New gig rocked. Cold Fusion. Stored Procedures. Application.cfm. Dreamweaver MX. SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Windows 2000 Professional. Nice people. Downtown San Diego. Walking distance of the Bay. Bought a Bus Pass. Got a hot dog at Horton Plaza. CFAdministrator. Development > Staging > Production. Windows Permissions Errors (always fun!). It’s a good gig. I’m honestly not sure I really want to say the name of the company here at this point. Google reads this blog too much, and a search for their domain wil probably turn me up in a search for the company if I mention it here. So for now I’ll not say. You can email me if you really want to hear where it is, but in the meantime I’m keeping it in stealth mode for now. So. Cool.

Upshot, I can now pay some bills which are hideously in arrears and probably killing my credit report as we speak. I’m still in debt, but this is going to be cashflow I really need to survive.


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