So I feel much better about things.

Thursday night I let my temper get the best of me. As it turns out, I’m not a placid, perfect, serene and sublime person all the time. Thing is though, I immediately recognized my jerkiness as such. The folks affected steered clear, and I went through pain figuring out what to do about it.


I took some time. I collected myself. I apologized. I got a good night’s sleep.

And I felt better.

Anyway, it was a valuable lesson.

On the job front, I start work on Wednesday instead of Monday. The new gig is getting me a spanking new PC to work on, so that’s quite nice. I’m looking forward to it. The job is in downtown San Diego, in a high-rise. Parking would be prohibitively expensive, so I’m going to opt for taking the bus. I’ll get a bus pass next week and voila!

In yet other professional news, I had a bit of unhappiness on a freelance project, but it’s all sorted out. I think I need to start being smarter about how I bill for things. Fixed bid or Hourly sums up the problem well: “Would someone ask a construction firm to bid on a building with no floor plans?” — and I think I’m too generous when the floor plans are not exactly fully drafted.

I suppose that’s really it for now. I woke early for some reason, but will head back to bed now.

In a few hours, racquetball. Speaking of which, there will be some Racquetball on ESPN – the Choice US Open – on Friday, February 14, 2003, and actually it’s on ESPN2. Racquetball is a niche sport, and rarely on TV. I’ll be taping that puppy.

It’s kind of sad that Racquetball is so marginal. Check this article: Where’s My Racquetball Channel

This post sure is meandering.

In other news, Ross Mayfield sends a new version of the Blogmaps using January data

Oh, and two great uses of Macromedia Flash – a faux sim called Gulf War 2 and the Linux/Supervillain Switch Ad. The first actually sort of teaches you things, and the second is funny.

Alright, back to bed.

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