Total Information Awareness Office: P.R.Dummies

Problem 1: John “Convicted Felon” Poindexter runs it. For other problems, see: Act Three of Poindexter’s Incredibly Shrinking Site: Still More! via Politechbot.

The TIA office reminds me of the folks in George Orwell’s 1984 who are responsible for continually rewriting history to suit the current regime’s needs and enemies’ lists. Luckily, on the internet, it is possible to track such shenanigans.

I also think of how in (the also fictional) Wag The Dog, they are able to insert a song “Old Shoe” into the Library of Congress. I wonder how feasible it would be to simply generate a fact and insert it into history. You’d have to get access to all copies of resource texts and be very thorough. Lies are tricky things, yes?

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