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Sunday 01 Jan 2017
new year/new sunset/freedom
Tuesday 03 Jan 2017
Don’t Do.
Friday 06 Jan 2017
Utah is nice. Snow is overrated.
Monday 09 Jan 2017
Pondering care for family. Joe & Jean Crawford I love and miss you.
Saturday 21 Jan 2017
What a great day! #sandiegowomansmarch
Sunday 22 Jan 2017
San Diego showed up yesterday! #sandiegowomensmarch #womensmarch
Tuesday 24 Jan 2017
Photo poor, but gather rosebuds anyway. Beauty is fuel. Resisting oppression takes energy.
Here’s my Dad allowing me to practice listening for breath sounds on him in 1992. He’s 70 today and in better shape than he was in the 90s! I love him. Happy Birthday Dad!
Thursday 26 Jan 2017
Bear is not paying real good attention to this meeting.
Saturday 28 Jan 2017
Revolutionary partner.
Sunday 29 Jan 2017
Breakfast in L.A.
Friday 03 Feb 2017
Shelby, dubious. #dogsofslacker
Saturday 04 Feb 2017
tiny breakfast start
the leah @ the beach
Saturday 11 Feb 2017
Here for kind of a Baldwin. I’ll always miss going to see movies at the Crest down the street but this is nice too.
Sunday 12 Feb 2017
—under the pier—
Tuesday 14 Feb 2017
14 years, 4 months, 9 days since our first date— and many more to come! Happy Valentines Day Leah!
Saturday 18 Feb 2017
Pogo’s ready.
San Diego followed us to Los Angeles.
Sunday 19 Feb 2017
Thursday 23 Feb 2017
Some species wear bright colors to thwart predators.
🏄🐻 🇺🇸 patriotic graffiti stickers at the bus stop
Saturday 25 Feb 2017
Yesterday, the object on the right made up for the discomfort caused by the diagnostic system on the left.
Tuesday 28 Feb 2017
Wet morning.
Thursday 02 Mar 2017
Long time, no bot! New Bot Thursday brings us Maximilian from Disney’s film “The Black Hole” (1978). He’s silent, he’s murderous, he scared me as a kid!
Saturday 04 Mar 2017
“Duke” Hi Duke!
Sunday 05 Mar 2017
Sometimes, it’s #Voltes5 time. Let’s Volt In!
Saturday 11 Mar 2017
day walkabout in the car
Thursday 16 Mar 2017
@ NEWPORT/earlier
Sunday 19 Mar 2017
Age 46, final day.
Two pieces by the great @nikinapalm, excellent artist I’ve been following for a few years. Left: 2013, Right: 2017.
Tuesday 21 Mar 2017
Fortysomething. Leah & I at Warwick’s yesterday.
Wednesday 22 Mar 2017
Caution Bees in Area 🐝
Friday 24 Mar 2017
Birthday Week Bot Double Feature! Welcome to the terrifying liquid metal T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) and notorious bounty hunter IG-88 from The Empire Strikes Back (1980).
Wednesday 29 Mar 2017
I’m not sure you’ve seen my wife lately. So, you’re welcome. From a few weeks back.
Friday 31 Mar 2017
Saturday 01 Apr 2017
[“hats”, “brushes”]
Tuesday 04 Apr 2017
Pre-epidural. It went uneventfully. I’ll know in a few days whether the steroid injected into my spine under fluoroscopy addresses my pain. ☢️💉
Monday 10 Apr 2017
Starting the week off right with a new bot! Daitetsujin 17 (大鉄人17) is a battle robot from a 1977 tv show who defends Earth from Brain: Earth’s supercomputer that went rogue. Yes, we’ve been scared of computers a long time. Welcome Daitetsujin One-Seven!
Wednesday 12 Apr 2017
Maybe no prettier place to sketch.
Thursday 13 Apr 2017
Trying out #Linea drawing app here on Holy Thursday.
Saturday 15 Apr 2017
Opportunities abound.
Sunday 16 Apr 2017
This makes grandmas happy.
Wednesday 19 Apr 2017
Hello Sunshine (my Mom would have loved this welcome mat)
Thursday 20 Apr 2017
Prior, current, …what will my next card say?
Sunday 23 Apr 2017
Waiting for the Griffith Park Train to depart. Last time I was here? 44-ish years ago. There’s Super-8 camera footage of it. Also David, right.
Monday 24 Apr 2017
She knows the sheep goes “baaa.”
The obvious solution to not getting a single photo where everyone looks good is to use four photos. Right?
Tuesday 25 Apr 2017
My new kickstarter will be for a live-action reboot of “Lone Wolf & Cub” where they shop for inexpensive electronics products. Also they won’t be samurai. That might impact funding.
Friday 28 Apr 2017
No lies, I’ve seen these bands.
Monday 01 May 2017
tl;dr: it was slavery.
Thursday 04 May 2017
Final blurry in-office selfie at Slacker. It’s been a lovely 5 years.
Friday 05 May 2017
This weather nonsense is why I live in California.
Nephews AND Robots. Not sure there’s many better situations than this.
S, K. Falls Church, Virginia. 2017.
From a few weeks ago: T & L.
Archer, and a Shirley Temple. @ JINYA Ramen. Great place.
There’s no end to the green in Virginia.
Saturday 06 May 2017
We are all so proud of my sister and her work on this exhibit (and Batman & Robin & Superman to boot!)
Serious Smith Pokémon Club. That’s a good Auntie right there.
Super Pixel Bros
Artoo Dee-Cat.
Sunday 07 May 2017
Grandpa Jim & dozing Fletcher. <3
these brothers! dancing, sorta
Tuesday 09 May 2017
Fletcher in the WonderPlace kitchen from this weekend.
New Bot Tuesday! Not for me tho. :)
Wednesday 10 May 2017
now playing: tomorrow never knows. “That you may see the meaning of within. It is being.” GOOD morning.
Crawtators. (Lunch with my astounding sister).
“I’m not a hooligan / I rock the party and / clear all the madness” Incredible and moving museum. “Blood of my blood” as Baldwin would say.
Thursday 11 May 2017
Don’t dump snow off the top of the parking garage. I think.
Reflected in Gil Scott-Heron’s jacket.
No I don’t need beachwear right now.
Pret-a-manger is still a great chain. Buttoned up post-rain. And grapes.
Friday 12 May 2017
Nephew dancing to Daniel Tiger song. Nephew sock adornment. Last weekday of this trip. It’s been so great.
“it may seem strange to ask a just God’s assistance in wringing their bread from the sweat of other men’s faces.” Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address is still my favorite speech. Gets me every time, what he bore, and the hardship this Nation—my Nation—endured.
1st Lt. Bob Kalsu served & died at the Battle of Firebase Ripcord in 1970. My father served there as a corpsman and made it home. 58-thousand names on this wall. Bob Kalsu is one.
My sister’s group is responsible for an overwhelming display of orchids at the Hirshhorn Museum.
Both of us easily amused by a small screen.
Saturday 13 May 2017
Archer, Javie.
Sunday 14 May 2017
Archer & his Lego creation. Plus two of mine. I leave VA for Calif. this morning.
If you’re apt to get Key lime pie, get it in Florida.
I aspire to this level of joyful anticipatory anxiety.
Monday 15 May 2017
Hello, L. (It’s very good to be home).
Nephewz. It’s good to be home but I miss them. Good boys, always in motion.
Me and a poster from Shirley Chisholm’s ’72 Presidential campaign. We need more Chisholm in this world.
Wednesday 17 May 2017
Erin, animated. We think the last time we went to Ichiban together was sometime in the 90s in case you wonder about how long we’ve been pals.
Friday 19 May 2017
If you’re reading this, you will never be as cool as Bootsy Collins. [pic from last week]
Sunday 21 May 2017
Fred “Fab Five Freddy” Brathwaite; Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, O’Connor & Ginsburg; Superman Chris Reeve; Samuel “Mark Twain” Clemens; Thomas Edison, me. I went to the National Portrait Gallery at my sister’s suggestion last week and it was awesome.
Wednesday 24 May 2017
Javie & Me. From last week in Virginia.
Thursday 25 May 2017
My pal @starblade68 just dashes drawings like this in 5 minutes. His work is impressive.
Friday 26 May 2017
Zac, I and Chris played around with @procreateapp at the Apple Store yesterday.
Saturday 27 May 2017
Tiny Batman started strong being up at 5:30am, but zonked again not long thereafter. Toddlers toddle.
Sunday 28 May 2017
Batman and I went to the park. Batman’s not ready for the swings but likes slides. He
Grandparenting up a storm here.
Monday 29 May 2017
2 year olds know how to have fun in shoe stores. Always find the awesome stuff and you’re never bored.
Chairman of the Board @ 1 years old.
Bella in a Bella outfit, Joe (me) in a Voltes V outfit.
Tuesday 30 May 2017
Riding the camel.
“I’ll be in my monkey chair, reading” — all that anyone wants to say, really.
Wednesday 31 May 2017
David is developing innovative swordplay technologies I’m happy to help alpha-test. (photo from yesterday)
Batman. Super-Scientist.
Wishing tree. <3
Thursday 01 Jun 2017
Shoulder-riding was my favorite when I was tiny. Now I am full-size & shoulder-carrying is a favorite.
Friday 02 Jun 2017
6am. Time for hydration & Furchester Hotel.
Park glee with @danielle_win & Bella!
Saturday 03 Jun 2017
Tool development continues for small-sized naturalist. (Photo from Thursday).
Their mommy & daddy fly home soon. Sometimes Bella goes looking for them. Tomorrow morning they’ll be here.
Final night in L.A., as the kids today put it: “all the feels.”—David with pine needle foil, mini-soccer ball & Gpa Joe.
Monday 05 Jun 2017
Unlike last week: no capes, no breakfast negotiations.
Tuesday 06 Jun 2017
Visiting Queen Califia. Thanks Susan for teaching me about it.
You can’t beat the view from Ki’s. Shoutout to @mickele1226 cc @leah7peah
I enjoyed this place very much.
Friday 09 Jun 2017
“This day will soon be at an end and now it’s even sooner… and now it’s even sooner…”
Saturday 10 Jun 2017
Adam West was the first Batman who left a strong impression on me. And he was self-deprecating. RIP old chum.
Tuesday 13 Jun 2017
Some views of the Midway require no ticket.
I’ve been on San Diego Bay many times but this was my first time taking the ferry. The Coronado Bay Bridge was finished 7 months before I was born. I never needed the Ferry. But it’s a beautiful 15 minute ride from Broadway Pier.
Saturday 17 Jun 2017
EXTREMELY happy with this purchase of a handplane from @corehandplanes #handplane #oceanbeachsandiego
Sunday 18 Jun 2017
Happy Father’s Day to my Dad!
Tuesday 20 Jun 2017
Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Sister!
Impressive demo of the GunnAR system from BEMR Lab at #startupweeksandiego
In early/mid 1980s I came to my first San Diego Comic-Cons here. They were awesome.
Wednesday 21 Jun 2017
Prototyping exercise really cool at #startupweeksandiego
A mile and a half inland and it’s sunny with blue skies. The water’s edge is all gray. But I’m going in.
Thursday 22 Jun 2017
Coffee at the Ballpark.
City College.
Ewon’s space rocking the #OrphanBlack very heavy.
Friday 23 Jun 2017
Cyber Aztlán is already here, it’s just not equally distributed.
Sunday 25 Jun 2017
“Your best teacher is your last mistake.” —Nathra Nader (photo from last week)
Tuesday 27 Jun 2017
Clowny Frowns
Wednesday 28 Jun 2017
straw hat club. from yesterday.
Yesterday morning had a great start.
father & son (yesterday)
Sunday 02 Jul 2017
She does not hate putting on and taking off the sunglasses.
Monday 03 Jul 2017
Mysterio, Spider-Man, Gamora, Vision, T’Challa. (not pictured: lots more)
Independence Day.
Tuesday 04 Jul 2017
David 2.06. Happy 4th. May Freedom & & Equal Justice Under Law prevail, always.
Wednesday 05 Jul 2017
I believe this Toast is French.
Saturday 08 Jul 2017
Long may it wave 🏳️‍🌈
Monday 10 Jul 2017
Negora ネゴラ by Konatsu! Who doesn’t love a Catzilla?
Tuesday 11 Jul 2017
Coloring practice in @procreateapp with an old #inktober drawing.
Wednesday 12 Jul 2017
More coloring practice with @procreateapp on a cowgirl drawing from 2014.
More coloring practice with @procreateapp on a cowgirl drawing from 2014. #cowgirl #drawing
More coloring practice. Drawing by me 30 years ago. @procreateapp #drawing #cyberpunk
Thursday 13 Jul 2017
Oh look more coloring practice with @procreateapp #drawing #alien
Roger Moore was awesome. Moonraker underrated.
Friday 14 Jul 2017
Pride Weekend San Diego 2017 #sandiego #pride #drawing #spacesuit #procreate
Saturday 15 Jul 2017
Sunset Cliffs Animal Hospital: great van!
San Diego bus riding cartoon portraits. Finished with @procreateapp #sandiego by @artlung
Sunday 16 Jul 2017
Rollin with @missewon yesterday.
Monday 31 Jul 2017
Current sketchbook cover.
Tuesday 01 Aug 2017
Wednesday 02 Aug 2017
meet leah
Cube Cat lacks a narrative to go with his vague street setting. Cube Cat needs writing.
Thursday 03 Aug 2017
Saturday 05 Aug 2017
ABBA performed by Leah and Liz
Sunday 06 Aug 2017
Waiting for the next train and all possibilities.
Wednesday 09 Aug 2017
San Diego Tourism Cat & Gull, I <3 U!
Thursday 10 Aug 2017
Bun at the Cross.
a Watermelon Steven & Connie walk into a steakhouse… #stevenuniverse
Call him Zeb.
Gracia y paz a vosotros.
Friday 11 Aug 2017
Juan Diego, Angel.
On the train, yesterday. Catching up with lots of stuff today. Here’s to figuring out the stuff that’s not figured out yet.
Saturday 12 Aug 2017
I think I’m committing to cosplaying Hank McCoy again. But better. #beastcosplay
JAC (me)
Frings and mediocre drawing.
Sunday 13 Aug 2017
Wearing a little UVa here at the Charlottesville Vigil. <3
Tuesday 15 Aug 2017
JoeSweater was my preferred Quake Arena username.
Wednesday 16 Aug 2017
Erin’s cats treat me like “That’s my purse I don’t know you!”
Thursday 17 Aug 2017
Erin’s cats, last night, skeptical.
Friday 18 Aug 2017
Drawing in diners is my jam.
Pen and talent inadequate to express haircut exquisiteness
Saturday 19 Aug 2017
Erin got a key copied the other day and it was a glowy process.
Monday 21 Aug 2017
Low-fi eclipse viewer. 10:04am. San Diego.
Tuesday 22 Aug 2017
Meals with people with cool keychains is the way to go.
Here to play for @sketchpartysd – no judgement, no rules, butcher paper, drinks and drawing. I may be back. <3
Wednesday 23 Aug 2017
from last night’s #sketchpartysd – the stereotyped “artist” character I’ve been drawing since high school 🖋🎨
Tuesday 29 Aug 2017
Yesterday outside the condo. Asche zu Asche. Memento mori.
Wednesday 30 Aug 2017
Eyes and smile are key.
Friday 01 Sep 2017
Saturday 02 Sep 2017
Fig Tree trio, from this past week.
93 degrees F and trying to help a friend move. Perspiration is 100% perspiration.
Sunday 03 Sep 2017
Liz’s cats are great.
Monday 04 Sep 2017
Cat & Whale Detective Squad (photo from the flea market yesterday)
Tuesday 05 Sep 2017
This cutie has beautiful heterochromatic eyes. Like David Bowie, you know? He got shy when I put my phone up to take a photo though. Sorry Pup.
Wednesday 06 Sep 2017
The Summer is over. Long live Summertime.
Wednesday 13 Sep 2017
Currently getting over a cold. Zen Brush 2 comforts me.
David is fully alive and notices when his shadow looks cool. From this past weekend.
Friday 15 Sep 2017
post ramen sunset near Convoy 🍜 🌅
Saturday 16 Sep 2017
Liz MADE these and they are adorable. #always #harrypotter
Yesterday beverages.
Tuesday 26 Sep 2017
Cool Cats @ LeStats.
I don’t rollerskate but it looks like freedom feels. Drawn with the @procreate 4.
Wednesday 27 Sep 2017
Last night at the Stranger Things art show thing.
Saturday 30 Sep 2017
I feel like this town might be overplaying its merchandising hand.
Sunday 01 Oct 2017
View this morning.
Tuesday 03 Oct 2017
Leah’s new favorite song is pretty good. Music is the best.
My Inktober is starting slow. I’ll catch up. #inktober #inktober2017
Broth complete. Seriously.
Wednesday 04 Oct 2017
Blade Runner
Tuesday 10 Oct 2017
Beautiful interfaces are inspiring. Also hanging with good friends on their break is awesome.
Oh yes. Brave Raideen!! @sketchpartysd #inktober #inktober2017 #sketchpartysd I’ll catch up yet!
Badtz Witch! Probs because Erin likes Badtz Maru #sketchpartysd #inktober #inktober2017
Thursday 12 Oct 2017
Even fuzzy, pretty.
Play hard. Chase birds (if you’re 2).
Saturday 14 Oct 2017
No filter, pool light.
Monday 16 Oct 2017
Yes, Pogo likes the water. (From the weekend)
Tuesday 17 Oct 2017
Salon Dog has beautiful ‘do.
Thursday 19 Oct 2017
old town pigeons
Bus #inktober #inktober2017 Even if you’re behind, keep trying.
Haircuts are their own reward.
Friday 20 Oct 2017
Spoiler alert: I didn’t do it.
Tuesday 24 Oct 2017
That ol’ moon.
Wednesday 25 Oct 2017
Continuing education. #ux #sandiego
Thursday 26 Oct 2017
Saturday 28 Oct 2017
Sun-N-Sand MOTEL
Neon McDonald’s, 7 AM.
Went for a walk this morning and met the Sinclair dinosaur.
Everyone was on their phones waiting for tots.
Nonplussed during the family photo.
Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Dropping down westbound toward Las Vegas always reminds me of Obi-Wan describing Mos Eisley: “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”
Suited, from this weekend. Vanity sort of.
Thursday 02 Nov 2017
“Master is the brains and Blaster is the brawn” … Who runs Bartertown? (From last weekend)
Friday 03 Nov 2017
Emily is too fast to capture in a photo.
Saturday 04 Nov 2017
My mother-in-law moved into a place with cute folks like this. And other awesome people too.
Sunday 05 Nov 2017
Emily. Yesterday.
Monday 06 Nov 2017
it me * 2
Tuesday 07 Nov 2017
☕️ Hammerhead.
Wednesday 08 Nov 2017
las sienes grises
Friday 10 Nov 2017
If you’re smart you go to laundry with @missewon who knows the ‘mat with the good chairs.
Monday 13 Nov 2017
Late coffee and cookie.
Tuesday 14 Nov 2017
Gwen vs TV. #sketchpartysd #sketchparty #corgi
Some rando Jedi. #sketchpartysd #jedi #starwars #sandiego
Thursday 16 Nov 2017
I❤️Condor Puppet! (From last week)
Friday 17 Nov 2017
‪So much fun listening to a talk about…death? @creativemornings_sd was awesome. Check out @littledameshop!#cmsandiego
Saturday 18 Nov 2017
It’s a very strange feeling to see my drinky sketchy #sketchpartysd drawings in a gallery show. I liked it. Such an honor to be included among so many wonderful pieces.
Tuesday 21 Nov 2017
Hey, latergram from the ol’ Zoo.
#SketchPartySD at La Bodega was fun.
Thursday 23 Nov 2017
Toby, Dusty, Chow Bella III, Dewey. Thanksgiving Family Dogs. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!
Saturday 25 Nov 2017
Today Fran was honored. Rest in Peace Fran <3
Sunday 26 Nov 2017
Yesterday. St. Andrew’s.
Friday 01 Dec 2017
Sunday 03 Dec 2017
Desert Moon. Earlier tonight. Victorville after helping move.
Thursday 07 Dec 2017
The Varieties of Religious Experience
Friday 08 Dec 2017
Sculpted portrait in progress on Hollywood Boulevard. Yesterday.
Saturday 09 Dec 2017
I love this shot of Leah getting her hair-trim.
Sunday 10 Dec 2017
So… okay these are my #2017bestnine according to the idea that “best” is a measure of the most likes. Excuse me that’s horse puckey but you can’t automate human curation.
Tower is Tower. For… a minute or two.
Monday 11 Dec 2017
Coffee: last week. Hammerhead, specifically.
Yellow Rose is yellow and beautiful.
Tuesday 12 Dec 2017
Domed conic sections.