Ancient JavaScript Drawing Experiments

I remember doing lots of experiments with JavaScript when I was first learning it. One I had forgotten about was a drawing program I started in 1999. However, I wanted too high a resolution for what machines could handle then. It would always end up crashing browsers. In 2001 I dialed it back, and made it prettier. Still not really ready for prime time, and I never showed these to anyone. They can now be linked to from Recovering these is part of a wider effort to make my portfolio area make sense.

They are really not that impressive when compared to the stuff you can find at the 5k contest. However, I learned a much from these in trying them on different browsers and different operating systems and different machine processor speeds. I think these are a big part of how I am able to intuit how browsers will handle different amounts of scripting and complexity. I’m proud of them. For those which use PHP, I also provide the source code for each. So, check them out if you’d like.

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