New Header… and I Got A New Job

I just made a new header out of some of my old Amiga images – the Katakana script says “Crawford” more or less. Back when Japan was my obsession. The sheep I found in some old Amiga clip art. I added the jet pack myself.

The font that says “ARTLUNG” is based on a typography sample I did in DPaint when I was 18 years old.

So you’re seeing a 14 year old pixel font from my Amiga days.

You could say I’m kicking it old school.

But maybe you shouldn’t.

It was really fun to do, moving all those individual pixels around. I love the colors too.

Oh yeah, the other headline.

Got a new job. Something full time. Something to help get my cashflow on a stable basis. I start Monday at 8am. Whoosh!

I’m giddy with joy, which is probably why I made a header today.


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