August, 2001:North Park, San Diego, CA, USA  ... AAAFNRAA. We love moving!

While situating the new computer room

While situating the new computer room, I find myself compulsively listening to two radio shows online (in RA)– Air Sculpture pt.1 pt.2, and Anthropology pt.1 pt.2 — from FZFAN.

Frank Zappa’s insights into the Award Shows, the Music Business, and MTV are as apropos as ever. He talks specifically about MTV as the point where bands began to be signed for how they look, and not for how they sound. I like where he says that MTV was what the music business deserved.

posted this 22 years ago.
What else did he post in September 2001?

(Sunday September 2nd 2001 at 6:48pm)

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