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I was right, my skills as an RT may be necessary…

I was right, my skills as an RT may be necessary…

From the AARC:

Biological and Chemical Attacks Resources for Respiratory Therapists:
>Dr. William Bernhard Says RTs Will Play Critical Role in Case of a Bio or Chemical Attack
>Hazmat Expert Advises Fellow RTs on Disaster Readiness
>RT Departments Get Ready for the Worst
>RT Expert Provides Basic Advice on Handling Biological, Chemical Attacks

Looks like I have some studying to do. I think I’ll hook up with my local DMAT and see what I can do. Sort of like joining the reserves. The hope I have is that I’ll never have to <voice style=”Chris Tucker”>ever ever ever</voice> use my skills again, but the world may not leave me much choice. I must do what I am able.

posted this 22 years ago.
What else did he post in October 2001?

(Tuesday October 23rd 2001 at 1:07pm)

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