming books history opensource development) The 40 Essential Gamecube Games » Geek Idiot (tags: games gaming gamecube) leahpeah » meg hourihan of megnut fame, leah does it again snagging…

  • I love that commercial!

    David Byrne Journal: 12.26.06: Trees and tree shapes: Do we purchase a car because the ad agency made a cute video? Is that how we make decisions? Maybe we do. Maybe the cleverness and technical virtuosity exhibited here imply to us that those same values carry over to the SUV. This would be a natural…

  • Twenty Years: University of San Diego High School

    It occurs to me that I graduated High School twenty years ago this year. 1987. I wonder if there’s a reunion? I think I’ve dropped out of touch with them. There’s a Wikipedia article about my school: University of San Diego High School. Wacky. My High School no longer exists. It’s closed on the old…

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    The WELL: Bruce Sterling: State of the World 2007 awesome. (tags: future futurism interview viridian brucesterling)

  • How would I lay me down to sleep?

    I don’t think I mentioned it, but several weeks ago I went to the Cathedral for Mass. I think it was around Thanksgiving. Anyway, I took some time after Mass to explore a little and I visited the Mausoleum downstairs. I found myself really compelled by the place. It’s solitary and quiet, nestled under a…

  • for lp

    Thanks for being on my team, too.

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    Steelpan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia aka “steel drums” (tags: music culture)

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    Viridian Note #00484. some good stuff. (tags: green viridian brucesterling) eXile – Issue #254 – Feature Story – 2006: The Year Russia Schooled The West (tags: culture futurism politics russia)

  • LinkedIn Answers

    I agree with Jason Calacanis about the new LinkedIn Answers: oh, this is kinda rad. I have been impressed by LinkedIn lately, I seem to get more serious inquiries through there than anywhere else through my profile page. This is on the heels of Guy Kawasaki’s post about how to use LinkedIn better as well.

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    FooPlot: Online graphing calculator and plotter excellent implementation of svg. (tags: svg javascript visualization calculator graphics math) SMTP Email Settings translating phone numbers to email addresses (tags: telephony mobile phone email programming) apophenia: PEW data on social network site use danah boyd typically smart about new social networking sites stats (tags: socialnetworking socialsoftware) Bin-Blog: Creating…

  • Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

    First JeSais tagged me, and I resisted. Then Geoff tagged me, and I now give in: I dislike Pink Floyd, Winnie-the-Pooh, Moody Blues, and Jethro Tull. For various reasons that are unimportant, though I have listened to these bands and or watched their cartoons, and I have my reasons. I have never watched “That 70s…

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    Real Empires Ship ( First they came for the vinyl, and I said nothing. Then for the cassettes, and the CDs, and the VHS tapes. Still I was silent. (tags: funny writing history apple culture) 3quarksdaily craigslist identity theft/419 scam for renting an apartment (tags: via:rc3 identity scam craigslist) NPR : Meet the Real Sacha…

  • San Diego Blog Facelift

    I believe I mentioned that several months ago I sold San Diego Blog. I’ve not talked about it much, but it’s bearing fruit for the new owners — for starters San Diego Blog got a Facelift, and so did San Diego Bloggers. Really wonderful to see these things that languished (owing to my move to…

  • Leah, Happy Birthday!

    1/11/07. Happy Birthday Babe!

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    San Diego Internships very cool! (tags: sandiego writing) Jonathan Coulton » Blog Archive » Thing a Week 29 – Code Monkey I have fallen in like with this song. (tags: free funny music song) A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods cute. (tags: visualization graphics reference) Cat and Girl particularly funny. (tags: comics funny) Sinfest God’s…

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    The Book of Common Prayer HTML Edition Episcopal Book of Common Prayer (tags: religion books)

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    Software As She’s Developed » Blog Archive » AJAX Patterns: Design Patterns for AJAX Usability (tags: ajax programming tutorial usability design)

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    SIGGRAPH Encore (tags: cgi computer graphics programming research education)

  • Good Day Y’all

    I have a few things bubbling on my mind. I was quite moved by this article about bloggers in the Middle East. If there were a risk that I might go to jail for my blogging, would I still do it? This is a hard question, but I’d like to think I would. The stories…

  • Lyrics: The Killer Inside Me, by MC 900 Foot Jesus

    I really like this song, available on One Step Ahead of the Spider. At some point I transcribed the lyrics, and here they are. If he put out more records, I would buy them. It’s interesting to me that though he’s still alive, or seems to be, Mark Griffen, aka MC 900 Foot Jesus, is…

  • Peter Nicholls’ Definition Of Science Fiction As Quoted By Bruce Sterling

    It occurs 45 minutes into the Long Now mp3 of the event “The Singularity: Your Future as a Black Hole;” it makes me laugh. Why would Science Fiction stoop to this? Why are they deploying this grand mathematical notion as like, a source of “plot coupons” Well I’ll explain this to you, and if you…

  • Time, Attention, and Alan Watts

    Thomas Barnett got an assistant and prioritizes based on the level of effort from the asker. Neal Stephenson simply asks you to go away. Eric Raymond wrote a whole article on asking good questions. One of my favorite articles is from Mark Pilgrim called Why We Won’t Help You (from 2003) which is actually inspirational…

  • The Diamond Age: Mini-Series for TV

    via BoingBoing, and confirmed on Clooney’s studio site. Here’s the story from SCI FI Wire: Diamond Age, based on Neal Stephenson’s best-selling novel The Diamond Age: Or a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer, is a six-hour miniseries from Clooney and fellow executive producer Grant Heslov of Smokehouse Productions. When a prominent member of society concludes…

  • [CakePHP:PHP] : [CakeInfo():phpinfo()]

    This is pretty nifty! cakeinfo! I’ll be using this on some of my projects to do internal diagnostics.

  • “Joe, don’t read this one”

    Poo? Too late. I was there, and those photos truly reflect Tyler’s incredible enthusiasm and cackling howls of laughter at tasty food that looks like excrement. I believe he even asked for the recipe.

  • Geni: Online Tool For Geneology

    Very very cool. The Geni Blog: Geni in the Press. My extended family is way into genealogy. I’m sort of interested too. This is a cool way to play with it. Check out Killer flash-based user interface. Sublimely easy to use. Recommended.

  • A Little Bit Of Rain

    Some random lyrics: He was a Cosby fan at heart it’s clear; He searched and found a Cosby hair! He spent ten long years and built a cloning machine; And now he’s accomplished his wonderful dream: To make a House of Cosbys… It’s a House of Cosbys. The theme song is nice even without the…

  • Incredible: Girl Down The Well

    This is the most awesome image I’ve seen today, courtesy genius potter Joe Bennion, of Horseshoe Mountain Pottery: Backstory.

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    Stevey’s Blog Rants: The Pinocchio Problem Opinionated. Lots to chew on. (tags: programming philosophy architecture) Coding Horror: The Programmer’s Bill of Rights (tags: management programming work software business)

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    Event-Driven Web Application Design » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (tags: ajax blog development programming webdev javascript)

  • Thought of the Day: Awe

    From the other day on, I like it very much, it articulates something about fear that I think is important. One of the great Rabbis once said, “Jewish tradition teaches man how small he is and how great he can become.” Do not be frightened of G-d. Stand in awe of Him. Fear weakens…

  • Afoot and Afield

    Lots of stuff happening. Bike: gotten. Sister: engaged. Face: goateed (probably not for long). Job: new and Brentwood. Car: rented. Children of Men: seen and amazed by. Lawn: slightly brown. Weather: cold. Work: off to it!

  • Goatee Update

    By “popular” demand: Not a permanent change. Just for fun, for a little while.

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    Halite Studios: Piano Hero I think we could do this with Dev’s usb keyboard. Sounds possibly fun! (tags: music software tutorial games windows) The Big Picture – Joel on Software (tags: programming books software) EasyEclipse | Distributions | EasyEclipse for PHP Using this at the new gig. So far, very impressed by the workflow and…

  • WordPress 2.1 Ate My Blog

    I can see the posts in the database, but something went wonky on the upgrade and everything before the upgrade is invisible. Woe is me till I find the time to fix it. Please stand by. I’m asking about it on the wp support forum. Update: And we’re back. The way I fixed it: running…

  • Display a Brace in Smarty Code

    The “literal” tag should do it: {literal} {works} {/literal} Smarty info. (By the way, yes, the blog is still screwed up. I’m busy. Gimme a break. I was up till one last night working on it and no joy. Yuck. This is what I get for a rushed upgrade.)

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    Mcdonald’s, McDonaldland, & McDonaldization – 2005 Boje fascinating (tags: culture food history) » Thoughts from the Hotline/Diageo poll: Mormonism Republicans have more negative and more defined views of Mormonism than anyone else. (tags: religion mormon politics culture lds) Fork JavaScript interesting library with a dumb name (tags: framework javascript webdev programming) – Time…

  • Post Number Two Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty-Two

    That’s a lot of posts. This is mostly a test. I’m glad to be back up. WordPress 2.1 is actually pretty cool! I like the interface changes. Bummed it’s still kicking it old skool with regards to Atom. I think what I did was do the upgrade before all files had finished uploading to the…

  • Trailing commas in an array OK in PHP

    I was editing some code today and saw what looked like an error to me, but nothing was broken on the code I was looking at it, so I was prompted to look it up. And indeed, in PHP: “Having a trailing comma after the last defined array entry, while unusual, is a valid syntax.”…

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    World Public Opinion World View of US Role Goes From Bad to Worse (tags: culture history us politics) Coding Horror: Shipping Isn’t Enough (tags: development programming software) A List Apart: Articles: Paper Prototyping (tags: design howto interface project) Web 2.0 Technologies: Nested CRUD resources in Rails 1.2 (tags: rubyonrails webdev programming howto) Code Generation: The…

  • Goatee taken over

    The goatee is being strangled by what’s now clearly a beard. I need a shave, and a haircut. Two bits! It’s been a good week professionally so far. I dislike commuting, but it’s not bad when one has great audio to listen to. I’ve been listening to a course from Stanford on The Historical Jesus…

  • Loading TinyMCE on the fly

    Let’s say you have a textarea that is called into a page dynamically, say with an AJAX loaded chunk of HTML with a textarea in it. If you want that textarea to have TinyMCE applied to it, you need to call a script. This was a fun one to think through and debug, and it…

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    PUMML ArtSpace (tags: art history biography 3ones)

  • Paint.NET 3.0 Final is out

    via  Greg’s Cool [insert clever name] of the Day: Rick Brewster’s blog : Paint.NET 3.0 — Final Release now available! I like It’s slim and stable and free. It’s for Windows only, but the “.NET” in the name probably gave that away, yeah? Get it at

  • Procrustes

    Bizarre term I came across at the latest Viridian Note: Procrustes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In Greek mythology, Procrustes (the stretcher), also known as Damastes (subduer) and Polypemon (harming much), was a bandit from Attica. He had his stronghold in the hills outside Eleusis. There, he had an iron bed into which he invited…

  • New Feed: FeedBurner

    I have no idea how many people read me. I don’t follow stats closely. I do have a sitemeter account and I read the numbers, but I’ve no idea what that really means in the scheme of things. In the end I’m not driven to blog differently based on traffic. One of the things Leah…

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    YUI Theater: Douglas Crockford, The JavaScript Programming Language » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (tags: javascript video tutorial history programming) Google Testing Blog: Introducing “Testing on the Toilet” (tags: development programming software qa) Orcinus – Fiat Lux, indeed Universities moving to not provide credit to high school students used only Intelligent Design textbooks. (tags: education college…

  • Dental Work

    Deep cleaning, root canal x 2, antibiotics. It’s a fun week so far.

  • Human Blunders

    Wealth Without Work Pleasure Without Conscience Knowledge Without Character Commerce Without Morality Science Without Humanity Worship Without Sacrifice Politics Without Principles Rights Without Responsibilities …from the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

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    Interview: Children of Men Director Alfonso Cuaron – Cinematical (tags: movies scifi interview) Against Well-designed Reputation Systems (An Argument for Community Patent) (tags: socialsoftware shirky)

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    Helvetica (tags: typography type film movies) Speak n Spell (tags: history technology children toys) Using Subversion via TextPad (tags: programming svn textpad howto tutorial) richard gate painter (tags: artist art santamonica utah) Google’s Bosworth: Why AJAX Failed (Then Succeeded) (tags: ajax history microsoft programming)

  • Another Day, Another Root Canal

    The big one was done today. Taking antibiotics and Tylenol #3 (hah! I love that there’s a wikipedia article about that). It occurs to me that Tylenol #3 is to Tylenol as ActionScript is to ECMAScript. Yes, even drugged, I am a bit odd. I’ll probably lie down for a while.

  • Molly Ivins

    Molly Ivins, 1944-2007 Molly was the kind of cantankerous thinker I really like. She will be missed. As a memorial, go read one of her articles. Take part in your democracy. I never met her. Anyone who can make me laugh AND make me think while I’m thinking about politics is okay in my book….

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    Seth’s Blog: Wow! so funny. (tags: photo funny windows microsoft) Don’s Blog: I Agree with Richard Thompson (tags: music art history) ongoing · XML 2.0? great discussion on the future of the web, xml, and more. (tags: xml future programming syndication) Yahoo! 360° – The Department of Style – For the trees Douglas Crockford is…

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    Nolobe – Interarchy Interarchy got bought/sold to “Nolobe” (tags: software business) adaptive path » blog » blog archive » Crayola redesign launches (tags: design children education interface webdev) Boing Boing: Record your stethoscope on your iPod Rather clever (tags: respiratory technology) MetroRiderLA ooh… mass transit geekery (tags: losangeles transport transportation socal) notes: These Are My…

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    O’Reilly Radar > Adrian Holovaty in American Journalism Review (tags: journalism writing programming visualization news media) Ultimate htaccess Examples | (tags: htaccess webdev apache programming)

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    Google Code – Google APIs (tags: google api programming)

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    YouTube – Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us (tags: writing futurism web web2.0 video html xml socialsoftware) Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress v2 Final (tags: wordpress tool google seo) altmusictv – 120 Minutes archive – Playlists (tags: music tv history) Wallhogs giant sized poster type thingies (tags: photo printer design photography)

  • Mr. Terse Speaks

    Man, has it been several days since I posted? I have not much to say since the dental procedures. They’re feeling good, but there’s more in store – I still have permanent crowns/bridges to be installed. Bummer factor: I have a cold – serious sniffles, which was a partial rationale for getting rid of Mr….

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    Programming and Designing for the Web » FrogJS Javascript Gallery (tags: javascript photo programming photos webdev) Peter’s Blog – The window.onload problem (still) (tags: programming browser javascript webdev) err.the_blog.find_by_title(‘I Will Paginate’) (tags: rubyonrails programming howto webdev) gettext – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: i18n language programming opensource) Smarty Gettext (tags: i18n language programming opensource…

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    The Cult Of Sondra these videos sound pretty wonderful/horrible. (tags: video funny) Apple – Thoughts on Music Steve Jobs lets it be known that the DRM Emperor has no clothes, and that EVERYONE would be better served without it. Preach it brother! (tags: music apple software copyright law) San Diego Blogger Awards – Blogs to…

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    Daring Fireball: Reading Between the Lines of Steve Jobs’s ‘Thoughts on Music’ An excellent exegesis. (tags: apple music copyright) Mental Shrapnel» Blog Archive » What a Difference a Day Makes sunrise vs. fog. (tags: sandiego photography) 71 – The Island of California « strange maps When Alta California tumbles into the sea, that’ll be the…

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    Subtopia: On Border Tunnel Infill (tags: sandiego law mexico border) YouTube – Randy Newman – A Few Words in Defense of Our Country (tags: m music politics video) Code Hinting in Flash MX _btn _txt _mc and many others! (tags: howto tutorial flash actionscript) SodaHead – Whats bubbling in Your head | (tags: socialsoftware…

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    Creating a CSS layout from scratch : Subcide rather good explication of turning a layout into css. (tags: html css webdev design programming howto tutorial) Gayles Perks – Northridge California coffeehouse with free wireless (tags: wireless northridge) poundbang – Harish Mallipeddi’s Blog » Tutorial : Setting up Django on a shared host (tags: django howto…

  • Guru Meditation

    Best failure mode, ever. Amiga. Cool.

  • Guidelines for Recruiters

    If, on my resume, I indicate where I live, and that I am not interested in relocating; please do not suggest that I work in New York, Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, or any other state where I don’t live. If your accent is so thick that I cannot understand you, I have no way to…

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    Kids, the Internet, and the End of Privacy: The Greatest Generation Gap Since Rock and Roll — New York Magazine (tags: blogging culture internet privacy futurism via:jwz socialsoftware kids) carlos huante art (tags: artist design illustration art) stereogum: Strange Grave, Here He Comes (tags: music morrissey death via:missewon) A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and…

  • When Suggestion Systems Fail: Wrong William Gibson

    This is the right William Gibson.

  • Google Analytics Map of Visits

    I find this pretty interesting to look at. Google Analytics is a powerful free tool.

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    Welcome To King Trivia we went to one of these the other night and it was pretty fun! (tags: fun games socal) Natural Docs tool for doing automated documentation (a la javadoc, phpdoc, phpdocumentor) – requires perl (tags: programming tools javascript actionscript php python coldfusion) Rich Media Institute: Education for Digital Professionals (tags: education flash…

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    Welcome to (tags: art losangeles via:dougwelch) Multimap API V1.2 : Decluttering Markers (tags: api mapping maps) Articles on Career Change Advice by Debra Thorsen, Fearless Guides Certified Professional Coach (tags: work philosophy health) – Podcast directory (tags: podcast media radio audio) Tutorials on Microformats (tags: programming tutorial webdev semanticweb howto) Apple Hard At…

  • Turn off Magic Quotes in PHP via .htaccess

    #.htaccess SETTINGS TO TURN OFF # STUPID MAGIC QUOTES IN PHP # I HATE MAGIC QUOTES PROBLEMS php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off UPDATE: See Magic Quotes, and note: This feature has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.0 and REMOVED as of PHP 6.0.0. Relying on this feature is highly discouraged.

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    Tips for Writing Nicer Site Badges – Ed Eliot (tags: programming javascript webdev) Django | Documentation | Template guide (tags: django framework python webdev) webjayeng3 : webjayeng3 web jay frontend engineering position (tags: jobs yahoo santamonica) Change your View: Enhancing the User Interface of a Ruby on Rails Application (tags: rubyonrails programming tutorial)

  • San Diego Uni High Class of ’87 Reunion

    I emailed Cathedral High wondering if there were plans for a University of San Diego High School Class of 1987 Reunion. This year it will have been twenty (TWENTY!) years since I graduated from Uni. I got back this reply: There are plans. Martin Correia is chairing the event and is in the midst of…

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    4+1 Ways To Speed Up WordPress With Caching worthwhile. (tags: wordpress programming)

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    Reduce WordPress Spam By Creating Fake Comment Forms For Spam Bots | (tags: wordpress spam howto) The right way to read files with PHP (tags: programming php tutorial webdev) Neo Culpa: Politics & Power: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” (tags: politics war iraq republican history)

  • theme validates!

    It’s been a sore spot for me that Leah’s excellent blog has not really, uh, worked, for a long time. In MSIE 5 to 7, the thing basically went all wonky with the sidebars and ads and content. The thing was consistently off, and occasionally very broken. There’s an aphorism that “the cobbler’s children have…

  • Anna Nicole The Musical seeking Young Writers / Composers / Lyricists

    “It is a story of a small town girl, single mother, model, party animal and how she changed a little part of the world and touched so many people. “ read more | digg story

  • Count Zero

    Everything needs to be remade. Things will look wonky until I get the thing looking right. It may be a while. Comments and suggestions are welcome in the interim.

  • It Was Six Years Ago Today I Started Blogging

    Here’s the first post — rather short. Since that time I’ve built other blogs, sold other blogs, been divorced, fallen in and out of love, lived with some different people, remarried, been interviewed on the radio, worked at a few different placed, gained weight, lost weight, travelled, regained faith, been cranky, been happy, had long…

  • new design more-or-less complete

    And now, there’s other stuff to do today. Rawk awn!

  • Goodbye, Dedicated Homepage

    Hey kids, I’ve made no longer be a homepage. If I do something like that again it’ll be over on the one-page At this point I have a great deal of faith in WordPress and I’ll be migrating all I can from the old pages into it. It’s been quite a few years,…

  • Commute from Simi Valley to Brentwood

    Not too long ago I asked on h about commuting strategies from Simi Valley to Brentwood. It’s been a few weeks, and here are the results: What I’ve tried in these past several weeks: 1. 118->405->Wilshire 2. 23->101->Kanan Road->PCH->Wilshire 3. 23->101->Topanga->PCH->Wilshire 4. 118->Sepulveda->Wilshire 5. 23->101->Las Virgines->Malibu Canyon->PCH->Wilshire 6. public transport The results: 1. feels fast…

  • Destructured Assignment in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript

    Stupid code tricks in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript

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    Japan’s secret weapon: cuteness | FP Passport most heterogenous set of tags yet: “culture japan iraq funny cute war” (tags: culture japan iraq funny cute war) PHPUnit (tags: php qa framework opensource webdev programming tools) PHPUnit Pocket Guide (tags: php qa framework opensource webdev programming tools books tutorial) SimpleTest Integration into Eclipse for PHPUnit…

  • Lenten

    Lent is here. What’s Lent? And there are several possibilities floating around on tables.Stay tuned, I might even write about some of them. Heh. On other notes, I bought Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design recently, and I need to take the time and get into it some more. And it’s raining. Commute time, y’all.

  • Getting Lost at Mardis Gras

    Tuesday was Mardis Gras, and my Mom reminded me of the time I got lost in the crowds there. I had not remembered how old I was. Here’s the exchange: Joe, Remember when you got lost att Mardi Gras?  What a scare that was.  We almost lost you twice in crowds. I replied: I do…

  • I sing a song of shoes

    I have discovered an alarming trend of my online life: I document when I wear out my shoes. Here’s: The Sandals Which I Killt Wif My Walking from last August. And Old Shoe from 2004. I made a header out of that one. And in that spirit, here’s the latest in the line of dead…

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    MySQL AB :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 19.2 CREATE VIEW Syntax I am so used to being restrained by the limitations of MySQL I missed completely that it can now do views. I’m using this today on a project. (tags: database mysql programming) Alan Kay: The PC Must Be Revamped–Now (tags: culture computer technology…

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    Why some women just can’t fit in (tags: women culture work via:backupbrain) There’s a Housing Bubble — A Fact-Filled Opinion | Piggington’s Econo-Almanac | Southern California Housing Bubble News and Analysis (tags: sandiego economics housing) Toscano… There’s a Housing Bubble — A Fact-Filled Opinion (tags: sandiego economics housing) Zack Snyder Reveals Watchmen Details –…

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    Ellen Lindner – Comics and Illustration (tags: comics illustration) — you poor jerk. (tags: comics illustration) Foreign Policy In Focus | Chomsky on Iran, Iraq, and the Rest of the World (tags: politics war iran iraq)

  • LA Blogger Shindig Tuesday after Next

    via leahpeah : Blog Archive » Tap tap tap and via Calling All Bloggers – PARTY!!!!!!1!11 this might be fun!

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    Outrage at Pokez? Pokez waitress treats autistic kid VERY poorly. (tags: sandiego law food)

  • Daily Links / A showroom of nice looking simple downloadable DHTML and AJAX scripts (tags: ajax javascript webdev programming) March Mingle :: Home San Diego networking event (tags: sandiego technology event)

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    Volusion: Shopping Cart Software Ecommerce Solutions (tags: ecommerce simivalley) Everybody loves Eric Raymond silly fun (tags: comics humor opensource linux gpl) Deploying1.0ToASharedHost – symfony (tags: symfony mvc php programming framework)

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    XML for PHP developers, Part 1: The 15-minute PHP-with-XML starter (tags: php xml programming tutorial) Aflax: The Ajax Library for the Adobe Flash™ Platform (tags: flash programming opensource ajax javascript framework xml) A List Apart: Articles: Sliding Doors of CSS (tags: css howto html design webdev) WordPress › Blog » WordPress 2.1.1 dangerous, Upgrade to…

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    Jeff Russell’s STARSHIP DIMENSIONS still one of my favorite sites. it has herbie the love bug, lots of star wars ships, ringworld, and more. (tags: scifi startrek starwars arc architecture design) The life of Bryan | Music | Arts | Telegraph I was once an obsessive listener to Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music. It seems…

  • Browser Wars II

    I so wanted to go to this – folks from Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Opera PLUS my JavaScript hero Douglas Crockford getting together to talk browsers: YUI Theater — “Browser Wars Episode II: Attack of the DOMs” [Yahoo! User Interface Blog] I will be watching this. Hi, I’m Joe, and I’m a browser nerd.  Hi…

  • Bruce Sterling OpEd in the Washington Post

    And another of my heroes, Bruce Sterling: My Dot-Green Future Is Finally Arriving – In 1998, I had it figured that the dot-com boom would become a dot-green boom. It took a while for others to get it. Some still dont. They think Im joking. They are still used to thinking of greenness as…

  • Experience in Web Master

    Recruiting Email Sentence of the Day (emphasis added): My name is XXX XXXXX and I’m an IT recruiter at XXX. Our records show that you are an experienced IT professional with experience in Web Master. This experience is relevant to one of my current openings.

  • HA! HA! I get my news from

    As Leah and I laze around the house, not putting away clothes in the bedroom, I will fire up Google Reader and read blogs the way nature never intended, in a newsreader. One of the not-really-blogs I read this way is FARK. FARK is the apotheosis of what a nonsense everything/nothing site is on the…

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    Greg’s Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day: Blogger Backup Utility v1.0.0.0 Alpha Released (tags: blogging tools Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Theater (tags: video yahoo webdev) The Power (and Peril) of Praising Your Kids — New York Magazine This article has the ring of truth (tags: culture kids psychology relationships family children) »…

  • Record Receivables Outstanding… Now where are they?

    So much happening. My contract in Brentwood is ending soon, and I have beaucoup bucks in receivables outstanding — that is, people owe me money for work already done — more than ever, across many clients. The problem is, for about 7 days, no checks! What’s the deal people, baby needs a new pair of…

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    Ten Javascript Tools Everyone Should Have (tags: javascript programming webdev ajax) YouTube – ZWH – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out intriguing cover of a great smiths song. (tags: morrissey music video)

  • meh dee ah bee straw

    So Leah and I went to the mediabistro blogger meet thing tonight down in Los Angeles. It was jazzy fun. It was very loud at Bar Lubitsch. And nine bucks for a (not very tall) Jack Daniels and Coke? ¡Qué horror! It was good to see Heather again, and I even got to shake Tony…

  • Daily Links

    Health Insurance, Medical Insurance, Individual Health Insurance Quotes (tags: business health medicine consumer) jobs, classes, community and news for media professionals (tags: advertising media jobs journalism culture losangeles publishing) Malibu Hindu Temple I want to visit this (tags: calabasas religion hinduism) Amit Pansare’s Photo Gallery Some great stuff in here (tags: photography socal photos)…

  • New Theory of Technology Work

    Quoting myself from an email to a colleague: Why I stayed so long at *****, where the primary thing I was working on was traditional ASP, I have no idea. I’m coming to think if a job isn’t making you smarter, it’s making you dumber. And *** man, every line of VBScript I code makes…

  • Daily Links

    W3C Relaunches HTML Activity xhtml was not the be-all end all. (tags: html web webstandards)

  • Redesign of I done cracked myself up!

  • Daily Links

    NCAM/CC for Flash Closed Captioning for Flash. Nifty. (tags: flash accessibility webdev) FreeStyle Street Basketball(TM) – Home (tags: games) Leahpeah’s Trade A Craft (tags: leahpeah socialsoftware crafts) Welcome to TextDrive – Reliable, high performance web hosting you can trust (tags: webdev hosting rubyonrails) Site5 Affordable Web Hosting – Discount Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting (tags:…

  • craigslist changes url for web jobs and rss feeds thereto

    the url for “web/HTML/info design jobs” on craigslist used to be . I know this because until this morning I was subscribed to the RSS feed for those kind of jobs. That changed when the url for those web jobs changed to , which of course means that the RSS feed also changed….

  • Daily Links

    NEWSEUM: The Commissar Vanishes (tags: history photography ussr) de portables (10 years!) » Blog Archive » Abba The Hutt i laughed out loud. (tags: funny starwars music) Tales From the Database – Mile High Comics, Chuck Rozanski (tags: comics history via:mefi) Tales From the Database – Mile High Comics, Chuck Rozanski (tags: comics history via:mefi)…

  • Reconstituted Headers

    On March 1st I made the first new header for this site in almost two years. This morning I made another one. It has a Blade Runner theme. I quite like Gaff’s character. He’s blue eyed and semi-hispanic with a bizarre sartorial flair. I definitely identify with him. I have saved all of the headers…

  • Daily Links

    Date and Time Formats (tags: calendar time programming webstandards) ISO 8601 – Numeric representation of dates and time (tags: calendar time) RFC 3339 Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps (tags: calendar time programming webstandards)

  • Daily Links

    Wave Bubble (tags: howto radio cyberpunk futurism technology)

  • Daily Links

    Thomas Pynchon Wiki: Gravity’s Rainbow (tags: books scifi literature wiki) Seeing Males Together: When It Was OK to Show Affection | MetaFilter (tags: culture history photography)

  • I’m 37.

    Wow. And… cool.

  • Daily Links

    Table of Malcontents | WIRED Blogs James Randi from the 1970s. (tags: skeptic psychic funny) The Stan Laurel Correspondence Archive Project fascinating. (tags: culture writing history funny movies) For $17 you too can chain smoke near your PlayStation 3 Apparently smoking near your game system can make it disgusting. Funky. (tags: gaming respiratory health funny)…

  • Larry “Bud” R.I.P.

    I loved that guyPreviously.

  • Daily Links

    YouTube – Novell Linux – Apple Ad Spoof (1st) (tags: linux video funny commercial) YouTube – Get a MAC Spoof 2 (tags: linux video funny commercial)

  • Daily Links

    news from me – ARCHIVES The Secret Origin of Larry “Bud” Melman (tags: history tv culture) Daring Fireball: Markdown (tags: programming web opensource socialsoftware) Mortgage crisis overwhelming credit counselors – (tags: cnn housing money) writing-test-cases-for-web-browsers (tags: mozilla web webdev via:wearehugh) The Kitty Letter – Southern California – Simi Valley – Thousand Oaks – Moorpark…

  • Freedom is Road Seldom Traveled by the Multitude

    A bike was freedom to me when I was a kid. Above is a picture of the bike I got not too long ago. It represents freedom. It’s hard to get out on the bike, and I don’t do it as often as might like to, but I do it when I can and I…

  • Daily Links

    SANDOW BIRK Interesting neoclassical political artist (tags: art politics losangeles iraq) BLDGBLOG: Science Fiction and the City: Film Fest Update! Nice science fiction themed event at ArtCenter in May (tags: futurism pasadena architecture design events scifi movies illustration) Murphypop: The Illustration of Meghan Murphy (tags: art illustration comics) Dean Trippe (tags: comics illustration art) PragDave:…

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    Install multiple versions of IE on your PC | TredoSoft (tags: via:diveintomark browser development webdev qa software windows) Drupal handbooks | (tags: cms drupal open opensource php webdev programming) Server Switcher :: Firefox Add-ons (tags: firefox webdev)

  • Wreck Right In Front of Me

    Last night I was driving home and witnessed an accident. Oh man, what a mess! I was driving north on Sepulveda and blammo! I narrowly missed being involved in it — I had to slam on my brakes or I’d have been right in it. I hung around late to give my statement to the…

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    JMeter – Apache JMeter load testing (tags: apache qa webdev opensource software)

  • Daily Links

    10 Quick Tips for an Easier CSS Life (tags: css webdev programming design) adamlogic » Metaprogramming JavaScript Presentation Very slick, very smart, inspirational. (tags: javascript programming webdev) API reference | Drupal API (tags: cms programming drupal webdev api) Code Craft » In software no good deed goes unpunished Wonderful post about writing code. memo to…

  • Daily Links

    Lee’s Journal: Spring City Home for Sale moving and real. (tags: blog utah)

  • Daily Links

    Sinfest by Tatsuya Ishida Tuesday 3rd April well i guess that covers it (tags: comics funny religion)

  • Daily Links – Stop Windows from saving the thumbnail cache (THUMBS.DB) I hate Thumbs.db. Garbage files suck! (tags: windows howto) xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language – By Randall Munroe funny roleplaying comic (tags: funny comics geek gaming) Human Computer Interaction in Science Fiction Movies (tags: hci scifi computer movies culture interface)…

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    Bill O’Reilly Loses His Damn Mind [Oliver Willis: Like Kryptonite To Stupid] (tags: media politics culture law) official band site for the noisettes | Home (tags: music culture) Philip Greenspun’s Weblog » Four percent of great tech innovations are Band-Aids for viruses/spyware Greenspun points out exactly how stupid that list is. (tags: technology stupid) Ricardo…

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    Microsoft is Dead Well, a sleeping giant, or maybe a doddering, zombie giant. (tags: apple microsoft google yahoo computer history te technology) MacTribe – Interview Audrey Kawasaki (tags: art artist illustration interview) YouTube – Dick Dale Interview Labels suck (tags: music business) Juxtapoz – Amy Sol Interview (tags: art artist illustration) (tags: artist art…

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    apophenia: relationship performance in networked publics (tags: kids socialsoftware culture) Tropical SEO » Andy Hagans’ Ultimate Guide to Linkbaiting and Social Media Marketing slimy (tags: seo marketing webdev) Coding Horror: SEOs: the New Pornographers of the Web (tags: seo marketing webdev) Frederator Studios Blog Goofy: Tobacco Junkie cartoon (tags: animation funny culture history) Making Fiends…

  • Stray Data

    I got an eye exam recently. I have reading glasses coming my way in 7 to 10 business days. I have noticed in recent years my eyes get tireder when I read. Still no new car. We need to rectify this and have been getting by with rentals. Time to do the deed. * We…

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    Mixed Computing: Stop Thumbs.db and .DS_Store files from Polluting Network Shares (tags: windows mac network howto) FreeStyle Street Basketball(TM) – QUICK START GUIDE how to play FreeStyle (tags: games gaming sports socialsoftware) Subterranean Press » Fiction: A Plain Tale from Our Hills by Bruce Sterling to read. (tags: scifi brucesterling cyberpunk) DHTML Site – Free…

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    Beyond the Beyond – Wired News: Reyner Banham Loved Los Angeles (tags: architecture history video) Google Operating System: ToDo List for Google Calendar (tags: firefox tools google calendar) JSON and Browser Security » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (tags: json javascript security webdev) Tubewad – Television Heat Vision and Jack: A Lesson in Absurd Brilliance (tags:…

  • I miss the Head Lemur

    My feedreader has the remnants of his blog Raving Lunacy, and I mark the point where it is gone now. His last, and now deleted post was: Wow from The Head Lemur character assassination by image and psedonym believe what you will get some help goodbye I have to say, the whole Kathy Sierra thing…

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    Is It Better to Buy or Rent? – New York Times very slick flash (tags: flash housing realestate money visualization)

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    XEODesign: The 4 Fun Keys applied to Game Design and play (tags: games gaming hci socialsoftware psychology research interface play design business usability) heathervescent: Powerpoint Karaoke – The g33k way Presented with a random powerpoint presentation, can you narrate it effectively? (tags: funny geek presentation games)

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    Pop!Tech – The Impact of Technology on People (tags: podcast future speech audio)

  • Post-Presidency

    From my favorite geopolitical thinker, Thomas Barnett: NPR : The Middle East and U.S. Policy And then in a more salient, how the world views us sort of way, I really argue that the Bush post-presidency began, for all practical purposes, with Katrina in New Orleans, when the world basically found out the double message…

  • Daily Links

    P.O.V. – Tintin and I . On Cartooning . Chris Ware | PBS (tags: comics art interview) Susie Bright’s Journal : Vargas in Drag (tags: art culture pinup history) William Gibson “THE GREAT CLOMPING FOOT OF NERDISM” (tags: culture writing scifi) White Lights Lead to Red Lights (tags: presentation webdev webstandards via:diveintomark) Open the Future:…

  • Kia Rio Rawketh.

    The better to commute with, my dear! I really like this car.

  • Daily Links

    Plus Deck Cassette Converter (tags: computer audio hardware music cassette)

  • Passing Strange – Discounted

    Passing along a neat promotion. If you’re a stew/negro problem fan who can get to New York, check it out! SEE PASSING STRANGE FOR JUST $35 AT THE PUBLIC THEATER! SEE THE FIRST MUSICAL TO BE BORN OUT OF JOE’S PUB FOR AS LOW AS $35!* (A Savings of over 40%)! Limited Engagement Begins May…

  • Nostalgic Kids

    Last weekend we engaged in some nostalgia for the kids, taking them to a park they used to play in, oh, 8 years ago. It was fun watching and hearing them talk about that time. A blessing, really. They look great. I like how they seem a little tentative here. Are they thinking “you can…

  • Mii for Me

    What’s a Mii?

  • Daily Links

    F5 Networks – Firewall Load Balancing Tutorial nice primer on load balancing (tags: webdev tools)

  • Iran: “I ask you, is he irrational?”

    Thomas PM Barnett remains my favorite geopolitical thinker. Embedded in his talk (downloadable as a Podcast) from Pop!Tech is a short talk on Iran. He makes a metaphor about Iran that feels very true, and with that short metaphor explains their desire for nuclear weapons: Two thirds of the oil that comes out of the…

  • Zappa on Miami Vice

    I’ve known for years that (my hero) Frank Zappa had appeared on 1980s tv show Miami Vice. Until this morning, I had never seen anything from that show. Thanks to YouTube, I can enjoy it in all it’s (terrible) glory:

  • Accelerated Decrepitude: Reading Glasses

    Spectacles were invented in the 13th century. In the year of our Lord, 2007 — yesterday, in fact, I received a pair of eyeglasses which I will attempt to wear for reading and otherwise. I am 37 years old. Dr. Kubota, the Japanese-American eye doctor I went to was most professional. I really liked the…

  • Daily Links

    Moon Zappa (tags: zappa books writing artist) Ahmet Zappa – Mighty McFearless (tags: zappa books kids) Diva Zappa – Hand Made Beauty (tags: zappa crafts) Apple – iTunes – iTunes Store – Podcasts – Technical Specification (tags: music mp3 podcast howto video syndication) Turning Projects Into Revenue Generating Businesses @ SXSW south by southwest festivals…

  • Juuke!

    Necessary silliness of the day:

  • @Work

    eyeglasses, earbuds, web browser, programming tools.

  • Daily Links

    MetroRiderLA » San Diego Car-Free this would make a good post to sandiegoblog, but i haven’t the time (tags: transportation sandiego california) “I Don’t Care What the Judge Said!” by Joel Turtel libertarian political allegory (tags: drugs government history law activism propaganda)

  • I love Roger Ebert

    Ebert: We spend too much time hiding illness :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State I have received a lot of advice that I should not attend the festival. I’m told that paparazzi will take unflattering pictures, people will be unkind, etc.Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. As a journalist I can take…

  • Fred Fish, R.I.P.

    Fred Fish – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fred Fish died at his home in Idaho on Friday April 20, 2007 at the age of 54 I was free software before free software was cool. 20 years ago, we all were.

  • Daily Links

    jwz – Night Flight Night Flight really was awesome. (tags: culture tv 1980s) MAKIBISHI COMIC intriguing (tags: comics game flash illustration japan) Panic – Coda – One-Window Web Development for Mac OS X (tags: mac webdev software) Mohawke’s Best of the Best Free and Open Source Software Collection: Mac OS X and Windows software Collection…

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    Vimeo / Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger fun workplace lip sync. (tags: music video funny) BattleBricks: WiigoBot, The Perfect Game someone built a robot to play wii sports bowling perfectly. (tags: robots wii gaming programming) Next Generation – Interactive Entertainment Today, Video Game and Industry News – Casual’s Wild Ride (tags: gaming…

  • Moving to Moorpark

    This weekend we are: Moving to Moorpark Please begin transmitting positive energies our way NOW. Thanks, Joe

  • Daily Links

    Impressive Style Editor for MySpace (tags: css design editor myspace) Translations of My hovercraft is full of eels in many languages “Mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas” (tags: language funny internationalization reference) The Joel on Software Discussion Group – On software development, “rock stars”, and interviewing… Performance vs. Knowledge. (tags: software development employment) Ajaxian »…

  • For Auction on eBay: Banner

    We’re so moving. Anyone want to buy this lovely WebSanDiego Banner? Own a piece of history! eBay: Banner (item 160111743932 end time May-05-07 12:20:52 PDT)

  • Gimme some truth, Joe


  • On-The-Scene Agents Report

    Move complete. Stay tuned for more data.

  • Non In Situ / In Sutu

    In situ refers to an object or living being found” in the place where it lives. It’s about finding the thing in the context where it lives. As I leech bandwidth from one of my unknowingly-generous neighbors, I ponder the fact that what we learn about an object depends on the context in which we…

  • New Commute Times

    So actually, since my time to getting on the freeway is slightly less in the morning, it looks like my commute to Sierra is basically the same. This is pretty darn great. It’s an hour or so, hour fifteen in the morning. The real new “commute” time is the time to drive the kids to…

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    Blog Law » 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know (tags: legal blogging government us) IE7Pro – An Ultimate Add-On for Internet Explorer 7 via Greg’s Cool Thing OTD. Seems potentially useful. (tags: browser msie tools) Peter Van Dijck’s Guide to Ease » Blog Archive » A bunch of presentations on scaling websites:…

  • Village Voice on Passing Strange

    village voice > art > The Negro Problems Stew Brings His Indie Musical to the Public Theater by David Ng Ask Stews fans to describe his music and youll likely get a more complete account of his repertoire: cabaret, the blues, soul, punk, funk, r&b, jazz, even gospel. Recently, the eclectic performer added another genre…

  • Good Morning Monday

    Cheapest in town: There’s a lot of other stuff going on. The universe once again conspires to keep monies owed us out of our hands. Why are Changes of Address so pokey? Oi! Lots of work right now, I worked this weekend, and more work this week as always. I’m looking forward to the abundance…

  • Hi [First Name]

    I’ve never felt so well served by a random recruitment email: Hi <First Name>, HUGE OPPORTUNITY WITH OUTSTANDING START-UP. MASSIVE FUNDS & OVERWHELMING GROWTH FOR RIGHT ENGINEER. REQUIRED: AJAX, DHTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, JAVE & OO DESIGN. I have fantastic job opportunity to tell you about. Below is a detailed job description. Please review and let…

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    CacheExclude | Exclude individual urls from the cache (to allow for executing PHP code pages fresh) (tags: drupal performance webdev)

  • Black Men Ski

    I will update this post later, but today this video for Black Men Ski by Stew and Heidi has made me pretty ecstatic. Look for a longer post and transcribed lyrics when I have some time to spare. Right now, I don’t! Black men go to Aspen and rent colorful chalets Giggle at the questions…

  • Huge Launch

    Big Launch today and tomorrow at the contract gig. Mother’s Day was good. There’s a bird in the house. Money stresses. My sister get’s her Master’s this weekend, I’ll be attending. Stepfatherhood evolves. New car running good. Still fridge-less. Ubuntu installed and cool, machine still underpowered. Much more another time. Rockonward.

  • Daily Links

    Download details: Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar (tags: msie tools webdev) On having layout — the concept of hasLayout in IE/Win (tags: msie css programming webdev javascript)

  • Daily Links

    Passing Strange – Theater – Review – New York Times (tags: stew theater music negroproblem) Strange Indeed « InnerContinental (tags: stew music theater negroproblem) Memory leak patterns in JavaScript (tags: javascript programming webdev) blog: Trade a Craft Nice mention of Leah’s Craft site on Craftzine. (tags: leahpeah crafts cute) Rock musical’s a timeless tale…

  • Daily Links

    Welcome to Passing Strange An official site for Stew & Heidi’s groundbreaking play/theater piece! (tags: stew negroproblem theater music) salary vs performance | ben fry excellent java applet using Processing to visualize baseball team expenses and results (tags: visualization economics business programming sports) YUI Theater — Victor Tsaran: “Introduction to Screen Readers” » Yahoo! User…

  • Daily Links

    YUI Theater — Douglas Crockford: “Quality” » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (tags: programming history development webdev) My Interview with LeahPeah « In the Air (tags: interview leahpeah) all kinds of stuff: WALLY VS UPA PART 2 – Skilled Cartoonists Take Their Skills For Granted (tags: animation history) Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation » Rare…

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    Web 2.0 Asia :: Even the premier Valley VCs are looking at Korean online games (tags: gaming business korea socialsoftware)

  • Daily Links

    Freestyle Basketball reviewed on Maxim Online (tags: sports games gaming sierraonline) FreeStyle Street Basketball (PC) Review at JustPressPlay – Game, Movie & Music Reviews (tags: sports games gaming sierraonline) SHARE! Self-Help Recovery and Exchange 310-305-8878 (tags: losangeles health)

  • Daily Links

    Speaking To You Somewhat At Length | Fiddley Gomme (tags: lds mormon history culture) Mount Timpanogos – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: geography utah) Google Gears API Developer’s Guide – Home (tags: google api browser programming webdev) Google Gears in Context – Browser Gets a Boost From Google (tags: google api browser programming webdev) Google…

  • Daily Links

    Coquette: Coquette in Lab Magazine (tags: leahpeah magazine interview) Travelling Cross-Country by Train. Funny commentary. I love trains (tags: transportation transport travel funny) Out of Eight PC Game Reviews: FreeStyle Street Basketball Review (tags: sierraonline game gaming) FreeStyle Street Basketball for PC – FreeStyle Street Basketball PC Game – FreeStyle Street Basketball Computer Game (tags:…

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    The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Media Viewer Bruce Sterling on design (tags: bruce brucesterling design futurism scifi)

  • Quiet

    Lot going on. My Mom’s in the hospital with a stroke and they’re still figuring all that out. Take care and at some point I’ll update here. Thanks for reading. Sorry for the brevity.

  • Daily Links

    Young American: The Theatre: The New Yorker Passing Strange reviewed in the New Yorker (tags: stew negroproblem theater art)

  • Daily Links

    Jesus and Mo » Archive » holy That *is* nuts (tags: religion funny macintosh) YUI Theater: Douglas Crockford — “JavaScript: The Good Parts” » Yahoo! User Interface Blog My favorite pundit on JavaScript: why JavaScript is awesome, well the good parts are? (tags: javascript programming video webdev) Molly Crabapple Illustration (tags: art illustration artist comics)

  • Daily Links Analyzing the Facebook Platform, three weeks in Interesting analysis from Marc Andreesen. And I thought that dude was washed up! (tags: webdev programming socialsoftware socialnetworking scalability) Airbrush A Person – Tutorial Dash (tags: howto photoshop photography tutorial graphics) How to hire the best people you’ve ever worked with (tags: programming recruiting) Weblog Tools…

  • Update on My Mom

    Thanks for all the well wishes, all. Here’s the latest on my Mom’s diagnosis. The stroke turns out to have been the thing to point out what’s really going on, and that’s Stage 4 cancer of the Kidney. I will be traveling to Virginia next month some time to assist where I can during her…

  • Daily Links – Use iTunes’ Copy to Play Order to control iPod song order I didn’t realize this was there. Invaluable for my shuffle. (tags: ipod music howto) The creepy populism surrounding Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine (tags: culture media news celebrity) YouTube – Turk does Poison (Scrubs) (tags:…

  • Daily Links

    Freestyle Street Basketball | The A.V. Club C+ review. :-\ (tags: games gaming sierraonline) The WebKit Open Source Project – Installing Developer Tools (tags: browser api sdk safari apple) Free Vectors by Vecteezy! via pinguino (tags: graphics free opensource illustration vector webdev) Digital Web Magazine – The Rise of Flash Video, Part 3 (tags: flash…

  • Ocean View

    This a major upside of a more coastal commute. The ocean abides. Sometimes there are surfers. The water temperature is about 64°. Maybe I’ll try and go in soon. Chilly but good. Lots on my mind. Tyler graduated yesterday from 8th grade. Devon graduated from High School. Leah has photos. Monday my mom will have…

  • Daily Links

    Fully – Features Armageddon Flowchart, Brit, Silly (tags: comics funny religion) Must See: D-War Movie Trailer and Posters | /Film This movie looks awesome and bad SIMULTANEOUSLY (tags: film movies korea) audrey kawasaki her work gets mentioned on boingboing a lot. she’s really a phenomenal draughtsman, though her work is not work-safe (tags: art…

  • Green Onions

    Good bike ride this morning. I wore bike shorts and they were much more comfortable than wearing regular shorts, which is sort of amazing since I was not sure they are even the right size. The improvement was noticeable. I rode for about an hour. I had the notion to go to Somis, but I’m…

  • Daily Links – Tony Soprano didn’t just get whacked; he practically got a funeral Interpretation of the signs and signals of the Sopranos finale. (tags: tv writing culture fiction criticism) All About Lycra Bicycle Shorts – (tags: cycling clothing fashion technology)

  • Daily Links

    Helens Cycles – It’s Bicycle Heaven (tags: cycling sports losangeles) Underwood Family Farms – HOME I like the goats. (tags: moorpark somis food) » RUBY: DRY up your Enumerations – DevChix – Blog Archive (tags: ruby programming rubyonrails) David Foster’s Kicking Kidney Cancer’s Arse (tags: cancer blog health medicine) Google Mashup Editor (tags: google webdev…

  • Freedom trails economic freedom

    I love how concise Thomas Barnett can be: Watch Vietnam’s rerun of China’s relationship with U.S.: Vietnam will face all the same pushback China has and continues to receive: yes, you’re turning capitalistic but not democratic at the same time. What should Triet do? Exact same game plan: He will also respond to criticism of…

  • Entropy

    Another reflection from my Sunday bike ride: Entropy is a constant. How long it takes to do its business is the variable. The various structures put up along the arroyo to tame its course are all in states of disrepair, gradually succumbing to the elements. Word is my mother’s struggle with entropy, or rather with…


    …specifically, get out of my living room. Score today alone: Heck, I have a pre-made icon to denote kills. This should demonstrate my readiness. First contact was a week and a half ago. We thought you were a lizard. That was sort of fun. I remembered lizards on the wall in the Philippines and that…

  • Daily Links

    Coding Horror: Escaping From Gilligan’s Island (tags: programming technology management) A Case Study in Classic Mistakes Software is hard. (tags: programming technology management) LAFlashapaloozastock 2 | LA Flash (tags: flash event losangeles) The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters | Official Movie Site | Picturehouse This looks awesome. (tags: movie games gaming history) Voice…

  • As of yesterday: Mice

    Updated Mice stats: Sad, really. “Where the heck are they coming from?” is what I want to know. It’s not clear to me. Previously.

  • Daily Links – dinosaur comics – June 14 2007 (tags: funny comics science math physics) Is she your daughter? Man asked to prove it at Wal-Mart :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Mary Mitchell (tags: racism walmart stupid) Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – Solid freeform fabrication: DIY, on the cheap, and made of pure sugar (tags: 3d diy…

  • Daily Links

    Rhino – JavaScript for Java (tags: javascript java api opensource programming) Ventura County Airporter Shuttle service to LAX from Oxnard and Ventura. Almost convenient to me. (tags: travel ventura losangeles oxnard) Stevey’s Blog Rants: Rhino on Rails Peculiar and interesting. (tags: javascript rhino rubyonrails programming java)

  • LA Bloggers Live

    I had a pretty good time, despite being almost uncontrollably nervous about it beforehand.I read my mom’s favorite post.More about it at more even more from leahpeah, emcee and organizer of the event!

  • Daily Links

    My Work Stories « Tasty Research Some internship and work stories (tags: microsoft yahoo google work jobs) QuirksBlog: Drag and drop (tags: webdev programming javascript via:diveintomark)

  • Daily Links

    Animation Mentor (tags: animation school drawing education design illustration) lines and colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, webcomics, cartoons, concept art and other visual arts » The drawing bench (horse) a special drawing bench (tags: art drawing tools) Design icons Charles & Ray Eames | Veerle’s blog (tags: design history) Iconoculture –…

  • Livid (regarding a Mouse)

    Last time, on Mouse Update we were at 5. I don’t really get livid very often, but this morning we went to a new count. Leah herself stepped on a blanket in the living room that squeaked. Under the blanket was a mouse who had dragged a glue trap under there, freaking her and me…

  • Daily Links

    KERNSPIRACY: A Place for Designers to Share Secrets at Barbara’s at the Brewery (Wednesday, July 11, 2007) – Upcoming (tags: losangeles design event) KERNSPIRACY: A Place for Designers to Share Secrets (tags: losangeles design event) Los Angeles | (tags: losangeles cms drupal socialsoftware event) Carcassonne (tags: games sierraonline) Switchball (tags: game sierraonline) Flip Animation…

  • Daily Links

    YouTube – Rock Band footage from Gamespot! Like “Guitar Hero” but combines 2 guitars, a singer, and a drummer. (tags: games gaming music video via:waxy) Jesus and Mo » Archive » well (tags: religion funny comics) Muhammad al-Mahdi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Twelver Shi’as believe that Muhammad was born in 868 and has been…

  • Daily Links

    CastingWords: Podcast Transcription (tags: podcast transcription audio blogging) heathervescent: Taking it Higher Los Angeles is getting some very cool tech world events. People make that happen. (tags: losangeles socialnetworking events) templatemaker – Google Code looks like an excellent screenscraping tool. (tags: python tools webdev) Psychology Today: Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature (tags: psychology…

  • From Durgesh to Sheetul

    I get a lot of email inquiries from people who would like to hire me. I tag these emails so I can get at them fast. So I can see the emails at a glance. Here is a list of the last 50 first names of these inquirers, duplicate names are from recruiters who have…

  • Daily Links

    Anti-Grain Geometry – Texts Rasterization Exposures (tags: typography webdev design fonts type)

  • Recruiter Name Roll Call Addendum

    Incredibly, since the last one, yesterday we have another 10. I love the names. Zahra Nitin Ryan Vidhya Kat Julie Tanvik Kevin Ekta Monica

  • Mr. Mind

    I need some silly today. Here’s Mister Mind — he first appeared in the comics in 1943. I think he looks awesome.

  • Daily Links

    BookTour: Where Authors and Audiences Meet I like seeing authors speak and read. This is a great idea. (tags: books events publishing writing) heathervescent: Feeling Angsty? I heard this ended up good. (tags: leahpeah event losangeles) Stefan Landsberger’s Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages–Chinese Space Program (tags: art china space illustration military propaganda politics via:brucesterling) CaringBridge: Free…

  • Dice Accelerates Recruiter Roll Call

    Another 15! In under a day since the last one, I have 15 more for the roll call. Dice sent me a note that “isn’t it time for you to update your Dice resume?” I did, and I now have 15 in a day, vs. 50 in a month. If you’re in technology and looking…

  • Daily Links

    The Mini-Penis Scandal: US Publisher Turns away from Cartoon Nudity – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News (tags: comics art books censorship stupid via:mefi) Cat and Girl Fear! (tags: comics funny politics) UMass Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press: The Colored Cartoon (tags: book racism history culture animation) FlightAware – Free Flight Tracker – IFR Flight…

  • In Roanoke to see my Mom

    I’ve come to the east coast for a week. Last night I left Los Angeles for Roanoke, Virginia. It was a short notice flight, but my family and I have been looking for an excuse to come east to see my Mom, recently diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, cancer. She has Stage IV, the stage…

  • It Is So Green Here / Laptop Bummerville

    It’s noon here, which means it’s nine ante meridiem back in California. It’s odd to think about that difference. Meanwhile, I’m a little bummed because my laptop is going wonky. It’s an iBook G4:    Anyone seen this kind of “melting screen” effect. Happens at random. I suspect it’s the hard drive crashing and grinding….

  • I’m So Cute

    Well, 35 years ago.

  • And have I mentioned the green?

    Pretty, right? Humidity is up. A little drizzling yesterday. I think I’m sync’ed up with the time zone now. Mom seems to be having a pretty good morning. Maybe we’re through the side effects of the chemo? Of course, the kidney cancer, and the tumor in her head. and her nocardia infection still might provide…

  • All Things Grow With Love

    Except, Cancer!

  • Next Up

    Chemo on Friday for my Mom. She’s doing well. I’m very glad I came. Who can know what’s down the road?

  • Joe Trains

    I am back from Virginia, and I’ll have more to say about that later this weekend. Leah is at BlogHer. She’s moderating a panel on crafting. I miss her. Things are not the same without her. I’ve been keeping busy. I disgorged some cell phone photos to flickr. I also have done some cleaning. With…

  • She’s Back

    Great to have her back from her rousing success at BlogHer Chicago. Update: photo of the panel participants! and a recording of the panel! from Craftzine and CraftSanity, respectively.

  • This is what I look like after a ride

    Bike ride, that is. Nicely sweaty, I think. This is from Saturday morning. For some reason the Sprint to Flickr posting by phone was not working the other day. Just tried it now and it is working again. Crazy computers never work, man. Amazing when they do.

  • Lyrics of the Night

    there are some bad people on the rise there are some bad people on the rise theyre saving their own skins by ruining other peoples lives bad, bad people on the rise young married couple in debt …ever felt had ? young married couple in debt …ever felt had ? oh a government scheme designed…

  • Joe/Santa Monica Apple Store/Photo

    We went to the Santa Monica Promenade today and messed about. Easy fun!

  • California Decertifies Diebold

    Yay! This is good news for the accountability of elections. I know I’ve not posted much in the way of politics in the past year — frankly there’s not been much in the way of good news on any fronts, but this, from my own Republic of California. California Secretary of State – Voting Systems…

  • Santa Monica Joe

    I look so serious. by leahpeah.

  • I am here, and you are my sofa.

    I’m not much for religious messages here on the blog, at least not lately. God is where God is found. That is where. Lately God is found at the beach. Also, in music. Also laughter. Also in small things. Even films can have God in them. Despite the language and violence, I believe there to…

  • The Current Office Set-Up

    I enjoy seeing other people’s offices. I like seeing what kind of gear they use, how they have things set up. The current set up works pretty well. It could be better, but it serves me right now. If you look at the photo on flickr you can see what some of the objects are.

  • William Gibson Book Tour (Updated)

    Touring with his new novel Spook Country. I think I can make it. Leah, want to go with me? We can make a night of it! Friday, August 10, 7:00 PM Vroman’s Bookstore 695 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91101 UPDATE: By the way,, you were USELESS in bringing me this information. You have…

  • Philip K. Dick Gave Me Twenty Bucks

    Meta: Is it just me, or does it seem like I am blogging again? Enough of this vox and twitter and flickr an especially delicious bull. I will continue to use the services that have utility, but they take my eye off the ball as far as what I’m trying to do online. Look on…

  • They Call Me The Seeker

    Lyrics for the week: Focusing on nowhere Investigating miles I’m a seeker I’m a really desperate man I won’t get to get what I’m after Till the day I die I learned how to raise my voice in anger Yeah, but look at my face, ain’t this a smile? I’m happy when life’s good And…

  • Richard Gate: Zzyzx Road

    My brother-in-law Rick has a new show at the Ruth Bachofner Gallery, entitled Zzyzx Road, as part of that show several new paintings have been placed (by me) on the Paintings page on his site. I find Rick to be an interesting character. At once he reminds me of my father to some extent, but…

  • I’m in the Persai Feed Corpus

    For some weeks I’ve been enjoying the vicious and rather dirty blog uncov — which attempts to  deflate Web 2.0 hype by exposing the crap that passes for clever technology, they are particularly cruel to TechCrunch, who does seem to hype each and every dumb startup and site to the moon. I was delighted to…

  • “talk about a blog with a singular purpose”

    Leah’s response when I sent her a link to — a blog that shows the covers of old LPs was “talk about a blog with a singular purpose.” Today there’s one I really like: And Leah’s reaction was “oh my god. that is awesome.” And of course she’s right. Soundtracks I understand, but soundtracks…

  • Google Maps Street View

    This morning I saw this post on LAist about Google Maps Street View in L.A. That works well, but despite the fact that I live approximately in Los Angeles I was more interested in San Diego views. And downtown, my old stomping grounds is pretty well covered. When I was 18 years old (uh, that’s…

  • Yesterday and Today in Facial Hair

    Compare and contrast: Perhaps it’s time to again try for a Zappa style arrangement, though that particular arrangement freaks Leah out a little because it reminds her some jerk. And I am not a jerk. Well, usually: Tune in tomorrow on WHAT’S JOE’S FACE LOOK LIKE!

  • catches up with William Gibson

    I carped about the other day in William Gibson Book Tour (Updated) and I will note that they have now updated the William Gibson page, and the RSS Feed thereto with updated information. There’s also a page and a feed just for Vroman’s. That’s a nice feature. I’ll back off being too harsh on…

  • LP Cover Lover says “Hey, Joe”

    I feel quite honored to have been ask to suggest a post to LP Cover Lover, and it has come to pass: LP Cover Lover · Hey, Joe All I did was mention it here, and I got noticed. I’ve mentioned the Captain Kangaroo record before, here.

  • Joseph Christian Leyendecker

    I’ve started reading many more blogs about drawing, illustration, animation, and comics, and I have to mention an artist who quite impressed me, and who I had never heard of. Over at lines and colors, Charley Parker posted about him the other day and it wowed me: lines and colors: A Little Bit of Leyendecker…

  • Quakey Wakey: Moorpark

    Half an hour ago there was an earthquake – 4.5 on the Richter Scale. More info here: Info is here or here. Keep up to date at Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada. Kind of exciting. Felt all over Los Angeles, and centered in Chatsworth, so say the sources.

  • Birdy

    From a few months ago. Cell phone cam.

  • Mom and the Cancer

    It’s been several weeks since I updated here about my Mom. Several weeks ago I visited my family in Virginia, primarily to see my Mom, who recently had a stroke and was subsequently diagnosed with Stage IV Renal (Kidney) Cell Carcinoma, Cancer. She also has metastases to her brain, lung and mediastinum. I had a…

  • Not a thought in my head

    Today I have nothing particularly on my mind, only things miscellaneous. Variously some nouns that are swirling around: deadline, William Gibson, ruthlessness, trash can, dish, invoice, milk, gasoline, PayPal, telephone. Apropos of that nonlinear list, here’s a pixel drawing from approximately 20 years ago!

  • On the todo list: Acres of Books

    Acres of Books may be the “world’s largest used bookstore.” As such, I think I want to go there. I read about it on Mark Evanier’s blog: I haven’t set foot in the place for twenty years but I bet it hasn’t changed much. I’m talking about Acres of Books, which is located in Long…

  • Launch

    Just a bit of Leah’s latest project — leahpeah : Blog Archive » is a home of sorts. It’s a place where everyone is welcome who wishes to explore what it means to have a mental disorder, be in a relationship with someone who has a mental disorder and all the other…

  • Welcome to Joe’s Cafe

    …taken by leah. (where we sometimes go a week without posting!)

  • Obscura On YouTube

    I put up things on the web because nobody else has. As time goes on more and more of what I considered to be highly obscure, highly ephemeral objects make it to the web. This is a wonderful thing that delights me. It tends to destroy the whole notion of scarcity in terms of objects…

  • Interactive Table @ Art Center

    Back on August 17, my friend Chris Greazel and I attended the Graduation show at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. This fuzzy photo is of (I think I remember this right) Jeffrey Jarvis, a student at Art Center and this table is interactive. The table responds to touch and Jeff had programmed it…

  • Santa Barbara Buddha, $135

    What’s a Buddha? In Buddhism, a buddha (Sanskrit: Awakened) is any being who has become fully awakened (enlightened), and has experienced Nirvana.

  • Good night, moon.

    Unfortunately, the moon was too pale to be visible in this photo. This is Santa Barbara — looking down Chapala Street toward the ocean from the corner of Chapala and West Yanolani. It’s very pretty there, but where we were there is not enough surf, just harbor. I prefer waves. Many many terrifying waves.

  • Bas in the Puzzle Box

    He’s great. This photo was sent to me by my sister.

  • Ladies.

    I like this photo a lot.

  • Outlastin’

    Don’t you call this a regular jam I’m gonna rock this land I’m gonna take this itty bitty world by storm And I’m just gettin warm Just like Muhummad Ali they called him Cassius Watch me bash this Beat like a skull ‘Cause you know I had beef wit Why do you riff with me…

  • My Internal Musical State

    I had forgotten about, but it seems to be showing a pretty good representation of my music choices, since, *ahem* it’s always watching what I play when I’m working on stuff at home. You can see the whole list at Here are the top artists overall: 1 They Might Be Giants 1,416 2…

  • Email Disasters: SXSW Podcast

    The incredible, appalling display or rudeness and rancor that sometimes occurs on mailing lists has a lot to do with the fact that email is incredibly easy to get wrong. The podcast “I Can’t Believe You Sent That: E-mail Disasters, Large and Small and How to Avoid Them“: ( direct mp3 link ) … is…


    This is the most wonderful thing I’ve read in a week. Clowns KKKick KKK ass! – Asheville Indymedia “White Power!” the Nazi’s angrily shouted once more, “White flowers?” the clowns cheers and threw white flowers in the air and danced about merrily. “White Power!” the Nazi’s tried once again in a doomed and somewhat funny…

  • Read Cat and Girl, you!

    Donation Derby has been going great as well.

  • Leah at the scrimmage

    Awfully cute lady. Even when she’s pursing her lips.

  • Work Transit Diptych

    My chest is aching Burns like a furnace The burning keeps me alive

  • You have left the group websandiego.

    On March 19, 1999, eight and a half years ago, I started the websandiego mailing list. I started it on onelist at the time. They got eaten by eGroups eventually, who were in turn consumed by Yahoo. I’ve been a moderator and list owner since then, and it has been very rewarding. Everything I learned…

  • Cln shvn

    Everything old is new again.

  • Stolen Commute Moment

    It’s so beautiful here in California. Even the banal is beautiful. Progress is being made, peace is closer every day.

  • Transitions

    This week, my hosting company,, will be making several upgrades to the machine I host with. The biggest transition is that my sites will now be running under PHP5 instead of PHP4. Yesterday I upgraded the blogs I maintain to the latest and best version of WordPress — version 2.2.3 — and for the…

  • War of the Worlds

    A few days ago, the Drawn! Blog pointed out the War of the Worlds web comic, published by Dark Horse. It’s been on my “to read” list for a while and today I finally got the chance to drink it in, and WOW is it ever great. Vivid and moving, it’s an excellent adaptation. Check…

  • Five Years Ago I Met Leah

    September 18, 2002 I met Leah. I met her at a WebSanDiego event at which there were actually two other women I was seeing. In fact, one of these women asked Leah to hold her purse. I was quite uncomfortable that night, and in no way looking to find anyone to date, let alone live…

  • System Notices for Just One Server

    I mentioned‘s system upgrades the other day, which have now been accomplished and went off — from what I can tell — without a hitch for all the sites I host. Bully for them, and for me! Before the upgrade happened, I emailed support and got a prompt reply that yes, indeed, there…

  • Slow Commute

    Luckily, I was accompanied by good audio. It’s raining in the Southland. This makes for slow traffic. But with Ze Frank’s If The Earth Were a Sandwich, The Who’s Baba O’Reilly, and History of the United States by Charles A. Beard and Mary Ritter Beard on Librovox, my 1:50 commute time practically went by in…

  • Belinda Carlisle

    At various times it comes up in conversation that I have a crush on Belinda Carlisle. Well, not Belinda Carlisle as such, but rather the version of Belinda Carlisle when she was in the Go-Go’s, but before the Go-Go’s broke with their smash single “Vacation.” Specifically I believe this version of her was just a…

  • Tree Wave Love

    I mentioned yesterday in a comment in response to a comment my old friend Erin made, wherein she mentions she heard Christina Aguilera and thought of me. Yes, I was so into Christina several years ago that a certain number of people now associate me with her. I’m not listening to that much Christina Aguilera…

  • Moorpark Packers Photos Page Needs Work

    Last night I uploaded a bunch of photos for a few different teams on the Moorpark Packers. I have to say though, before the month is out I want to improve the interface for viewing these photos, it’s hacked up from, like, years ago now, and needs some serious love to get it so that…

  • Supercharming: Google explains iGoogle to Japan

    Found via JapanProbe, which describes it thus: This video, in which Google spokesman Brad tells Japanese netizens about how they can customize their Google Homepage with iGoogle, has been featured on the main page of YouTube Japan: Think it will convince many Japanese netizens to stop using Yahoo over Google?

  • 1971 Zappa Documentary

    This is in no way safe for work. But it’s a fascinating look into the world of Frank Zappa from the Flo & Eddy era. There’s bad language, drugs (only cigarettes for frank), sexuality, and more. Worth it for Zappa Fans.

  • robots.txt Crawling and Stats

    I found robots.txt Adventure really compelling. Anyone with the time and inclination to do broad studies of all the web, or at least as wide a portion as you can get your arms around, is fine by me. It’s impressive enough when someone like Google does it, as in 2005’s Web Authoring Statistics, but when…

  • In Search of Steve Ditko

    Oh man, this is good. A BBC Documentary about comics creator Steve Ditko. It’s delightful, and I sure hope it stays up on YouTube. THE BEAT :In Search of Steve Ditko via The Beat Blog.

  • Tried and True

    Several million years ago I used to work alongside a fellow Respiratory Therapist named Dave. We worked alongside each other and he’d say wise and smartassed things on the night shift at California Hospital. Good work and good talk. Now, it turns out the dude blogs about things Los Angeles, but especially what he calls…

  • Consistent with Reality

    Jim Kunstler writes Shock and Awe Reality is telling us to shift from avoidance behavior and denial to engaging with reality in order to lead lives that are consistent with reality. Sometime the truth hurts or stings. Jim Kunstler is talking about many things to do with the US economy there. One of the great…

  • Blog Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

    WordPress 2.3 is out and I have updated to it without incident. The big new addition is tags, though I will need to update my themes to view those. I’ve never been quite comfortable with the Categories system in WordPress, perhaps the tagging in 2.3 is a good answer, I certainly enjoy tags in flickr…

  • My Mom’s Cancer (Update)

    So it’s been a few months since my Mom’s stroke and subsequent diagnosis of Stage IV Renal Cancer. She’s been through a bunch of chemotherapy, ups and downs, but generally is in great spirits and kicking butt. A few weeks ago she was out with my Dad and the rest of my family to San…

  • my resume sucks, what to do about it

    I really like that Steve Yegge fellow. He’s funny and smart and he builds stuff with computers. That’s my kind of people. Stevey’s Blog Rants: Ten Tips for a (Slightly) Less Awful Resume Face it: all the traditional advice about trying to convince the hiring manager that you’re a plucky, scrappy young individual from a…

  • Time Warner, Cabletards

    So this morning I spent THIRTY-FIVE minutes at the local office of Time Warner Cable because apparently we had not paid our bill. But of course, we had, several times, since we have moved. But somehow, twice this week, they shut us off for nonpayment. My time at TW taught me that the payments they…

  • American Innovation: Sushi

    I have mentioned before how much I esteem Thomas P.M. Barnett. In a recent blog post he points out a USA Today story about a new term in American Islam: Sushi The quote from the USA Today story: He calls himself “Sushi,” the popular term for a combination of Sunni and Shiite. Once the glib…

  • ATTN Web Designers: Ashley Qualls Beats You At Internet

    MySpace millionaire says “whatever” to high school Go Ashley Go! Ashley’s business is At first I found the 17 year old’s story a bit depressing, but after thinking about it a bit I find it really inspiring.

  • communication usually fails, except by accident

    Wiio’s laws are humoristically formulated serious observations about how human communication usually fails except by accident. This document comments on the applicability and consequences of the laws, especially as regards to communication on the Internet. Communication usually fails, except by accident. If communication can fail, it will If communication cannot fail, it still most usually…

  • Site Maintenance; Leah 2002

    You may have noticed I’ve reverted the theme of this blog back to my prior black with zig-zag sidebars and away from the excellent free theme I had been using. In the end using someone else’s theme on my blog feels wrong to me. It’s not really showing my crufty personality and peculiar oddness in…

  • Zappa Morning via Kill Ugly Radio And also, Adrian Belew recently made two posts about adventures in Frank Zappa’s world: How To End Up Wearing A Dress On Stage In A Concert Film With Frank Zappa How To End Up Imitating Bob Dylan In Concert With Frank Zappa Every good morning should begin with a little…

  • Jon Lech Johansen on iPhone Bricking

    Thoughtful thinking from DVD Jon who knows about this stuff. Think Closed Has Nokia or Sony Ericsson ever bricked or refused service on an unlocked phone? Not that I’ve heard of, and if they did, they would have been quickly sued in several countries where consumer rights are more strongly protected. Did Sony ever brick…

  • Soyrizo & Eggs

    Mexican. Vegan. Kosher. Soy. Awesome.

  • Dead PHP3 Code

    People don’t write PHP like this anymore, or, if they do, they get hurt badly. This is old code of mine. Timestamp is January 29, 2002. Yeesh. <? $where_they_are = ‘http://’ . $SERVER_NAME . $REQUEST_URI; if ($HTTP_REFERER!=”) { $recipientlist=’’; $emailsubject=”visit to $SERVER_NAME via ” . $HTTP_REFERER; $emailbody=”someone came to $where_they_are via $HTTP_REFERER ip address: $REMOTE_ADDR…

  • Maxed Out

    When Dave Ramsey shows up in the first 10 minutes of a documentary about credit in the USA, that’s a good sign for the documentary. Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders. Well reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • The Information Age: longer than you thought.

    Alex Wright, The Deep History of the Information Age Download the audio to this talk at the Long Now Seminars page.

  • Seriously, Ryze?

    Email from Subject line: Someone wants to network with you Okay, fine, I’ve not been to Ryze, but I thought it was cool a long time ago, and I don’t mind linkedin, or facebook, or even myspace messages, so I take a look at the email. Body: Someone wants to network with you:…

  • Nephrectomy

    Word from Virginia is that over the weekend my Mom had a successful nephrectomy. She has one less kidney than she had when she was born. Apparently it went well, and she’s recovering in the hospital. I hope to get back there sometime this month. Previously. Update: I just got an IM from my sister…

  • Mom’s Magazine Article

    Our Health Magazine, about my Mom, Phyllis Crawford. This almost… almost captures how awesome she is. From October/November 2007 in (their website does not have the article). In the article it has my Grandfather, Jesus Arthur Silva (where I get my middle name from, by the way) saying “No, Mia” — which is a…

  • Morning’s Miscellany

    Zappa Documentary on YouTube, Pointed to by Kill Ugly Radio: 10 Zen Monkeys asks writers Is The Net Good For Writers? My favorite is Clay Shirky’s. My current musical obsessions: Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street, Foo Fighter’s Baker Street, Toy Doll’s Nellie the Elephant, Siouxsee & the Banshees Dear Prudence, Christine, and The Passenger, and…

  • Please Compare and Contrast

    Gerry Rafferty: Baker Street, from around 1979: Toy Dolls: Nellie the Elephant, from around 1984: Topics you may wish to discuss include video aesthetics, goofy British dudes, musicianship, seriousness and fun. I like both songs very much.

  • Leah made me look really good

    Just the other day: She’s driving back from Utah tomorrow. My wish for her is excellent driving, good weather, and little traffic.

  • Yahoo Kool-Aid: Y! Mash and MyBlogLog

    Vernacular speech is pretty crazy stuff. “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a metaphor for embracing something fully, often unthinkingly. This metaphor has its roots in either psychedelic drugs or mass religious suicide. Take your pick. Anyway, with that, I’ll cop to two new social-software, web two-point-oh oddnesses. The first is Yahoo! Mash, YASN. I’m not sure…

  • Morning is the time for Miscellany

    Danah Boyd is surprised to be used as a pack mule for some great marketing. I think it’s the nature of the beast. When something hits your gut, it’s natural to try and promote it. Taking a step back and realizing you’re part of someone’s street team can be a little disorienting! Via The Beat,…

  • Just me and the pygmy pony

    Lyric of the day: I’m gonna find me a horse Just about this big, And ride him all along the border line With a Pair of heavy-duty Zircon-encrusted tweezers in my hand Every other wrangler would say I was mighty grand But by myself I wouldn’t Have no boss, But I’d be raisin’ my lonely…

  • My name is Misc, How do you do?

    Uncov got some para-journalistic love from Wired. I have mentioned uncov before. I have thought a bit more about the salty language Ted uses, and I’ve decided it’s really interesting to my brain to have the subject be computer science and business and have the language come out of, oh, Quentin Tarantino. Id meets intellect….

  • Required Viewing for the Music Business

    via Mark Evanier, Flo and Eddie, aka The Turtles, explain their storied relationships with lawsuits and bad managers: The music business is a cesspool, always has been. Sad.

  • Flowchart of the Day

    Over on Worse than Failure, there’s a thoughtful essay about the usual software is impossible: Avoiding Development Disasters. The graphic looks right to me. A dozen paths to failure. Success rare.

  • .NET, Miguel de Icaza

    A few weeks ago Miguel de Icaza, the firebrand behing Mono, the open source implementation of Dot Net, posted a bit about the punditry about Microsoft’s decision to allow folks to look at the code behind Dot Net. Not exactly open sourcing it. Got that, he was talking about those talking about it:  A Journey…

  • Good Weekend

    It was a good weekend. Pumpkin pie. Paychecks arrived on-time. Bills paid on-time. Leah‘s still back: awesome. Latest photos? Terrific. Heard good things from my sister by text message about the cytology of my Mom’s cancer. She continues to recover from her surgery. As Drudge would say… developing. Not looking forward to the traffic today…

  • Reader Subscription Stats are Complicated

    Check out more information over at the FeedBurner Blog: Burning Questions • Google Reader Subscription Stats and FeedBurner I don’t pay too much attention to stats, but I do watch for folks coming in through referring links. FeedBurner is pretty cool, I use the FeedSmith plugin referenced. Valleywag’s take is typically cynical.

  • Play Misc-y for Me

    I’ve been reading and listening to lots about animation, and one of the more fun things has been Spline Cast, a podcast about 3-D animation. My favorite podcast right now is Dave Ramsey’s 1 hour version of his show. Don’t bother with the 3-hour version, it’s not really free. My previous favorite podcast is Harry…

  • Mom’s Cancer News

    So I mentioned yesterday, ever-so-briefly, that there was some news about the pathology report from my Mom’s kidney, which was removed. This morning my father sent me an updated and elaborated diagnosis, and more information. This may prove useful to someone, and is definitely useful to family and friends who would like an update. First…

  • Misc and Max

    Some strangeness afoot. Police apparently came in the house while I was in the tub and looked around looking for some dude (Ryan Reynolds?). They didn’t bug me. Also, my Windows 2003 and my iTunes and my old 1GB iPod Shuffle are not playing well. Jerks. Yuck! I tried the iPod Reset Utility, I tried…

  • I’m sure it’s for a good cause

    via Uncle Eddy Fun things I noted recently, Neil joined my MyBlogLog (we’re up to 1 member, yay!), and also that he had mentioned me in a blog post but I had missed it. Kind words. Neil’s a very funny writer. Headed to work now. Yesterday was good. Hoping for likewise today.

  • My Commute Can Be Pretty

    On Las Virgenes through the canyons as I am coming into Malibu.

  • Misc is out of Style

    To start with, a random screenshot from a video from 1989: It’s by MC 900 Ft. Jesus. Watch actual videos by MC 900 Ft Jesus below: I enjoy his music very much. He got his name from a vision of Oral Roberts: May 25, 1980, while overlooking his religious center which was in financial difficulty:…

  • All The Misc That’s Fit to Misc

    Don’t use oxygen and smoke, please. Thomas PM Barnett, a great Powerpointer, mentions that Al Gore has his Nobel Prize because of his PPTs (actually Keynote, but same difference, presentation software). Read/Write Web has good thoughts on Microsoft’s playing catch-up with Google on a number of web tools. I like competitor for Google. It means…

  • Terrorism is an inverted lottery

    From a recent interview: William Gibson Hates Futurists :: On whether some new terrorist attack will make 9-11 look small “Eventually, I would say it’s almost inevitable. Not immediately, because there is no need. The last one is still working. In some strange way, [for terrorists] anything that was less than 9-11 won’t do….

  • Smokey Sky above Moorpark

    Fires to the northwest, northeast, to the southeast. We get smoke, everything smells of smoke. No school closings tomorrow, says Moorpark Unified School District. It all reminds me of the fires in San Diego back in 2003.

  • Moorpark Air is Bad Today

    I woke up with my throat dry and with an acrid feel in my nose. I can also feel, with a deep breath, some pain on inhalation. This is not good. It’ll do me good to get out and out of this air. I’m going to encourage Leah and our houseguests to get away from…

  • Lyrics of the Day: Endicott

    Endicott’s up by 5 o’clock Endicott’s givin’ it all he got Endicott’s job is six to nine but Endicott’s home by 9 oh five Endicott helps to cook the steak Endicott helps to wash the plates Endicott puts the kids to bed Endicott reads a book to them (Why cant you be like Endicott?) (oh)…

  • Where There’s a Misc There’s a Way

    The language in this is not safe for work, but the sentiments are important: How to Irritate and Annoy People in the Name of Blogging A lot of people I know or know of are blogging about the fires in San Diego: Sassy, JeSais, MAS, MissEwon, Chuck, and Geoff. Also, people I haven’t met: Raph…

  • Slate: Crashed Hard

    I tried to click through to a slate article just now. Big .NET error. Ugly. I figure the linker got the url wrong. I slice off the request and just leave — and still, ugly. Ten minutes later? Still down. This is what we call FAIL. Someone should be getting a page, someone should…

  • Misc, Misc, everywhere… and not a drop to drink

    Blurbomat points to the review of MacOS 10.5, “Leopard” on Ars Technica. Anil Dash has no sense of humor about one icon. I wish Windows had included Mac networking by default years ago. Sadly, no. Maybe something based on: I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.3.1. Bugfixes and an easy transition from 2.3. I’m so…

  • Misc-y Halloween!

    Did I really go a day without blogging? For shame! No, not really. It’s Halloween, though I don’t have any special visuals to offer you today — I’ve been far too busy lately. But I do have many tasty linky treats to offer. Really! Remember, Color Me Badd — famous for the song I Want…

  • I don’t want to set the Misc on fire.

    Today is catch-up and do stuff day. First, enjoy some Sinfest! Also, know that the truly twisted (and rarely safe for work) online comic Perry Bible Fellowship has a book coming out soon, with the enigmatic title The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories: A Collection of The Comic Strips of The Perry Bible…

  • JDarkroom and focus.

    So I have a problem with focus sometimes. My mind drifts thither and yon. I have a lot of interests, and it can be hard to stay on-task, at home, at work, anywhere. My “Misc” posts are all about that. Whatever’s in front of my nose and on my mind. But they lack depth. I’m…

  • Bar Camp LA 4 was Cool

    I had a great time at BarCamp LA. I missed Saturday but I went Sunday, I brought 60 pounds of ice, I brought 7-up, I brought grape soda, I saw and participated in presentations, I met people (few new, some old), I took photos, I twittered, other people took photos, I ate pizza, I went…

  • Expatriate Baby Part 2

    Part 1 was back in 2005. Here’s what Laura says: Just a short note to let you know Juliette Alexandra Ross joined us on October 22 at 2:23 Paris time. She was a long and lean 19.5 inches, 6.5 pounds, and she’s been an angel from the second she arrived. We’re at home now and…

  • Pleasantness Overall, And Why

    I’m pleased with how things are arranged right now. Usually being content means I am blogging much more. So much wonderful stuff to say! I’ve been pleasantly busy. This pleasantness has manifested itself in steady work, side projects finishing finally, and things at my dayjob going relatively well. Herein I will try and communicate some…

  • Misc Cavalcade!

    Yesterday I managed to write a post that was not: a single photo with a caption; a list of links; a random snippet of lyrics; a few words begging you off until I could really blog. Today, I have some links, but there are very many, and I hope to provide some context for each….

  • Bad Recruiter Email of the Day: Posted in the Google

    HI, Good Evening. I found your profile which you have posted in the Google. I got very good job offer for you. I am sending you the details. If you are interested to take this opportunity, kindly send your updated resume with contact details and two references so that I can submit you and put…

  • Playing with jQuery

    One of my goals in the new year is to create some kind of simple online game in JavaScript. I’m almost at a point where I have free time, which is so awesome. Also, I’m learning some of the libraries and frameworks for JavaScript — to that end I’m experimenting with some of the frameworks…

  • William Gibson, Gravy, and a Video

    William Gibson: The Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Interview : Rolling Stone I find myself less pessimistic than I sometimes imagine I should be. When I started to write science fiction, the intelligent and informed position on humanity’s future was that it wasn’t going to have one at all. We’ve forgotten that a whole lot of…

  • Rock Band

    One of the funner side effects of working for a game company is that new games tend to get bought on the date of release. To that end, yesterday there was a copy of Rock Band in the office. Because of my previous experience (documented by Leah here) playing SingStar and Karaoke Revolution I was…

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    I could not possibly say it any better than Sassy did in his post: Turkey Time at Vista Seeker: I am a big Thanksgiving fan. It’s a holiday with the sole purpose of getting together, eating, drinking, and being merry. There’s no religious overtones, no consumerism-tainted gift-guilting, and it’s a one-day thing – no endless…

  • My Remarkable Mom

    A story about her in the Roanoke Times and World News… Go Mom! A look at calendar changes her outlook “God is where the poor are”: Five years ago, Phyllis Crawford, 61, took a class that forced her to examine her life by looking at her calendar. She was told that “what you saw there…

  • Sheepies in the Vast Gray Field

    As you may have seen previously, I’ve been experimenting with building a game with jQuery as the infrastructure over on This is a screenshot. The super-cute illustrations were created by Dug. The concept of a game with sheep was suggested by a few people, including MAS. Ping said cats and mice, but I quite…

  • Leah in Fray

    One of my earliest encounters with online storytelling was via Fray, I even saw a bit of a live “Fray Cafe” event at SXSW in 2001. I’m quite happy to see Fray relaunching as a virtual and paper magazine, and incredibly PROUD to have my wife as a contribute to the first issue!

  • Sixty Out of Ninety-One

    Sadly, they inserted a hidden link to some dumb dating site into the HTML they generate. Boo! … Quiz was fun though.

  • Misc Never Knows

    I’m up relatively early this morning. I can hear rain outside the window of the office. Leah acquired some of the lovely All Natural Cola by Whole Foods and I’m having one of those. I feel a tickle in my nose and I think I might be getting a cold. That’s not optimal. I have…

  • Uh oh, I am unwell

    My nose is a-snifflin’. My head is a-stuffy. This is not optimal. I am wishin’ and hopin’ for health, and also mean to get into some fluids and whatnot. Also rest where possible. But I feel so energetic!

  • Rub Our Noses In It (Steven King on the Media)

    From Q&A: Talking with Stephen King in Time Magazine. Do you actually think Britney and Lindsay should be on our cover? Yeah, I do. Sort of a, ‘This is what the media’s actually interested it, so let’s just put it out there’ thing? I think there ought to be some serious discussion by smart people,…

  • Joe2 bowls 137; Oblivious

    Went bowling yesterday with co-workers, it was pretty fun. I bowled a 137, a 130, and a 114 which put me third among the 12 folks bowling. My head is feeling better too. It’s all good. The song in my head which I was unable a good copy of from either on iTunes, Amazon MP3…

  • Oblivious / Roddy Frame

    Stuck in my head like a stone in my shoe is the song Oblivious by Aztec Camera. Here’s a live recording by Roddy Frame, then the awesome lyrics. Aztec Camera / Oblivious from the mountain tops down to the sunny street a different drum is playing a different kind of beat it’s like a mystery…

  • Observations

    Backstory: Last Tuesday, Leah drove with Alison and Tony (my niece and her husband) back to Utah, where they will go to school. They were great houseguests and their soups will be missed. So last week Leah was hanging out with Robin and the Armstrongs. I stayed back and worked. On Friday I flew to…

  • I have no Xbox

    But now I have a gamertag: Working in the games business, as I do by dint of working for a game company, it’s become sort of sad that I don’t have one. Even sadder though, is that I’m unlikely to add anything to it anytime soon.

  • Quote of the Day

    “put your trust in God; but mind to keep your powder dry” cite

  • Leah and Joe, a Bit Tired

    I really like the photo, but we do look a bit worn out. I do like it very much though. Dooce takes some great photos. This photo was from Friday night, pretty late.

  • Movable Type Open Source

    Movable Type went open source yesterday, and I don’t care. Too little, too late. A long time ago, it seemed like MT was the way to put together a blog. It was free for personal use, it was good, it was used by heavyweights of blogging. But I could never get past two things: the…

  • Youth Pastor Joe

    So at work some of the guys, notably Jukebox JT, have started referring to me as “Youth Pastor Joe” — presumably it’s about my being generally non-confrontational, even-tempered, and diplomatic. They mentioned I should have a public-access TV show and issue helpful messages to the kids today. It’s pretty funny stuff, actually. Youth Pastor Joe…

  • Flickr Pro Stats Showed Me Uses of My Images

    So Flickr Pro users now have access to stats, also announced on the flickr blog on the amounts of traffic they get, and where that traffic comes from. One of the first things I saw was a post on Valleywag that uses an old image from my Amiga Pictures set, here’s another old link to…

  • Robot Meets Girl

    I really like this set of photos, originally from Girl Vogue Korea in January 2006. They are sweet and charming and very 21st Century. If you had asked me in 1986 what I thought magazine fashion spreads for teen girls would look like in 2006, this would have been my answer. Of course, I’d have…

  • Downtown Los Angeles from Griffith Park

    Excellent photo by Mack Reed over on “Frigid dawn over Los Angeles”: Absolutely beautiful. About ten years ago I worked downtown on the night shift at California Hospital, just a few years after that I worked as a temp at ARCO working on web pages, where I first encountered any server-side programming in a…

  • St. James Infirmary

    There’s an entire blog devoted to the song St. James Infirmary. It’s called NO NOTES and is pretty great. It’s a testament to the power of the web to provide whole environments where fandom and obsessive scholarship can flourish. I’m a big fan of fansites. If someone has a peculiar obsession, I think that’s great….

  • Jelly Belly

    Several weeks ago, Leah got me a jar of Jelly Bellies for work from CostCo (our houseguests had a membership and we took advantage of it for a wee little while): Here they are yesterday, at the tail end of their existence: I like having candy at my desk. Folks come by, they say hello,…

  • Valentine’s Day Display in December (?!?)

    Leah and I took a trip to a local Thousand Oaks Ralphs Supermarket — freeway-close and near the intersection of Moorpark Road and Janss Road — to get some Christmas essentials — namely: colored cellophane paper, candy canes, and IBUPROFEN. And what to my wandering eyes did appear, TWO AISLES OF SEASONAL TRAPPINGS. Only, what…

  • Happy Anniversary, Leahpeah

    As of today, three years married for me and Mrs. Leahpeah. It’s been, and continues to be, a pleasure. I have a real partner and someone I learn from and who learns from me every day. What a gift from the Universe. All my love, Joe

  • Back From San Diego

    Had a great time, and we’re wiped out. Here are some vaguely representative photos via a fuzzy phone camera. This is Leah and Me at a very unflattering angle listening to my Uncle Lee sing at a local church service (Lutheran) he sounded great! And here’s the same uncle and my aunt singing on Christmas…

  • No Thanks, Hopelessness

    John Scalzi writes a rather moving and rational answer to the eternal questions of “is that all there is?” and “why bother?” I have to say, it tracks with many of my own philosophies: Whatever: Reader Request Week 2007 #4: The Inevitable Blackness That Will Engulf Us All With the exception of the very last…

  • Happy Holidays!

    I like how this animation screwed with my expectations. Supernifty!

  • Video Killed The Radio Star

    Something I missed not being in San Diego. Excellent, inspiring, beautiful cover of the one-hit-wonder. The date on the YouTube video is 2006. The band “The Wrong Trousers” is active on their myspace: via Waxy, where many good things come from

  • Rain, can’t drive in.

    So the lore in Los Angeles is that people in Los Angeles can’t drive in the rain. It feels so true, everyone says it. Even I say it, and I have lived in enough places to know that things are the same all over. Anyway, one of my favorite blogs, Militant Angeleno did some research…

  • Ronald McDonald

    Originally uploaded by Bill Rini Bill Rini was in Thailand for Christmas and took a lot of great photos. but I really like this one of a statue of Ronald McDonald with his hands in what I think might be a Buddhist greeting. Different cultures are different!

  • Healing Moral Fissures at DoD

    Retired General McCaffrey’s comments about Iraq after doing an extensive weeklong visit there, including leading with leadership and common people are heartening, particularly the bit about healing the moral stance of the Department of Defense. I really like the terse, matter-of-fact style. It reminds me a bit of the style in which Dave Ramsey gives…

  • Lovely Animation: Chinese Translation

    Here’s someone at The Stranger gushing about it. I like it.

  • Quiet Faith in Man

    This post by Dave Segovia, who I’ve mentioned before, VINCENT, THOMAS, and ME has been knocking about in my brain for a few weeks. Much as we worry about the toxins and pollutants and sure as they do us damage, science and medicine end up tasked with correcting the wrongs, they sort of do the…

  • Presidential Hopefuls Can’t Help Lying

    What is wrong with these clowns!?!? Sorting Truth From Campaign Fiction Mitt Romney says he “saw” his father “march” with Martin Luther King Jr. Rudolph W. Giuliani claims that he is one of the “five best-known Americans in the world.” According to John McCain, the Constitution established the United States as a “Christian nation.” Ron…

  • From April

    I like this photo by Grace Davis very much. It’s from dinner at Olio E Limone prior to going to see Sarah Vowell and David Sedaris perform.

  • Happy New Year!

    Random image, for a not bad year. Lovely mellow night here with the kids, in and out at parties. HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!!!