They’re not booing…

They’re not booing, they’re saying LOUUUUU
Want to know what I miss? Lou’s Records. when I worked up in Solana Beach at EduPoint, I really enjoyed taking a ride up to Lou’s Records in Encinitas and browsing / buying their excellent stock. It’s a store in two buildings – one side is all used, and the other new. They also sell videos and other sundries. Good record stores are so hard to come by. I remember when I lived in Roanoke that I really treasured trips out of town. A trip to San Diego, L.A., or D.C. meant I could visit a Tower Records. When I lived in Charlottesville I would go to Plan 9, which was prettty good. Certainly better than anything in Roanoke.

Speaking of Charlottesville, I was living there when Dave Matthews was doing regular weekly shows. I always heard good things but never saw them play. Jenny is a huge fan of DMB and I still kick myself that I didn’t at least see them once. ( Note to self: pay attention to groups with strong grassroots followings ).

Dang, that was 10 years ago now that I missed out on Dave Matthews Band. I must be getting old.

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