It’s a delight when you can talk to your father like a friend — when you can share every damn thing in your life with him, and he is accepting and wise, and offers constructive advice. It’s a delight when you can shoot pool and drink beer with your uncle and feel like a peer. It’s a delight to talk to your sister across the country and feel like she’s right there with you. It’s a delight to get things done at work. It’s a delight to be part of a presentation for work that goes well. It’s a delight to talk to a counselor who offers real insight, but more, teaches you to fish rather that gives you a fish. It’s a delight to make a phone call to a sad person, and hear happiness in their voice. It’s a delight to be able to have happiness to share where there was only sadness before. It’s a delight to come home to a cat who enjoys a french fry. But just one. It’s a delight to have a wonderful evening, without having planned any of it. It’s not a delight to go to bed at 2am when you have racquetball at 9:30am. So wish me luck!

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