I’m reading Watchmen again.

I’m reading Watchmen again. I bought a reading copy at Con. Still an amazing read. Bleak. Dark. Moody. Funny. Cynical. But definitely a great story. There used to be talk — maybe there still is? — about Terry Gilliam directing a film or TV adaptation of the piece. One rumor I remember reading somewhere was that it might be a mini-series in 12 parts. I remember reading the original comic in 12 individual issues, and they make sense as individual “chunks” – so this might be a good approach. The story is certainly intricate and rich enough to tolerate being that long. One thing that’s interesting is that in the 15 years or so since Watchmen was originally published by DC as a comic book, the realm of what’s possible in terms of visual effects has expanded immeasurably. The Spider Man trailer certainly proves that point in spades.

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