Betty Page…

Betty Page: The Complete Interview CD, sounds really cool. Betty Page, a pinup queen from the 1950s and 1960s, was one of my earliest net.culture discoveries. I first came across her while browsing the net, then later went looking for books and other materials. She’s been completely unavailable for televised interviews, other than her voice. As I understand it, she does not want to “sully” the memory of how she looked then with how she looks now as an elderly woman. I think I do want to see her. There’s a kind of vitality that comes through in the photographs of her. I can see a fun-loving spirit shining through. She also seems to have a dose of irony. She let’s you know she’s in on the game. Granted, it’s just cheesecake/fetish photography, but it seems like she had some empowerment going on.

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