Mage: The Movie?

Mage: The Movie?
One of my favorite comics from the 1980’s was Matt Wagner’s original Mage: The Hero Discovered. I have thought that it would make a great movie for years. At one point even Kevin Smith was talking about doing something with it. I think the motion picture industry has caught up with the comics. Lord of the Rings shows us that we can do anything in the movies when it comes to fantasy effects, goblins, dragons. Mage has some hard-to-pull off scenes, but I think it could be done. And more, I think it should be done. The pacing is such that I think the storyline could fit into a movie nicely – 2 to 2 1/2 hours should do it. And more, given the political climate, it would probably sell. It’s about a man who does not want to be a hero, but whose circumstances push him toward heroism. Hardly a unique story, but a good one. Time will tell if Mage will get out of development hell.

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