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I’m Tired of Politics

But I can remind you to vote if you haven’t. I’ll be voting in the morning. Looking forward to it.

Vote. Every vote counts, or at least it should, and it probably will.

Update: I voted this morning. Got there 10 minutes early and there was already a line about 60 people long. Once the polls opened at 7:00am I got in and voted and was out by 7:20am.

I Voted.

posted this 15 years ago.
What else did he post in November 2008?

(Monday November 3rd 2008 at 11:25pm)

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I too am tired of politics… though I successfully nagged my co-worker into registering and then voting for the first time (he’s 28). I’m so proud of him! and he voted! and got his wife to register and vote too!

and my friend (who is native american) here in New Mexico’s grandfather is voting for the first time in his life (how awesome is that?!). apparently on the reservation its pretty common to NOT vote, because as my friend says they are more tuned into tribal politics– I might opine that perhaps native americans feel disenfranchised in general. However, Obama’s campaign has been at pow wows…. so whatever the outcome, getting more folks involved is a good thing.

People who vote don’t typically need to be reminded.

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