David McLean of evolt…

David McLean of evolt.org got something I wrote onto Yahoo! Canada‘s Quotation of the day — today.

“So how do those who would protest get smart? They need to organize in such a way that they can beat the police, and the media, at their own game.

Every protester in my mind needs a video camera, and an online journal. Eyes wide open, direct to the world – Media savvy. Documenting abuses by the police in realtime. I truly believe, all evidence to the contrary, that the truth will out. This is my manifesto – for those with real causes (that is, causes worth fighting for) media-savvy, nonviolent, hyper-protest.

Think: McLuhan meets Gandhi.”

I don’t write much about activism, but I believe in justice, and in the ability of people to subvert the status quo by avoiding complacency, and being smarter. We have so many tools available to us, we should use them. If we don’t use them for ourselves, they’ll end up being used on us.

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