Geek Activism?

Via John: GeekPACGeekPAC is an organization created for the specific purpose of Lobbying Directly to Influence Elections and the passage of legislation that fits the goals of our organization. We are a “PRO” Information Technology, “PRO” Freedom of Information, “PRO” Equal Access, “PRO” Freedom of Innovation and “PRO” Free Enterprise organization. In essence we speak directly too issue that appeals to the people who live with, and work with technology. Our goal is to become a voice to better represent those people. — this has got Doc Searls and Eric Raymond on the contact list. So this seems like the real deal. I’m skeptical of using the same corrupt lobbying system to make changes. But the name of the game in Washington is using influence the way other powers do. I suppose lobbying is a necessary evil. Considering all the shenanigans Congress has been up to, and how “in the pocket” they are to corporate and media interests when it comes to issues in computing, lobbying is the thing we geeks need to do. I suppose merely voting isn’t enough.

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