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Update; Comics 2002 Jun 11

Jennifer came over last night. Picked up some stray mail. Visited the cat. We spoke a little. No definitive word on counseling. It was emotionally draining to be around her. But luckily, I presently get support from some serendipitous places. Phone calls can be wondrous.

Later, I made this (and other things) but I’m only showing this:

The weekend before last I picked up yet another comic. This one is actually a how-to called Blue Line Pro’s Digital Colors for Comics — I bought the cheap version (no CD-ROM) — it’s very good. The spelling is terrible, but the tips themselves are very good. I’ve been taking some older drawings (I keep everything) and scanning them, and have been practicing. Nothing worth showing the whole world yet. But probably at some point I’ll put up some newly colored, old illustrations on artlung.com.

It’s good to learn new Photoshop tricks. They’re applicable not just to fun things, but to work things as well.

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