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Belated! I missed Matt Haughey’s Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Matt! If you are a regular reader of this blog (hi Mom!) you can blame Matt for turning me onto blogs some long time ago.

Is it Live? New Cold Fusion code snippet on my evolt space: Between Times Example in Cold Fusion.

This Herman Goering Quote is chilling (from Erin)

On 10/10/2002 my Mom wrote in an email:

You have a great day and look at the beauty in everything and everyone.

Is there any nicer wish someone could wish someone?

Interesting: The Political Oddsmaker (from John)

Fascinating: Was McDonaldland plagiarized from the old “H. R. Pufnstuf” kids’ TV show? (via Mitch Wagner)

Flattering: There is a new inbound link from someone on the faculty at RISD, she has a great presentation on typography on Introduction to Graphic Design Index page.

And some new spiritual books, these from John, he advises If I could only have two books to read, it would be these two!:
» The Portable World Bible
» Practical Cogitator: Or the Thinker’s Anthology

This review makes me want to see Punch-Drunk Love

Too late: American Historians Speak Out ‘Consulting’ Congress On Iraq Is Not Enough

Wonderful Article About Defense Strategy post-911
Failsafe: On September 11, passengers armed only with cellphones and courage succeeded where a multibillion-dollar military failed. Does their achievement mean that 50 years of American defense policy is all wrong?
excerpt: For the past year, we have spoken unceasingly about the events of Sept. 11. But one aspect of that day has not yet been the topic of open discussion: the difficulty we had as a country defending ourselves. As it happened, the only successful defense was carried out not by our professional defense apparatus but by the passengers on Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. The purpose of this essay is to examine the failures of Sept. 11, and the one success, and ask if they suggest that something in our defense arrangements needs to be changed.

Stay tuned.

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