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27 February 2024 @ 3:50pm
Welcome to Joe Crawford's ARTLUNG.COM

Howdy. My name is Joe Crawford, and I am a web addict. Hi Joe.

I live in San Diego, California, USA. is my space to feed my habit. There are over 240 pages here. Here I talk about myself a lot.

For example, show off old amiga pictures from the 80's, showcase old sites, like my first online resume (1996), and my first really good site (1997), and flash work, show off the original, and the design that led to it, show old .sig files, old headers, and even more fun stuff.

I also show off practical things like my portfolio, also in dhtml, or a showcase like a drawing toy i made.

I embarass myself with cheesy mustaches, show off ancient (wedding, Jenny, cat -- all are but a memory), recommend books, keep contact information (AIM!).

I have mini-fansites devoted to Bebe Ads, Voltes V, and Ronny Vardy.

I experiment with CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and more.

I also maintain a site index and a colophon and keep such things as the smorgasborg -- a kind of "kitchen sink of stuff." Choose something at random! [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@] [@]

I also have entered several viridian contests over the years

And I'm trying to do more writing. Here are some words and links to citations in the press and elsewhere, and also things about accessibility, aol nostalgia, cross-platform issues, lindows,,, frank zappa and even poems and what I think the internet is for.

What I'm thinking about lately is in the blog.

What do you think?