Old Home Weekend

I’ve been thinking about my old job, Jamison/Gold Interactive (no link, they got bought by a big IT Company and crumpled up and blew away) a lot lately. They were a boutique web outfit in Los Angeles, and did excellent Web/Interactive Design. Some news on some of the participants in that place:

Brett Walker, Designer, Director guru, Flash guru, is on the market as a designer, but off the market as a single person. He’s engaged! That’s so cool. So, go to his site, congratulate him on his engagement, and offer him a job!

Joe Toledo (The Ferreteer), Producer, Gamer, Encyclopedia of Media, cranky movie critic, sometime Screenwriter, now works for Ubisoft (I think I have that right). He’s getting married this weekend, and Jenny and I will be attending (Vegas!). He rocks.

Steve Sigler, Creative Director, Designer, daddy. He’s the first guy I ever met who could hack html like geek, and design like crazy too. He recently redesigned his site, and I (bad Joe!) have not checked it out like I want to.

Meanwhile, at my current job, we had coffee (read: quasi-semi-interview) with someone who worked with a boutique web place in San Francisco at the height of the boom. The descriptions this person gave of their working environment got me thinking more about J/G. What worked, what didn’t. The passage of time makes us idealize things, certainly. But it also brings to mind, for me, a fuller appreciation for what it was about. There may be lessons for me and my employer in thinking of the various events of J/G.

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