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January, 2020: 22 posts.

Emails from people who want SEO juice.

  1. Do you accept press releases? Will the article be accessible from the main page of the site? (How much does it cost?)
  2. Do you put links from the main page of the site? (How much does it cost?)
  3. Do you sell banners from your site? (How much does it cost?)
  4. What are the standard prices for gambling / crypto / betting / finance / dating?
  5. What should be the minimum guest post length?
  6. Is it possible to write an article that will not be related to the subject matter of your resource?
  7. What links do you use (dofollow / nofollow)? How many outbound links is it possible to make?
  8. You write articles for publication, how much will it cost?

Fascinating questions. report for 2019.

Interesting to see the raw data of my listening into graphic summations.

Hello, World (2020)

<goofy>Well garsh!</goofy>

I am sitting at the Homebrew Computer Club meeting of San Diego and we are in the portion of the meeting where we presumably would actually blog. I generally loathe the meta-commentary blog (e.g. I am sorry for not blogging more, I am thinking of quitting blogging, does anyone even read this) but this inspirational meeting led by the estimable gRegor seems a good excuse for it.

Part of this meetup being monthly is that I can talk about the various things that have happened in the month since we last met. And it turns out quite a rather lot of things have happened! Let’s list a few of them out, shall we?

  1. A New Header! I used to do these all the time, but they have diminished in frequency. I’ve been using that image of ARTLUNG as part of my signature in the comics I’ve worked on as well. So time to do that.
  2. Christmas! was a lovely time. Time with family!
  3. New Year’s Day! Which was lovely but I failed to do the Penguin Plunge owing to timing and parking issues. But perhaps next year!
  4. Comics! My fourth piece for Burn All Books came out as part of their Sundays Quarterly work. I have also put up the work I did last year for them on Gumroad.
  5. Divorce! Yes, my divorce from Leah was final as of the first week of 2020. What I wrote on instagram was: “Happy Divorce Day to me and Leah. 15 years, 14 days. It is impossible to encapsulate all I learned from and with Leah. I would not take it back. I remain very lucky and am happy to call her a friend. A+”
  6. Wrote another comic, in a new format. I fully intend to experiment more with shorter form comics as well as longer form comics in the coming years.
  7. This weekend I’ll be attending UXCampDC which I’ve enjoyed twice in the past. I also get to see family when I go back east like that.

IndieWeb Events

How have I never heard of Picrew before?

It’s pretty nifty. To be able to make all kinds of different avatars. It might all not be in English, but it’s nifty.

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