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Puzzles without Pictures

I’ve just spent the last two hours playing with Legos. It’s been several years since I got them out. I’m a 31 year old man and I had a terrific time just playing. I’m not sure whether Legos are like composing in Photoshop or that composing in Photoshop is like Legos. I get the same feelings in both pursuits. I got ideas in my head about what I wanted to build, but as my composition progressed, other ideas presented themselves. What seemed like a good idea was discarded as an unanticipated effect would move up in prominence. Better, stronger, more funny, smoother ideas would pop out at me. It was definitely a creative process. The same process that I’ve done with these same Legos for about 25 years. I build, tear apart, discard, build — in waves. Eventually order comes from chaos. The result comes from the intellect and from the gut. The result is the picture on the outside of the puzzle box. When I make new headers, like last night, I get the same feeling. The world around me disappears, and in that building time I am lost in the process. I can stand being thought childish if I can keep getting that feeling.

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What else did he post in February 2002?

(Monday February 25th 2002 at 10:00pm)

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