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BeOS meets OSX

If you have any interest in BeOS or Mac OSX, you will be very interested in Tales of a BeOS Refugee: From BeOS to OS X (by way of Windows and Linux). Which is a long and thorough article comparing the two operating systems at length from the point of view of a person who was a Be die-hard. It’s excellent. And be sure to read the follow-up, Tales of a BeOS Refugee Redux as well, where the author responds to comments and corrections emailed by readers of the article.

I played with Be when it was still geared toward PowerPC machines, and it was a dazzling OS, really fast at anything multimedia, and now I play with OSX very much, so I really have an appreciation for this article. For anyone technical there’s a lot to like in the article.

Comment: This kind of article / interaction is precisely what the web is about. Commentary that turns into a Socratic dialogue where all participants (and spectators like me!) learn something in the process.

posted this 22 years ago.

(Monday February 4th 2002 at 5:49am)

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