Tired Boy Says: Sleep!

I actually have a lot to say. I have some new opportunities. I have some new challenges. Money is tight, but there is work. This is good.

I went to a liquor store I used to go to near my former employer. The clerk recognized me and asked me if I’d lost weight, because I looked great. I replied, “yeah, I lost 85 pounds or so” — he of course asked me how I did it, and the simplest reply I could think of while I paid for my 7-Up was — “well, I lost my wife and my job, the weight came off easy.” He said, “well, maybe it was good for you!”

I suppose he’s right.

In negative news, Monday I got a parking ticket. I lost track of time working an on-site gig. Dumb. I usually set a beeping timer. This time I set a stopwatch instead. But a stopwatch won’t warn you like a countdown timer will. Ugh. Just $25 though. Could have been much worse.

The good news is that I did paying work Monday and Tuesday as well.

This is scattered, but c’est la vie. I’m tired.

Lots happening. I hope I can juggle it all and stay afloat. Creditors will have to stay in limbo for a while.

Adventures abound, as usual.

On word.

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