Nervous Horse Metaphor

I was speaking with a dear friend tonight. What I want out of life is to be happy. I also want calmness. I’d like to be calm, more. A metaphor occured to me.

The metaphor is this. I am a nervous horse in a stable. Jittery. Lumbering. There are people there with me. They are nervous as I twitch and rear up. I am conscious of the danger to them, and to myself. This tension and disquietude sometimes spiral out of control, and pain is the result.

What I need is a soothing voice. A quiet, strong voice to calm me down. An outside force to relax and me.

But here’s the problem: If I become reliant on that outside voice, then when it’s gone, I go out of control. The trick is for me to find the voice of calm that is inside me. The sense of serenity must originate inside me if I’m to have a happy life.

But now and again, a soothing voice from outside is wonderful.

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