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509 ArtLung posts from 2014

Thursday 02 Jan 2014
Desktop robot agglomeration.
Saturday 04 Jan 2014
Leah and her camera.
Sunday 05 Jan 2014
Magical piano & me.
Wednesday 08 Jan 2014
Getter Poseidon: reconstituted
Robot additions! Ready for action.
Me, Saturday at The Last Bookstore. Think of the colors!
Saturday 11 Jan 2014
Monday 13 Jan 2014
I do not get tired of changing around these bots!
Wednesday 15 Jan 2014
Programming Decor. Tux & Beastie.
Thursday 16 Jan 2014
FREE CHILD with purchase of Adult
Friday 17 Jan 2014
Dawn Patrol.
Saturday 18 Jan 2014
Sunday 19 Jan 2014
At the San Diego Urban Sketchers meetup group surreptitiously drawing in plain sight.
Wednesday 22 Jan 2014
The Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot! Any day with robot additions can’t be all bad.
Tuesday 28 Jan 2014
The IRS Slog: All But Over
Wednesday 29 Jan 2014
Giving blood with San Diego Blood Bank.
Thursday 30 Jan 2014
Friday 31 Jan 2014
Finally emptied out
Friday is dust & change the bots around day.
Duchess demands petting. No choice.
Saturday 01 Feb 2014
Showing my sister-in-law Mt Soledad and the Chief’s plaque!
Latest recruits! From Connecticut and Tokyo! (Getter 1 & Gaiking)
Tuesday 04 Feb 2014
The Robots Collection of ArtLung
Wednesday 05 Feb 2014
Thursday 06 Feb 2014
bus kiosk, rainy day
Making marks on the bus.
Friday 07 Feb 2014
Oh look it’s Chibi Mechagodzilla!
Saturday 08 Feb 2014
Domos! Attention: @mikeynerd
Thursday 13 Feb 2014
I love the unexpected congruency between @nikinapalm watercolor and @empoweredcomic ‘s comic. Both arrived yesterday!
Friday 14 Feb 2014
Creme brûlée with @leah7peah
Saturday 15 Feb 2014
Bee themed. By Leah.
Monday 17 Feb 2014
I missed Mike Allred’s Madman when it came out in 1993. Now I’m catching up.
Tuesday 18 Feb 2014
Latest bot recruit is from a little show called Space Battleship Yamato (adapted sliced & diced into Star Blazers in USA)
Wednesday 19 Feb 2014
Walkin’ Self
Analyzer Unit 09 (09-Type Autonomic Shipboard Analysis Unit) joins the family.
Lucky Thirteen! (13 years blogging)
Thursday 20 Feb 2014
My colorful cast of characters. eBay seller gave me bonus superdeformed Getter Robo!
Friday 21 Feb 2014
I like the painting of David Crosby in the background. Also liking live tunes.
Saturday 22 Feb 2014
Faux Flowers
Monday 24 Feb 2014
King Joe from the Ultraman universe has arrived! New bots always!
Wednesday 26 Feb 2014
The Bot Collection
Friday 28 Feb 2014
I’m trying to think of them not as meetings, but parties. Like, not very good parties.
Saturday 01 Mar 2014
Gundam Converge 12 RX-79[G] with Henrietta the plant.
Sunday 02 Mar 2014
Freedom and the rule of law: fragile and precious
Monday 03 Mar 2014
Stupid HTTP Status Jokes
Quotes of the Day
Tuesday 04 Mar 2014
Yes! Acquired Robot Girl by Michelle Valigura from @mostawesomeshop !! Happy (early) Birthday to me!
Debt and Education / Chomsky / Shirky
Wednesday 05 Mar 2014
Duck bus staredown
Brilliant. Cassette tape case as phone stand.
Am I still a Respiratory Therapist?
Tab Sweep Time
Thursday 06 Mar 2014
Gypsy is very patient during meetings.
Friday 07 Mar 2014
It’s Friday AND new robot day. Welcome Combattler! (Chōdenji Robo Combattler V) an anime from 1976.
Monday 10 Mar 2014
Excellent Co-workers are Excellent.
Jojo munching on her alien.
New digs.
Tuesday 11 Mar 2014
Day 2. Family photo addition.
Wednesday 12 Mar 2014
Advancing age is best complemented with a flattering hairstyle.
Friday 14 Mar 2014
Gypsy doe not have to debug mysterious 400 errors.
Saturday 15 Mar 2014
“You’re a good guy, like Superman.” New bot day. Iron Giant is #23 of my workbots.
Monday 17 Mar 2014
While waiting for backend folks to debug issues, robot rearrangement calms my nerves.
Tuesday 18 Mar 2014
Robot Inventory, Current Edition
Wednesday 19 Mar 2014
The weather outside’s not frightful
Thursday 20 Mar 2014
Birthday early morning dental appointment!
Sunday 23 Mar 2014
Photobombed by Dusty at Family Dinner.
Dewey is enormous and friendly. There are either 5 or 6 dogs here. Hard to count.
Dusty & Miles
Monday 24 Mar 2014
Colors of the wind.
Wednesday 26 Mar 2014
Toe to toe with giants.
Thursday 27 Mar 2014
By height. Welcome Artoo! (Taller than Mechagodzilla & Analyzer) NewBotDay!
Friday 28 Mar 2014
Class Picture.
Saturday 29 Mar 2014
GIANT ROBO HAS ARRIVED! (Design from Japanese manga and live action tv, 1967)
Sunday 30 Mar 2014
Beware the finger missiles of Giant Robo (or, check out my explosive manicure)
Monday 07 Apr 2014
Lunchtime is comics, baloney and incredible weather.
Wednesday 09 Apr 2014
Scrum time. (Agile bots)
Jojo on my lap during deployment.
Friday 11 Apr 2014
The face of late Friday.
Thursday 17 Apr 2014
Agenda: California northbound.
Friday 18 Apr 2014
Sacramento really is a city of trees.
Road trips are better with awesome folks.
Goofballs of luv. Rehearsing up a storm.
Saturday 19 Apr 2014
Plan for the afternoon and evening.
Beautiful day.
Photo booths are go!
Sunday 20 Apr 2014
Easter Neighborhood Stroll
Every backyard in Homewood seems to have trees like this.
Road trip photos
Creme Brûlée for 4.
Monday 21 Apr 2014
Eagerly and patiently awaiting (from Saturday)
Alexandra’s Bridesmaids were lovely and did their jobs very well.
Alexandra giving Ashlyn some tips on her job (Rehearsal afternoon)
This is a Monday I could get used to.
I love these women, I love those smiles. (Rehearsal day)
The half order of salmon and bagel is not kidding around
Beach day.
Wednesday 23 Apr 2014
Jojo, still at work.
Thursday 24 Apr 2014
Monday 28 Apr 2014
Tetsujin 28! (Gigantor) has arrived! Joins the club tomorrow?
Water temperature 62°F at the Jetty. I’m calling this summer.
Tuesday 29 Apr 2014
60s & 70s Japanese giant robots? Welcome 1956-debuting Tetsujin-28, GIGANTOR!
Chill time between meetings at my office is pretty great.
Wednesday 30 Apr 2014
“Alright this is good hair”. –Leah
Thursday 01 May 2014
Bus wait
Friday 02 May 2014
Saturday 03 May 2014
Welcome H.E.R.B.I.E.! (Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-type, Integrated Electronics) debuted 1978 in the Fantastic Four cartoon.
Morning constitutional
LP & R&B.
Sunday 04 May 2014
\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM is missing or corrupt at this gas pump
Monday 05 May 2014
Helper bots united! Analyzer, HERBIE, & Artoo!
Even overcast and ugly it’s kinda pretty.
Tuesday 06 May 2014
PETCO is pretty at sunset
Stadium us!
Me n’ Leah n’ Joelle n’ Mikey
Wednesday 07 May 2014
Mickey Padres from Petco Park
Midway Model / Petco Park
Friday 09 May 2014
I got out without purchasing a thing from @ROBOT4LESS But I wanted many of the shiny things.
Color swatches!
The lighting in here emphasizes our ages. But we are having fun!
Marilyn (3D) & Han (2D)
Tiki Macabre
Airbrushed new friend.
Drawing jam, conversation and food/Chris & Joe. (1985 to 2014 and later)
The World Famous Wedge, but it’s not breaking. I wonder how cold it is?
Not too bad, though I did get some oil seep on my foot out there.
I am an oilbird now. How do I get this off? Time to donate to @surfrider
Saturday 10 May 2014
These are not giant robots.
Much Gundam. wow.
Death rides a snowboard orbiting the earth. Artist unknown, 21 C. Acrylic on snowboard.
That is a hat, Hoss. @james47ag
I came to the right place.
Chōdenji Robo Combattler V! This place is great. Will come back.
Sunday 11 May 2014
At the Jetty. Alexandra and Ryan came down PLUS they treated Leah and me to a brunch for Mothers Day? Perfect day.
Monday 12 May 2014
“I wear my headphones at the disco”
Pairs of brothers! (Rightmost is a new acquisition!) Getter 1 bros and Combatra aka Combattler V.
Thursday 15 May 2014
Beat the heat.
Friday 16 May 2014
Shaky bus sketch of Wondy and the Invisible Jet. Friday is the best thing.
Saturday 17 May 2014
Long time no @drsketchysd
18 minutes at @drsketchysd
Sunday 18 May 2014
My 2008 California driver’s license photo. That hairstyle was not intentional.
Wednesday 21 May 2014
Perfectly beautiful sky
Friday 23 May 2014
Killin’ time inkin’ practice on this three day weekend.
Saturday 24 May 2014
NEW COLORS. I think @skiesareclear would love this store.
@missewon & janky animal beads
Monday 26 May 2014
New pal. Grill out time.
Baily belongs to Jen & Chad. He’s cool.
Wednesday 28 May 2014
AngularJS on jsfiddle.
Saturday 31 May 2014
My dad @j23p worked at this Der Wienerschnitzel 50 years ago.
Inking the blue line beach sketches I did while waiting for the brake job cost estimate. Final: $609 plus tax.
Tuesday 03 Jun 2014
Squinty blue morning
Thursday 05 Jun 2014
Selfie between drawings on the bus.
New @instagram app allows easy removal of blue lines when inking. Yay!
Jojo at rest.
Barstow In-N-Out is HUGE.
Friday 06 Jun 2014
My in-laws have some pretty flowers
Today’s office has no robots but there is a tiny ninja.
Father-in-law’s office shelves
Pretty flowers (sunset edition) at the in-laws
Saturday 07 Jun 2014
Picking green beans with in-laws in the morn. Reminded I’m a city boy.
This is a pretty sky.
Possibly not a hat couple.
Generations working
Tuesday 10 Jun 2014
Thursday 12 Jun 2014
Container Robot holds yogurt dipped raisins. PET recipiente con forma de Robot pequeño!
Friday 13 Jun 2014
Jojo casual Fridays. That’s Jojo’s owner Andria in the backgound.
Saturday 14 Jun 2014
Chow Bella! My aunt Jacqui’s dog.
Monday 16 Jun 2014
Today I was the dude on the right.
Friday 27 Jun 2014
Planning Poker with Mountain Goat Software cards. Have read about it, now doing it.
Friday 04 Jul 2014
Power Girl’s costume is summery and patriotic. Kara Zor-L is Superman’s cousin from Earth-2. Happy 4th!
GRENDIZER! Independence day means drawing.
Saturday 05 Jul 2014
Ol’ Shellhead! (3 day weekend means drawing)
Sunday 06 Jul 2014
December 1971 (a year and a half old) with my Nanie and cousin Shannon at Nanie & Tata’s.
Monday 07 Jul 2014
Fashion Plate. Age 5. 1975.
Thursday 10 Jul 2014
Airport melon prepped by Leah
Arrived DC. Sister driving. Vacation now!
Friday 11 Jul 2014
Nephew Archer feeds Javie breakfast. Daniel coordinates.
Tiny hoop
Morning in the yard
Everyone here is cute.
Toy boxes are hats here.
“Archer make a face”
From home!
Archer & Auntie Leah & Hats
Saturday 12 Jul 2014
Confederate flag hats on the left, buckets of pork bar-b-q on the right. Hello North Carolina.
Supermoon. Nag’s Head.
Sunday 13 Jul 2014
Dawn Patrol
Sunup sketch: Princess Diana vs Killer Kroc
Some classic Avengers sketchtime
Idyllic back yard.
Feet & Boards. You can’t hear the rhythmic sloshing of waves though.
Monday 14 Jul 2014
What will I do in the morning when there’s not a beach 60 yards away from the bedroom?
Semi-alignment of moon, house, and shadow.
Brightest morning sun
Haircuts are a great relief.
Tuesday 15 Jul 2014
Archer concentrates on eggs.
Wednesday 16 Jul 2014
Archer, Kelly & Dumpling, a chicken.
Me at Island Farm
Leah and chickens
Friday 18 Jul 2014
In about 1988 I sewed this patch onto this hat. You can tell.
This rocking chair is sponsored.
Saturday 19 Jul 2014
Sunrise view, Outer Banks.
And today is all rain.
Last night of Nags Head: Joanie, Archer & Kelly
Sunday 20 Jul 2014
All the stuff around K&D’s house is nice.
J macking on a bit of grass.
Airport drive.
Airport drive II
Monday 21 Jul 2014
He’s tanned, rested and ready: Nixon ’88.
New Bot Monday for Comic-Con week: Aphrodite A & Mazinger Z. (Created in ~1972)
Wednesday 23 Jul 2014
Batman @ 75 years. A bus commute doodle.
Thursday 24 Jul 2014
Most packed trolleys: Comic-Con, next a ball game, last the old Street Scene.
Bill Finger, the unsung creator of Batman and so much more. Panel at #SDCC cc: @MarcTNobleman
Judah Friedlander of 30 Rock! @leahpeah will be jealous!
It’s me & @missewon at #SDCC!
Friday 25 Jul 2014
The @sdbloodbank is getting ready to take my blood. Sponsored by #TrueBlood #SDCC
Not recalling this cute little red robot in the Bible.
Me and a friend. Bidibidibidi.
Giant robot Batman, some random dude, and me with very tired eyes. I swear I feel better than that looks!
Old school trolley not too packed
Saturday 26 Jul 2014
Iron Giant toy from Mondo looks great. #sdcc
Sunday 27 Jul 2014
Robotic acquisitions from San Diego Comic Con 2014 #sdcc
Monday 28 Jul 2014
Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim and the little red, silver and yellow fellow join the bot family!
Tuesday 29 Jul 2014
When I was a kid I had every SDMTS bus schedule in a ziplock in my backpack. Just in case I needed to GO.
No radios, sodas, hot dogs or cigarettes.
Wednesday 30 Jul 2014
Lunch walk
Thursday 31 Jul 2014
“This Location Has Gone Prince Days Without a Loss Time Accident” … Can you tell we’re a music company?
Friday 01 Aug 2014
Looking like the “before” part of a men’s hair color ad. Vaguely considering dyeing white or silver.
This pool is no longer inviting.
Monday 04 Aug 2014
Día de los Muertos: me gusta Belle y Frida mucho más
Wednesday 06 Aug 2014
Shirt with no pockets is the mother of invention
Thursday 07 Aug 2014
Today’s tooth polish flavor is “Tropical Fruit”
Friday 08 Aug 2014
Work dog Jojo demands attention. Cute new outfit (harness) every day.
Saturday 09 Aug 2014
These are a few of my favorite things! (I miss the old brutalist PO already)
True Blood t-shirt I got at Comic-Con is 2 for 2 starting conversations with cute male cashiers this morning. Ladies take note?
Swam to the buoy, half mile approx total swim; 70 feet from a dolphin surfacing; typical day in SoCal.
Sunday 10 Aug 2014
Green tea ice cream // last night
No filters needed to make this Patty Pan Squash look vibrant.
Monday 11 Aug 2014
Bachelor week begins
Tuesday 12 Aug 2014
Talking on the phone with Chris and drawing. A tradition for decades.
Need a shoeshine. Waiting on my car to get done so I can pay for my tires.
Wednesday 13 Aug 2014
Gipsy Danger oversees watermelon lunch.
Terrible deal. (Unrelated: Was given lovely dinner and I installed some memory tonight, thus: La Mesa).
Thursday 14 Aug 2014
Figs, olives, pickles, lend me your ears.
Friday 15 Aug 2014
Friday coffee wait selfie. Glad to have Leah back-from-her-trip face.
Saturday 16 Aug 2014
Hmmm. Enterance?
Sunday 17 Aug 2014
Whispering words of Wisdom, let it be. And for goodness sake let the vein on my temple chill out!
Wednesday 20 Aug 2014
Weather station.
Thursday 21 Aug 2014
Back to school photo of my bots.
Friday 22 Aug 2014
Ceiling at Starbucks
Saturday 23 Aug 2014
Tomatillos and eggplant
Hardware store, grasshopper.
Sunday 24 Aug 2014
I married the right woman.
Monday 25 Aug 2014
Please kind sir, nobody EVER plays with me, won’t you please cease this scrum and play?
Tuesday 26 Aug 2014
Thus morning’s busride sketch. Thus. This.
Changing the ink cartridge on the moving bus was probably foolhardy. But I live on the edge Dottie.
Wednesday 27 Aug 2014
Dewy golf course in the morning. Serene. Less mystified by popularity of that pastime.
I try to donate when they come to my building but it’s too soon since Comic Con. Mid September: B+.
Walkies. Now playing: Eliza Doolittle (the Brit pop star not My Fair Lady)
Thursday 28 Aug 2014
Fashion Valley Morning
Easter & Halloween, cast off to better homes via Salvation Army drop off. Melancholy.
Whistling at sunset near the Cove. Big swell.
Friday 29 Aug 2014
The retreat crew from sunset last night.
It could be a great day, you ever think of that?
Saturday 30 Aug 2014
Tea @ Blue Dragon Tea House
Teri & Lee! Having wonderful pho with my cousin and his lovely girlfriend. Feeling lucky!
Sunday 31 Aug 2014
Midnight Show Joe. For Ghost in the Shell.
March 1971. That’s me in the sailor suit with my aunt Joan and my folks.
Universal Studios. Dad and me. I’m probably two years old. That’s my NOPE face.
Monday 01 Sep 2014
Penny! (Belongs to my pal @missewon) super sweet new gato!
Penny again. @leah7peah and I had brunch with her owner @missewon then Ghostbusters in the theater! SUPERDELIGHTFULMORN!
Star Wars board game from 1982 is terrible. @missewon found it. Destined to be donated to Goodwill.
ROBOT-7 is a wind-up tin toy from I think the mid-90s. He’s a replica of an older toy. I love him and he was a surprise gift from my pal Erin aka @missewon … Expect more photos when he joins my toy robot army tomorrow at work! Thanks EW!
Tuesday 02 Sep 2014
“do you know this one girl with hair like this?” “yes that’s ramona flowers”
Old Boy’s Club. (ROBOT-7 joins the crew)
Thursday 04 Sep 2014
Lunch is comics and crackers with the fakiest fake cheese and an apple (not pictured) and a fountain.
Bus sketch time: the assassin Elektra.
Friday 05 Sep 2014
Finished “Seconds”– not sure what to read next. Thanks @radiomaru for another great read!
Haircut & apple for breakfast.
lunchtime inkery
Empty bocce court
.05 with my love.
Saturday 06 Sep 2014
The Heart is a Happy Hunter! En la casa de mi amiga @missewon
Miss Ewon! My pal. New do and old movie marquee letter E.
Erin gave me this Op Art tie and told me to put it on so I did.
Sunday 07 Sep 2014
My theory of selling @missewon ‘s junked and old iPod 40GB was good. Just not very lucrative. Amazon will give me $0.25.
Tuesday 09 Sep 2014
Back atcha! (Lunch walkies)
I finally caught a photo of the Tweety car!
Wednesday 10 Sep 2014
Wednesday is new Bot day here on the bus. Stowing away is Wall-E.
Nic <3's Nikki. All these people all of these lives where are they now?
Friday 12 Sep 2014
Apple’s market power allows them to put advertisements on my ATM for new Pay product
Are these Reese’s shaped like a pumpkin, do they taste like a pumpkin? Both?
Saturday 13 Sep 2014
Sunday 14 Sep 2014
Zac carefully examining Pokemon options!
The team!
Chris starts a Fighter from classic BSG.
Finished! And a Cylon!
Monday 15 Sep 2014
I love this photo of my pal Chris and his daughter Diana from early 1990s!
Kid stuff is the best. Visiting my best friend Chris & my godson this week.
New friend is surly. Also she’s not real and pretty expensive.
Tuesday 16 Sep 2014
It’s comforting waking up to Katniss’s hopeful face this week.
Me and the boys got Gundams! Being walking distance to #robot4less is awesome.
3-D scanner selfie! At
Zac & crown. This night has everything!
Translucent Gundam from #robot4less looks pretty cool lit up.
Wednesday 17 Sep 2014
Father and son looking at ancient (1966) spacecraft. At California Science Center.
Beating the heat at the science center.
Shuttles galore!
Sunset with Chris & Zac (not pictured)
Zac @ Sunset
Thursday 18 Sep 2014
This pole says “I <3 NEW EDITION" I wonder when that was written.
Zac racing the RC car. Winning handily.
Friday 19 Sep 2014
It’s cool enough this morning to go for a walk through Orange County suburbia without fear of exhaustion. Yay!
Saturday 20 Sep 2014
This is my “working in the house going to Goodwill look.” Not, I swear, “Blue Steel” @a1c233.
Kitty & blonde hair drinks
Sunday 21 Sep 2014
The letter of the day is “Angels’ ‘L'” which I just found littered.
Polish festival means lots of red and white.
One of the more important jobs of a godparent is to expose the kid to The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai.
Monday 22 Sep 2014
I missed Jojo and her fauxhawk.
My desk has moved. That means the bots have moved. They’re up in that shelf in the distance–just slightly too out of reach. Gipsy Danger & Girl Robot are hanging with me temporarily until I can figure out if I can stand them being so far away.
Thursday 25 Sep 2014
Getting ready to hear Larry Marder & Scott McCloud at San Diego Public Library.
Friday 26 Sep 2014
Robot Girl is my favorite. With her mecha she assists me with my headphone cord.
Saturday 27 Sep 2014
Ornate ceilings a specialty at Bookstar née Loma Theatre.
Sunday 28 Sep 2014
A certain kind of church time.
The second adventure was putting on my suit for awhile. This one might be blue steel on purpose.
Monday 29 Sep 2014
Some inking to start the week right.
There are worse lunch locations.
Tuesday 30 Sep 2014
Gigantor helps me with my yogurt and nectarine breakfast. What’s adulthood again? I think it may be overrated.
Wednesday 01 Oct 2014
This dog on my lap is more stylish than me. Jojo: she’s the fashion plate in this planning meeting.
Today’s bus scribblings.
Thursday 02 Oct 2014
Window or Aisle?
Friday 03 Oct 2014
It’s been a fun week with superdeformed Mechagodzilla and Tetsujin-28. Who will be the desk robots next week?
Saturday 04 Oct 2014
This. Is. Happening.
Sunday 05 Oct 2014
Pity this San Onofre Nuclear Plant Operations shirt did not fit. I suspect the embroidered twin reactor globes would have been great conversation starters.
Monday 06 Oct 2014
Welcome Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atomu or Mighty Atom) to my collection! Created by the great Osamu Tezuka in 1952, he’s got heart.
Wednesday 08 Oct 2014
I almost bought this ceramic pig just so every day I could make up a new theory about its’ origin. Almost.
Thursday 09 Oct 2014
Combattler V and Giant Robo are pals.
Friday 10 Oct 2014
These are my chairs now. –Jojo
Pretty logotype.
Monday 13 Oct 2014
WALL-E deadlifting a banana. E-306 looks on admiringly.
Bus sketch for the day: Wonder Woman. Started this morning, finished now.
Tuesday 14 Oct 2014
Today’s Bus+Lunchtime Doodle is gender bent female Aquaman.
Wednesday 15 Oct 2014
Digging the cooler weather, still.
Pants: Shoplifting
“3 Figures, 6 Weapons” sounds like the title of a terrible action movie. I did NOT buy these bots from CVS today.
Trolley self.
Thursday 16 Oct 2014
This tree had a really bad day.
I love these adventurer women. She’s a pirate and no “damsel in distress.”
Friday 17 Oct 2014
A girl and her squeaky cow plush toy.
Saturday 18 Oct 2014
I love that they have Super Best Friends stuff here
Sunday 19 Oct 2014
“Fairest of them All” tattoo girl from the bus yesterday.
Cowles Mountain is not easy for a fat fine fellow such as myself. Taking breaks. May not get to the summit this time.
Monday 20 Oct 2014
Given I keep losing this in my pocket, it’s time for a new PC919 Bleu Inactinique (non photo blue) pencil.
Getter Poseidon presents Ultraman Cosmos with a hacky sack. (It’s technically a Sipa Sipa but never mind).
Tuesday 21 Oct 2014
Cookie time.
Thursday 23 Oct 2014
Sexy Pirate costume, 1998.
Friday 24 Oct 2014
Getter Poseidon and Ultraman Cosmos “raise the roof” about the code I wrote this week.
Saturday 25 Oct 2014
Duo of traffic cones hanging in the laundry room.
Monday 27 Oct 2014
This week’s desk bots are villains. Dreadwing & King Joe. They look at this cupcake monster with skepticism.
Not my costume.
Wednesday 29 Oct 2014
Robots and coaster time. Code is hard and I need distractions.
Among my happy places
Wandering in Little Italy earlier tonight.
Thursday 30 Oct 2014
King Joe manages my raspberries and strawberries.
Friday 31 Oct 2014
Clown Prince of Crime. Ready for work. Happy Halloween!
Lipstick traces
Meeting selfies are more fun in costume.
My officemate has brought a VERY FLUFFY BABY CUTE PUPPY today. I’m stuck in here with them both.
Master thespian. ACTING!
Clown party! With @missewon
Saturday 01 Nov 2014
There are way worse views from public transportation than this.
A benefit to being in Pacific Beach without a car is I can stop here and not worry about parking.
Monday 03 Nov 2014
Same bat time, same bat selfie.
Monday play begging.
Jojo yawns as the team debugs mobile network issues.
Tuesday 04 Nov 2014
Find your polling place and VOTE.
Mark on the bus asked me what I draw and I answered “anything.” We talked about what art is and whether I had a DeviantArt account (I do but don’t use it). I drew him but he says he doesn’t look this old. I failed to get his smile right, is what I see.
This week’s bots are pretty tough. I think Gipsy Danger may take a swing at The Big Guy.
Wednesday 05 Nov 2014
Goofing at lunch. Orange.
Moonrise over the dead Rancho Bernardo Hooters. The Sublime & The Mundane.
Thursday 06 Nov 2014
Some mornings when I go to the post office early in Carmel Mountain, there’s a collection of people standing around. They are waiting diligently for the passport office to open, not really in line but scattered, still, and waiting. There something about it that reminds me of Hitchcock’s The Birds.
Friday 07 Nov 2014
End of the week still life.
Saturday 08 Nov 2014
Exquisite corpse artwork and breakfast with @missewon @leah7peah
Tuesday 11 Nov 2014
A shout of pride to my dad Jim Crawford who served in the Army & Navy. Thank you for your service!
Wednesday 12 Nov 2014
Dreadwing & Rusty The Boy Robot are buds this week on the desk.
Thursday 13 Nov 2014
The fluffiest puppy in the whole wide world.
Friday 14 Nov 2014
Brie, pineapple guavas & persimmons assembly by Leah last night.
Light morning.
Saturday 15 Nov 2014
This morning’s neighborhood has made lovely typographical choices.
All the years back when I lived in L.A. I never went in here. Today I did. I’m pretty sure my dad got gear here in the early 1970s. I know he had A16 gear because I got it eventually. Also, the inside smells like campfire.
A very cute gate.
Former life.
Root control from my wanderings today.
I’m not sure all these uniform clothes would pass muster with the uniform codes of the hospitals I worked at. Particularly the thigh high red ribbon stockings. Hmm.
Tuesday 18 Nov 2014
Work obliges me to look at strange things. This is a raw comparison of font files.
Thought of you @missewon
Wednesday 19 Nov 2014
much clouds wow
Jojo & the Cow toy.
JCPenny / J Penny
Thursday 20 Nov 2014
Fruit & Robots.
Friday 21 Nov 2014
These robots fell down because of a stray hacky sack. Chad and I are still terrible (or I am), but we’re better than a month ago!
Date night has transmogrified into fabrics night.
Saturday 22 Nov 2014
Mrs Claus.
Personality Comics Presents Paula Abdul. I’m pretty pleased with this $0.25 purchase.
Mink? Ferret? Other?
Sunday 23 Nov 2014
I can’t remember the last time Mr. William Gibson wrote proper SF. If he’s going to write it I’ll read it.
The very humble tie I got at AmVets for $4.95 for Joker cosplay is GETTING IT DONE today.
Tuesday 25 Nov 2014
Capitalism made this. Capitalism is so weird. (from Friday)
Wednesday 26 Nov 2014
Jojo is high energy this morning. Good energy in the office today.
My helper bots this week. It’s been a busy week. Happy Thanksgiving!
In my 20s I loved getting things dry-cleaned. I love it again.
Friday 28 Nov 2014
Forever in our hearts is right. I only found out this year there’s a marker for my cousin so yesterday we went and visited. RIP.
Collectible ceramic “Cobra 29” CB radio. Okay.
Rolled in on Mission Bay
Saturday 29 Nov 2014
Derpy Kitties For Sale
Terrifying Eight-Toed Horse Clown is designed to hold liquor. Is terrifying.
Sunday 30 Nov 2014
That time again. Be Positive.
Well Coach Z, that all depends, can you get yer green mittens on a fish-eye lens?
Monday 01 Dec 2014
Pepper Pachinko?
Wednesday 03 Dec 2014
I have not worn any kind of coat in a year. Today must be the day.
Thursday 04 Dec 2014
Ladies in Ponchos.
Yesterday in Rancho Bernardo. Wearing a coat again today. And the 163 appears parking lot-ish. Luckily I have tunes to listen to and transit will take the time it takes.
Symmetry at the dead motel.
In happier news, the somewhat nervous but quite cute SHELBY is in the house! She belongs to Amy.
Incredibly good lunch.
Transit downtown
Friday 05 Dec 2014
Frs Rd.
Winter Soldiers. This place has comics at the top of Horton Plaza and that is wacky.
Leah taking photos of the kids is her happy place.
Saturday 06 Dec 2014
December 6th has turned out to be my best bodysurfing day of 2014. 🔝🏊⁉️
Being within 100 yards of an ocean is my favorite place.
Monday 08 Dec 2014
The morning’s random office kitchen offering appears in the office: Brandy Beans. Chocolate covered brandy. Exactly what it sounds like.
Tuesday 09 Dec 2014
Traffic Cone Funeral
Hide All From Terrible Site
Close Encounters.
Wednesday 10 Dec 2014
New fullscreen view of Slacker Radio looks pretty great! Try it out if you haven’t. Anyone interested in a free month of Premium ping me I have a few coupon cards.
Friday 12 Dec 2014
Queen Jojo chilling on a rainy day. (in the background poster: Kurt Cobain’s hands)
Jojo demanding Max’s attention. Jojo thinks the morning scrum is playtime.
Right after this, Shelby barked at me.
Sunday 14 Dec 2014
San Diego Boat Parade of Smurfettes @ Seaport Village
Boat Parade of Lights! A San Diego tradition for decades!
Monday 15 Dec 2014
The Blight of Guantanamo
Glucose Update!
Comic-Con 2013
TabSweep.txt PART 1
Quote of the day: “If they think you’re crude, go technical; if they think you’re technical, go crude. I’m a very technical boy. So I decided to get as crude as possible.”
Tuesday 16 Dec 2014
TabSweep.txt PART 2
Wednesday 17 Dec 2014
TabSweep.txt PART 3
Festive 19th century naval warfare! Merry Christmas!
Clash of Clans X-Mas Tree
Tonight’s haul hanging out with Erin @missewon . Villainous Lair super helpful to her!
Thursday 18 Dec 2014
TabSweep.txt PART 4
Derpy smile + statuary @ Villainous Lair Comics last night.
Friday 19 Dec 2014
TabSweep.txt PART 5
Me. Mid-1990s. Erin was visiting me in L.A. and we went into this motorcycle gear shop on Hollywood Blvd. I don’t think the leather vest is “me.” But the hair is great. Thanks @missewon for exhuming this pic!
Hilarious cup is hilarious. Microsoft OS/2 mug!
GetGlue → tvtag → /dev/null
Saturday 20 Dec 2014
“Sister, there’s a story there!” -or- Merry Christmas, Art Car style.
My first, of many, many questions is: “was this wolf angry before he lost that eye?” And then, “did anyone on the Old Spice creative team manage to keep their job?”
Sunday 21 Dec 2014
Aniversary: 10th
Tuesday 23 Dec 2014
Christmas Cheer.
Sushi mandala 🍣
Wednesday 24 Dec 2014
Venn diagram intersection of Funko collectors and Duck Dynasty boosters: nil. @ 99 cent store.
Tidings of great joy: peace, equanimity & love be upon you all! Merry Christmas!
Thursday 25 Dec 2014
Christmas with Eddy’s & Crawfords is a wonderful Christmas. Home is where you’re at!
Zoey is super sweet 8 yr old chocolate lab. My Aunt Joan got her Saturday!
Rusty is regal.
Dewey is not a small dog.
Friday 26 Dec 2014
Christmas was new bot day. Welcome Baymax from Big Hero 6 + cat Mochi. Thanks Leah!
Today I met Shatzi who is being dog-sat by Dev & Lacey.
Stepdog! Pogo is a sweetie, still.
Me & Shatzi
Saturday 27 Dec 2014
Reflecting on myself, August 2014.
Sunday 28 Dec 2014
Unkempt and ready for a new year, plz. I’ll be patient.
“a climate-ravaged corporatist dystopia of inequality that mirrors feudalism”
Monday 29 Dec 2014
Have a robotic new year!
Broken windows in action at the dead Hooters. Sad.
Tuesday 30 Dec 2014
It’s that oh-so magical time of year when Pumpkin Spice goes on Clearance!
Wednesday 31 Dec 2014
Windy cold and beautiful sunrise.
Breakfast in Berkeley, waiting for.
Lille of Ukiah on New Year’s Eve
Lille is pretty sure she’s a lapdog. “Act as if” as they say.