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I think in HTML and dream in JavaScript.
If I had any style I'd use CSS.

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24 ArtLung posts from 2017

Sunday 01 Jan 2017
new year/new sunset/freedom
Tuesday 03 Jan 2017
Don’t Do.
Friday 06 Jan 2017
Utah is nice. Snow is overrated.
Monday 09 Jan 2017
Pondering care for family. Joe & Jean Crawford I love and miss you.
Saturday 21 Jan 2017
What a great day! #sandiegowomansmarch
Sunday 22 Jan 2017
San Diego showed up yesterday! #sandiegowomensmarch #womensmarch
Tuesday 24 Jan 2017
Photo poor, but gather rosebuds anyway. Beauty is fuel. Resisting oppression takes energy.
Here’s my Dad allowing me to practice listening for breath sounds on him in 1992. He’s 70 today and in better shape than he was in the 90s! I love him. Happy Birthday Dad!
Thursday 26 Jan 2017
Bear is not paying real good attention to this meeting.
Saturday 28 Jan 2017
Revolutionary partner.
Sunday 29 Jan 2017
Breakfast in L.A.
Friday 03 Feb 2017
Shelby, dubious. #dogsofslacker
Saturday 04 Feb 2017
tiny breakfast start
the leah @ the beach
Saturday 11 Feb 2017
Here for kind of a Baldwin. I’ll always miss going to see movies at the Crest down the street but this is nice too.
Sunday 12 Feb 2017
—under the pier—
Tuesday 14 Feb 2017
14 years, 4 months, 9 days since our first date— and many more to come! Happy Valentines Day Leah!
Saturday 18 Feb 2017
Pogo’s ready.
San Diego followed us to Los Angeles.
Sunday 19 Feb 2017
Thursday 23 Feb 2017
Some species wear bright colors to thwart predators.
🏄🐻 🇺🇸 patriotic graffiti stickers at the bus stop
Saturday 25 Feb 2017
Yesterday, the object on the right made up for the discomfort caused by the diagnostic system on the left.