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  • That’s My Guy
     Image via boogah.

  • Understanding Sarah Palin
    Like many people, I was perplexed Sarah Palin when John McCain chose her as his running mate. I am not impressed by her thoughts on policy issues. She can’t cite a newspaper or a magazine she’s ever read. She can’t name a Supreme Court decision. And yet, she didn’t do that bad in her debate…

    Genius from The Weasel King. References They Live.

  • Unfit for Publication
    Lots of news about this jerk Jerome Corsi’s book these days. The rebuttal makes it clear that the book is idiotic. Excellent transparency, and fast response from the Obama campaign. Get the PDF of Unfit for Publication via this page on Time Magazine’s site.
  • Latest Thomas Barnett Lecture
    Always enjoyable, and wonderful to see and hear how the brief has evolved. via his excellent blog, and the post The Latest and Greatest Brief

  • No On Proposition 8
    Fellow Californians, I believe this to be a sensible vote — please vote NO on Proposition 8. Thanks! And yes, as a matter of fact, I do have friends whose marriages would be affected by this. You can read more of the history in the wikipedia article same-sex marriage in California.
  • Is John McCain Stupid?
    Daniel Henninger of none other than The Wall Street Journal, asks “Is John McCain Stupid” and basically comes up with the answer, “yes.” Sitting on beaches and wandering around the isle of Maui, I’m far removed from politics this week, but that headline caught my eye.

  • And then, I tried to catch up with my blogreading.
    So I went almost a week without blogging, then the 4th of July happened, and now it’s the weekend. Now I can catch up with some blogreading, and perhaps I’ll share some of the things I find with you. Perhaps I’ll even share some of my own thoughts about this past week. Let’s start, shall…

  • Thank You, Hillary
    Back in January I indicated I wanted Obama to be my President. I still do.

  • Rachel Ray, Terrorist.
    My latest favorite blogger is Nick Mamatas, writer. He writes as Nihilistic Kid. He writes about some stupid dust up about Rachel Ray and Palestine. I tend to avoid political blogs, but it turns out Michelle Malkin is a dope. Nick is funny. I remember him from a long time ago when Kynn did a…