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Wow. A buncha new inbound links to here.

The bombastic webertainer Oliver Willis and the very talented Ben Dyer have graciously added me to their sidebars. Thank you gentlemen!

Also, folks are linking to my lindows article, which is nice. Thanks camworld, Volker Weber, and!

Makes me feel not-so-bad to be missing SXSW this year. Fellow WebSanDiegans Caleb Clark and Kelly Abbott will be on panels this year. As are many other web luminaries linked from the sidebar of this site. Bruce Sterling is co-keynoting, and there’s a movie about They Might Be Giants premiering.

Wowie zowie.

posted this 21 years ago.
What else did he post in March 2002?

(Wednesday March 6th 2002 at 7:41pm)

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