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We’re all those things right now that you’re not supposed to be. Our management always goes crazy, ’cause we all tell how old we are, and we’re not ashamed of the fact that some of us are in our mid- to late-30s. The L.A. Times did an article on us, and our management almost fainted because we said our real ages. I said, ‘No, you don’t understand.’ We think we’re the real punk rock, because we think it’s punk rock to say, ‘Yeah, I am older than all of you guys, and that’s why we’re better than you. We’re older, we’re weirder and we’re far more jaded than any of you Gen X people could possibly imagine. We’re jaded ’cause we know and remember good music.’ I think you’ve just got to admit what you are and just go with it.

– Stew of The Negro Problem

That’s how I feel!

posted this 22 years ago.

(Friday November 2nd 2001 at 4:31pm)

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